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My Sect System

Chapter 27 - Disguising???

Jian and Yu Yang were moving toward the outer part of the city. In the outer part of the city Auction house and Inns were present. So when Jian had asked for the Inns u Yanga and said that mostly inns are near at auction house. Both were hurrying towards the inn.

After moving for more than twenty minutes both reached the outer part of the city. Yu Yang asked, "Master which Inn we are going to stay, there are some inns which are under both pavilions and others are private."

Jian thought for a while and said which inns near the auction house."

Yu Yang said, "Mostly are booked by the people because of the auction but there are some inns which are not up to quality".

Jian nodded and Yu Yang and he moved towards an inn.

Jian and Yu Yang reached an inn although it was not near the auction house it was still the nearest it only required few minutes to reach the auction from here. Jian moved towards the inn and saw a board hanging which stated Clear Moon Inn. Jian nodded and went inside with Yu Yang.

Jian went to the desk and booked a room for one whole day. The sun was at its peak and Jian and Yu Yang went to the room. The rooms were not bad as Yu Yang had said but Jian had not seen other inns to compare it.

Jian sat on the bed and looked at the and then he said, "Yang"er When is auction is going to start"

Yu Yang was confused from the start when Jian had asked for the inns so he replied, "Master auction will start after the sun is set."

Jian nodded and said, " I want you to go and check out the auction house and I want you to check everything and report me."

Yu Yang nodded and left.

Jian asked, " System are there any disguising arts in the shop."

The system said " There are only basic"

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Jian was in deep thought and asked "are there any in books I bought from the Sect Tower"

The System replied " No"

Now Jian was in dilemma and asked, "Is there anything that can hide my identity."

The system has not answered Jian"s question. Jian sighs and thinks about the SP he spent today. He had a total of 2285 SP, 735 in Sect token now which were transferred in his sect master token, and 1550 in System.

First, he spent 50 SP in alchemy tower after that he spent 1050 SP in Sect Tower. In sect tower, he didn"t have 1000 SP In his token so he had transferred 500 SP from the system and then paid 1050 SP and after that, he spent 20 SP to book the room and he was left with 115 SP in token and 1050 SP in the system.

Jian continued to think for a while and the system helplessly sounded "Host You will have to pay 1000 SP and the system will help you hide your identity and you can only use it two times and it will be activated for thirty minutes, each time."

Jian was happy hearing this and was a little hesitant to spend his SP so he asked "What will be activated"

The System said, "You don"t have authority to know about it you only have to pay the SP and tell me to activate and your identity will be hidden."

Jian was reluctant to pay but still, he paid.

[Total SP: 1050 ]

[-1000 SP]

[Total SP: 50]

Jian sees the screen and sighs and asks, "I will have to tell you when to activate right"

The System said, "Yes You have to tell me and your identity will be hidden".

Jian didn"t what the system was talking about. So he meditated and waited for Yu Yang to return.

Yu Yang returned after half-hour and said "Master people have started to gather and the main item for today"s auction will be a breakthrough pill which can increase the chance to form a Nascent Soul. It is the main Item for today so almost all two-star sects are gathered and four clans are also gathered".

Jian asked, " Are there spirit stones in the auction?"

Yu Yang said "No master"

Jian continued "Are three Star Sects are here".

Yu Yang said, "Yes master they are here but only representatives have come".

Now Jian was able to hide his Identity so he had decided to sell Two low-grade one-star spirit stones. The problem was that he needed to inform the Three Star Sects so he can get more price.

Jian looked at Yu Yang and asked, " are there any ways to spread the information in the city so that it can reach up to Three-star sects."

Yu Yang was confused but said, "It is easy you just have to know the right people and they will spread the information."

Jian continued to look at him so he continued " I know how to spread the information, so master what you want to spread".

Jian looked at him and smiled and said, "I want you to spread that in the auction there will be two Low-Grade One-Star Spirit Stones".

Yu Yang was shocked hearing Jian. Seeing Yu Yang"s shocked look Jian smiled and said, "You should take care of yourself when you spread the information it should not be backtracked to you ok".

Yu Yang nodded with his shocked face and Jian continued, "You should change your appearance so that no one will recognize you and after spreading the information you should come back to the room and wait for me ok".

Yu Yang nodded and Jian waved his hand indicating to go. Yu Yang left and as Yu Yang left Jian also left the inn and followed the crowd toward the auction hall. After walking for few minutes he reached there and before going inside he went to an ally and asked "System no one followed me right?"

The System said, " No host no one followed you because no one knows you"

Jian was shocked hearing the system reply but said, " System activate it"

The System said, " are you sure host it will be active for half-hour only".

Jian said "yes" and changes started to happen.

Jian robes color started to change and the hood appeared on a robe and after that, the size of the robe increased so that it has covered Jian"s hand.

After a few minutes process was complete and Jian looked at the robe saw that it has become dark and a hood has appeared on it. Just as Jian wanted to ask system sounded " Host after covering yourself with Hood no one will be able to recognize you."

Jian knew he can"t ask the system about the robe so he covered himself with the hood and waited for few minutes and moved towards the pavilion.

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