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My Sect System

Chapter 3 - Ancient Sovereign Realm

It has been 5 hours since Jian woke up and is searching for food in the forest. As he was searching for food he asked "system how can I complete my mission"

"Host can find the fruits or demonic beasts to complete the mission but I suggest that host can forget about the fruits because it will be guarded by the demonic beast and host has no way to kill it"

"Then how can I look for a demonic beast if I am unable to kill it."

"Host can search for the ungraded demonic beast although they are ungraded they are still stronger than host so I suggest look for the low-level beast "


"Host like sects are graded beast are also graded from Grade one to Grade nine and ungraded beast are low-level beast below Grade one beasts ."

Jian was baffled to know that he was weaker than ungraded beasts and asked "where can I find low-level beasts?"

"It"s the host"s problem."

Just as Jian was about retort he hears a shriek that sounded like a thunderclap to him, he panicked and started to search for a place to hide.

As he was running opposite side of shriek he heard systems solemn voice " Host I suggest you go there and you can find food also or you can meet another person. It seems that beast is fighting someone it is almost like a human because you only heard one shriek."

Jian hesitated, he was in pinched he only has most 18 to 20 hours to complete the mission and if he went there and came in contact with the beast he will mostly die and if a human is there then there is no possibility that person will help him. He was in dilemma he thought for some time he hesitated and the started move where shriek was heard.

As he cautiously moves towards fighting noises and the more closer he got the louder the shriek got. He moved very and slowly to a position where he can the silhouettes. He sighs a relief he found out that the human and beast were fighting and he became happy to find other being and he started to move towards them.

As he got closer he was shocked to see that a human is a delicate-looking girl who is fighting a boar who is the size of a bull. He went closer to take a look and found that fighting between them has become balanced. Neither side is backing down.

He hid behind the tree and watched them fight both were equally matched.

After forty to fifty minutes As he was watching he saw that fight was coming to end and then he saw that girl was thrown on a mountain near the fight and boar kept charging at her. As boar was charging towards her, she stood up and she was also ready to launch her final attack.

A sword suddenly appeared behind her started to float then she also charged towards boar just both of them only one meter apart, Jian saw that blood leaked from the corner of the mouth of the girl. and she crashed on boar with her attack activated.

When Jian saw this happen he hid behind a tree not looking towards where fighting was going on. He was sweating and imagining scenarios where he is killed by the boar before even his journey started. As was thinking it system solemn voice was heard "Host now is the chance."

"What chance?"

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"Host should look behind"

Jian calms himself And peeked at the place where the fight was going on, he was shocked to see that both beast and girl were not moving and the sword was stuck on the beast.

He thinks for a while and moves towards them as he was moving he was very cautious, slowly he got closer. Just he was about two meters from them he hears beast grunt and he moves backward and asks "System what is going on"

System solemn voice sounded " Beast is still alive and it is at its last breath "

Jian sighs relief and thinks to retreat wait for the beast to die. Just as he was about to retreat system continued " I suggest host kill it before it dies on its own ".


"There will be rewards".

Just as he heard rewards he stopped hesitating and moved to the beast to kill it. Beast also sensed that he was going to die, the beast started to move frantically and tries to stand up, seeing thin Jian rushed towards it and jumps on the sword without thinking but due to Jian"s body being weak he doesn"t weigh the normal amount of weight of a person should have and the beast doesn"t die. Seeing this he starts to panic and the beast also starts to move fiercely being its intelligence is low beast moves to stand up and Jian closes his eye thinking it was his last day starts to cuss the system and thinks why did he listen to the system.

When the beast stands up it pupil dilates and falls on the ground and while Jian was thrown on the ground while the beast was standing up is hears a clanging sound and he panics and thinks that the beast is moving towards him and starts to sweat, one-minute passes than after sometime five minutes pass he was still lay on the ground while closing his eyes and systems solemn voice sounded


[Detected that host has killed peak 1-star beast Poison Fang Boar].

[Hosts Cultivation none]

[Reward is calculating...]

He opens his eyes and looks at the screen and then at the dead boar"s body to see that its head has been cut and asks "how?"

" stupidity "


" Host when the beast was trying to stand up it went straight up and you were still clinging on to the sword so when it stood up sword went deep and due to you clinging on it beast head was lopped."

Jian was shocked to know this happened and shook his head and asked " what are the Rewards?".

" Host first completes the mission and all rewards will be given".


Then Jian moves towards the beast and thinks" How can I eat this and picks up the sword and starts cutting it. Due to being weak, it took him up to 1 hour to butcher it and extract four legs. After that, he starts to moves thinking that beast will be attracted here so hurriedly packs up and just as he was about to go the stops in tracks thinks that he is forgetting something and after sometime systems solemn voice reminds him about a girl who was fighting the beast before and Jian exclaimed gets embarrassed that he forgot about her and he hears system sigh but neglects it and moves toward to check on her whether she is dead or alive.

He checks on her and finds that she is still breathing and sigh relief and moves to wake her up. As he was about wake her up he hears the system"s solemn voice " Host move quickly beasts are approaching here ".

He panics and picks her up with his frail body along with sword and meat and starts moving towards a place where he came from because along the way searching for food he found a cave but it was empty so now he was thinking it was probably the best place to hide.

After thirty minutes he reaches the cave and hides in it because the sound of beasts continues to reach his ear. After an hour or two, he hears that beast"s voice stop and are gone, to confirm it he moves outside to check that founds no one and he sighs a relief.

He returns to the cave and then checks on the girl and then starts to collect wood and asks "System there no problem if I barbecue the meat"

"I suggest Host has to make the fire stronger to burn the poison present in the meat before consuming it"

"What! Poison ?"

"Host it is the meat of Poison Fang Boar so there will be poison present in it."

Hearing this he starts to collect more wood to make the fire stronger and moves toward the end of the tunnel to grill the meat.

After settling down he starts the fire with the help of a sword and stone and started grill the meat as meat touched fire, it starts spill purple coloured smoke, and Jian panics and moves backwards then system voice sounds

" Host no need to go near it, fire is burning poison present in meat and it is removed in the form of smoke"

Jian sigh a relief and moved away from the fire and sat down and asks " how much time will it take to be good for eating "

" 1 hour "

Jian was unhappy about it but what can he do and continued to ask " System you said it took one day to guide in a spatial storm what do mean by it?"

" Host if teleportation was successful you would have come out in Central continent but due spatial storm you were lost in space and it took one day to get you to this continent "

"What do you mean this continent isn"t Central continent?"

"Yes host this is not Central continent but Southern Continent and as for its name you can found out yourself"

"what do mean name of continent"

"Host can find about that himself "

"So you said the place where continents are is called realm can you tell me its name then"

"Host already knows this realm name"

"What do you mean I already know, " Jian asks irritatingly

System sighs and replies " Name is Ancient Sovereign Realm "


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