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My Sect System

Chapter 30 - Meeting Meng Shu Again

Jian was waiting for the auction to be over. Jian had asked the system to transfer the reward he got after the alchemist exam it nearly took four hours . Jian has estimated that it will take roughly eight hours for the auction to be over.

So after digesting the information Jian was sitting in the inn and was eating. Since Jian has become a cultivator he didn"t felt hunger.

For to pass the time he was eating at the midnight. after fining and paying 10 SP he checked himself out of the inn and went towards an alley and disguised himself with the help of the system.

After Jian changed into chaos he moved towards the auction house and stood in front of the entrance and showed the slip to guards and he was able to enter. As Jian entered he moved towards the area which was indicated by the guards to check for auctioned items.

He moved towards a counter and saw that few people were standing there so he also stood there and waited for them to finish. After few minutes Jian"s turn came and he moved forward.

The person sitting on the counter said " show me the slip".

Jian handed him the slip the person checked the slip and was shocked and he finally looked at Jian said: " sorry senior please wait for elder to come auction is still going on."

Jian was hesitating but the auction was still going on so he followed the person to a room and sat there waiting for the auction to be over.

Jian has been waiting for fifteen minutes and he was getting irritated. after thinking for while ha stood and moved towards the as he opened the door he saw Ling Min coming towards him so he stood there.

Ling Min saw Jian opened the door and smiled and moved towards him and said, "Hello friend your spirit stones have been sold" Jian didn"t reply.

Ling Min knew Jian was in a hurry so he continued, "Mr. Chaos both stones were sold for 50000 SP and as a promise, 50% of it will be increased"

Ling Min took out a token indicating to transfer Jian also took out the token and Ling Min transferred the SP.

The System confirmed it for Jian and Jian said, " thank you " and started to go.

Seeing this Ling Min was shocked and said, " before you go can tell me who is your disciple" Jian stopped for a while and continued to move.

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Jian left the auction house and after that Meng Shu came towards Ling Min and said, " why he is so unrespectful".

Ling Min smiled and said nothing and went to do his work. Meng Shu pouted and she also left the auction and moved towards Soaring Cloud Pavilion.

Jian after leaving the auction house he moved towards the alley in a hurry. Due to being midnight and his dark robe, no one paid attention to him.

When he reached the alley he deactivated the ability and the system sounded "You will not able to use this in the future till the further update."

Jian knew to use this ability he has to satisfy some conditions.

Jian was so happy because he made a big haul today although there were some glitches he has now solved the problem of SP. He calmed himself and came out of the alley and moved towards Soaring Cloud Pavilion. Now was the time to gather resources for his sect.

Jian moved toward the pavilion. Now auction was over so people were coming and so a small crowd was created in front of the pavilion. Jian reached there and searched for Yu Yang. After searching for a while he saw Yu Yang talking to someone, due to the sky being dark he was not able to see the person.

Jian moved towards Yu Yang and after scuttling through the crowd he reached there. Yu Yang also saw Jian moving towards him and when Jian reached he greeted " Master"

Jian only nodded because he was looking towards the person standing next to Yu Yang and was shocked and said, " hello Miss shu".

Yes, the person Yu Yang was talking to was Meng Shu.

Meng Shu " Hello master Jianyu, I heard that you are looking to buy resources for your sect."

Jian was in an awkward position earlier he was in odd with meng shu and now she is asking about cultivation resources. Jian helplessly nodded. Meng Shu said, "Come with me I will help you".

she moved towards the pavilion

Jian and Yu Yang followed her and went inside the pavilion. She leads them towards a room on the second floor of the pavilion and calls a girl.

Meng Shu indicated Jian and Yu Yang to sit. After Jian and Yu Yang sat Meng Shu gave them tea and asked, "What things are required".

Jian took a sip and looked at Meng Shu and said, " Do You have seeds of One Star herbs."

Meng Shu said, "Yes we have it"

Jian nodded and said, " I would like to buy all the seeds in the set of three."

Meng Shu frowned and said, " master JIAnyu do you know the price of a seed " Jian shook his head.

Seeing this Meng Shu continued, " even it is one-star herb seed and highest prices for one-star herb is 30 SP and every herb can"t generate seeds so the price of seed is half of the price of the herb,".

Jian asked the system, "Will Herb Garden will able to generate the seeds for the herbs after it is planted."

The system replied "yes".

Jain looked at Meng Shu and said " then I will need only one of each".

Meng Shu still frowned and said "Anything else,"

Jian thought for a while and said " do you have cultivation and Martial arts technique that are not identifiable,"

Meng Shu said" Now why do you want them"

Jian smiled and said, " Miss Shu you know that I am an appraiser"

Meng Shu knew so she nodded and Jian continued " I don"t want techniques which are also available in Sect Tower cause I already bought them".

Meng Shu was shocked, she knew how many books were like Jian describe were there in the sect tower and to think that he bought all of them. Meng Shu thought for a while and called a girl and said something to her.

Meng Shu Looked at Jian. Jian knew she was making " anything else " so he said, " Just this ".

Meng Shu nodded and looked toward the girl. The girl nodded at MEng Shu and left.

Jian asked " I have a question would you mind answering"

Meng Shu nodded. Jian continued, " Earlier I saw pills in the counters outside and inspected and found that the highest purity of the pill was 72 % are there not anyone who can refine above it and Top Grade pills."

Meng Shu was shocked seeing Jian casually talking about Top grade pills.

She looked at Jian and saw that he really was confused so she said, "Master Jainyu only a few people in the world can refine top grade pill, and as for the pill you saw outside it was refined by three Star alchemist even though it was only two-star. And Alchemy occupation is one of the hardest occupations every alchemist can"t handle.

Even in our pavilion, we have one three-star alchemist who can refine up to 80 % purity but the pressure is more so orders are taken and the higher the grade and the harder is to increase the purity".

Jian finally realized and confirmed his hypothesis that the higher the herbs the higher the difficulty to refine them. Jian looked at Meng Shu and said " Thank you"

Meng Shu smiled and Jian drifted in his thoughts to think about alchemy and waited for the girl to return.

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