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My Sect System

Chapter 29 - Soaring Cloud Pavilion

Jian has been hurrying towards the inn. Only a few minutes were remaining and he moved to the inn he was staying and booked a room under the name "Chaos" and moved towards the room he was earlier staying. As he entered the room he saw Yu Yang was sitting.

Yu Yang sensed that someone has entered the room. he looked up and saw Jian and said "Who are and did you get in here" and he took out his sword and was ready to fight.

Jian frowned seeing this and saw that the has not changed back so he said, " Yang"er It"s me"

While he said this simultaneously the robe also started to revert to its appearance.

Yu Yang was going to but suddenly he heard Jian"s voice and saw Jian"s robe reverting to normal and he greeted Jian, " Master".

Jian smiled and sat on the bed and sigh a relief " Everything about auction is done now I just have to wait for the auction to over then I can buy resources".

Jian asked "Yang"er have you spread the information"

Yu Yang nodded and said, "Yes master".

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Jian continued " Will anyone will able to trace it back to you".

Yu Yang shook his head "It should not be possible."

Jian nodded and closed his eyes.

While Jian was doing this storms spread throughout the city. First was that someone had challenged Soaring Cloud Authority and went unscathed and the second was that someone has put up a Low-Grade one-star spirit stone for auction and their quantity was two. This information has caused all of them to think only about the auction.

Jian didn"t know that although the value of the breakthrough Pill was greater than spirit stones. There were some side effects of using the pill. Your foundation will require more time to consolidate and the next breakthrough will become harder. While using spirit stone there were no side effects. Only one had to spend some time consolidating their breakthrough.

Because breakthrough into the Nascent Soul Realm was one of the conditions to be completed by peak two-star sects and Three-star sects. Jian didn"t do anything about this and even if he tried to get an answer from the system. The reply he could only get was not enough authority.

Jian was meditating for an hour. Jian opened his eyes and said, "Let"s go to Soaring Cloud Pavilion".

Yu Yang asked, "Master auction will start after four hours".

Jian smiled and said, "No, we will not go to the auction we will check out the pavilion for resources."

Yu Yang was still confused but still followed Jian as both left the inn.

Jian and Yu and continued to walk for few minutes and reached the area where Jian had come before. Instead of stopping both moved towards the tower next to the auction house. both reached there and saw a board stating "Soaring Cloud" in a grand manner.

Jian and Yu Yang went inside and saw that the whole place was filled with people. There were many sections and counter in the hall. Each professional board was hanging and people were giving them order about the things that wish to buy. Jian noticed that the whole area counters where resources were kept with their price tag.

Jian also noticed that there was no security in the hall. Jian checked carefully and found that there was no need because even in this huge crowd. There were no scuffles or one should say no one dares to do it.

Jian and Yu Yang continued to check everything on the first floor. After that, they followed the crowd on the second floor. Hear the floor was less crowded compared to the first floor and prices were also high. Jian checked everything and then moved towards the first floor.

Yu Yang asked " Master are you not going to buy the resources". Jian smiled and said nothing and continued to move towards the first floor.

What can he do, he does not have enough SP to buy any resources. Jian couldn"t tell this to Yu Yang.

As both reached to exit Jian moved towards Girl who was standing beside the herbs counter and asked. " excuse me miss" Girl look at Jain.

He continued "Do you also sell seeds of the herbs"

The girl nodded and Jian smiled and directly left the Soring Cloud Pavilion. Seeing this girl was shocked when Jian had asked her she was just about to ask him which seeds are required but he directly left without any word.

Jian and Yu Yang returned to the inn. It took them nearly two and half hours to check the whole pavilion and the things they are selling.

A peculiar thing has caught Jian attention was that both pills in the pavilion were only of High Grade and the highest purity of the pill he saw on the counter of the second floor was only 72 % which is barely reaching the mark of High grade and that pill was one of the expensive items on the second floor because the pill was High Grade two Star Soul Mending Pill.

Jian didn"t know about the pill but on the surface, he knew what was it used for. Jian and Yu yang reached the room and rested for two hours.

Jian said " Yang"er auction should have been started, go there and check the auction and after the auction ends we will meet outside the Soaring Cloud Pavilion. Yu Yang was confused and hesitated, seeing this Jian smiled "

Yes, I was the one who fought with the Soaring cloud pavilion and also put spirit stones for auction.

Jian knew from the start Yu Yang wanted to ask him when he saw his robe change. So Jian directly confirmed this and which led to Yu Yang being shocked which later shook his head and went towards the auction house. to keep tabs on the auction.

After Yu Yang left Jian meditated and waited for the auction to be over.

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