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My Sect System

Chapter 28 - Chaos

Jian moved towards the crowd. For some reason, no one was paying attention to him as he moved to the auction house.

Jian wanted to go inside the auction hall but was stopped by the guards. The guard on the left side said "You can"t go inside without a pass".

Jian knew he needed a pass to enter so he said changing his voice "I have here put up some things in the auction".

The guards on the right said, " Timing to put up the things have been closed".

Jian continued "You can let me in and show the thing maybe your supervisor will have a different opinion."

The guard on the left hesitated but before he could say anything guard on the right said, "Can"t you understand, the window has closed you will not be able to put your things for auction and get out from here can"t you see you are wasting our time here".

Jian was getting irritated he checked them with Star Gaze and finally got why they were overbearing. Still, both continued to argue with Jian.

Jian was getting frustrated and said, "ok now you will have to take responsibility for what is about to happen."

Both guards were shocked and started laughing Jian had finally decided to make any scene here. He has decided that he will go to the Golden Pavilion and asked them to auction and for the auction, he will gift them with a low-grade one-star spirit stone.

Guards continued to laugh and people in the surroundings also heard Jian so they were also laughing. Jian shook his head started to move towards The Golden Pavilion Just as he took a stop a voice sounded " Excuse me".

Jian frowned and looked back at the guards because the voice came from behind them. After a few seconds, a girl came outside and seeing her Jian was shocked because this girl was none other than Meng Shu.

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Jain was stopped in his track and listened to what Meng Shu said, " Sir are you creating trouble for our auction house".

Hearing her Jian came back to his senses and was shocked when he heard her saying that he was creating trouble. When both guards saw Meng Shu they greeted her " Greetings Young miss" Meng waved her hand and continued to look at Jian.

She was not able to determine the identity of Jian and she also used technique which was thought by her master she was not able to determine who is the person standing in front of her.

Jian looked and raising his voice said " What good people are you when did you see me causing trouble here". Meng Shu was shocked because no one in the city was able to talk to her in this tone.

Meng Shu frowned and said " didn"t you said now you will have to take responsibility for what is about to happen. "

Jian said" did I do something "

Meng Shu was baffled and thought "he right he didn"t do anythin".

While Meng Shu thinking the guard on right started to walk towards Jian and stopping face to face he said: "How dare you talk to our young miss like that and can"t you understand that your small things will not be able to qualify for the auction".

Hearing this Jian frowned and Meng Shu also frowned she also didn"t like the guard was speaking but she didn"t say anything.

The guard on the right continued " And what can you do to our auction house, do you even know who we are and what is that you want to auction take although it will not qualify I will still check for you."

For the first time in this world, Jian was really angry and for some reason, he didn"t even keep the behemoth which was respected by the Nine-star sects Jian said, "TO THINK THAT A MERE PAVILION GUARD IS ORDERING ME TO TAKE OUT MY THINGS, DO YOU THINK THAT THIS WORD BELONGS TO YOUR PAVILION "

While speaking Jian had simultaneously released the killing intent and pressured the whole crowd, all under Core Formation fell on their knees and some Corefomation experts were shuddering.

Meng Shu frowned when she heard Jian and before she could interrupt him Jian had released the pressure when Meng Shu felt pressure she thought that the forbidden existence which should not be angered had woken up.

When pressure enveloped the whole area Meng Shu had activated something to protect from the aura but just as it was activated it was simultaneously destroyed by Jian and an old man appeared behind Meng Shu and caught her and said: "Appease your anger, my friend." He has used his Qi to shout.

Jian came back to his senses hearing the old man. The old man continued " What has my disciple done to make you this angry. "

Before Jian could say anything old man continued "alright this is not the place to talk come inside my friend"

He looked at the guards and said, "You both also come tell someone else to take your place".

Jian was a little hesitant but still followed, both guards were still shaking and the guard on the right side was paled and spat mouth full of blood. While Old man was carrying Meng Shu because she has fallen unconscious.

After few minutes all of them came to a room. The old man went inside and laid Meng Shu on the side and fed her pill and indicated Jian to sit. Jian sat and looked at him, Jian was a little hesitant because he had checked the old man with a Star Gaze and couldn"t find anything and he knew that the old man was existing above Nascent soul realm.

Old Man smiled and said "I am Ling Min "

Jian knew he was asking name so after thinking for a while he said, " Chaos".

Ling Min"s Pupil dilated "ok Mr chaos why did you attack my disciple."

Jian recalled what has happened and said "I just wanted to put up some things for auction but your people didn"t allow me and said the time given to put up things have gone still I said call the supervisor but a mere guard told me to take out my thing so that he can evaluate it. Is it how your Soaring Cloud Pavilion Works ".

Ling Min was shocked hearing this he narrowed his eyes at guards and said, "Still why did you attack my disciple".

Jian narrowed his eye and released the pressure and said, "First of all she didn"t ask me what was going on and she didn"t stop the guard who wanted to evaluate and If I wanted to attack your disciple she would have already been dead."

Ling Min sighed and called someone and said "destroy their cultivation" indicating towards guards. and the person took them with him.

Ling min looked at Jian and said, "Sorry for the inconvenience please take out your thing I will evaluate them, and even if there are not up to par we will give you an extra fifty percent of the price and auction them."

Jian nodded and took out two Low-grade one-star Spirit stones. Seeing them Ling Min frowned and Just as he was about to say Jian took out the Low-Grade Two-star Spirit stone and said, "I also have a disciple and he lacks some SP I can directly give him but he was not excepting so he gave me this little stones. don"t think I did all of that for nothing."

Ling Min wanted to ask about the spirit stone Jian took out but Jian indicated to hurry. So Ling Min shook his head and thought "I will ask when you will come for your things" gave the slip to Jian proof of auction two Low-grade one-star stones.

Jian left after taking the slip and hurried towards the Inn because only five minutes were remaining till the robe returns to normal.

Jian didn"t know that by saying things in front of the Soaring Cloud Pavilion he has shocked the whole city and everyone is talking about him and the name decided by Jian will shake the whole realm.

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