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My Sect System

Chapter 26 - Returning To Sect Tower

The room was shining, Jian was sitting silently and was looking at the formation to check whether he passed the exam or not.

While Jian was taking the exam Young master Jiang has come to the desk and also asked for permission to take the exam for the one-star alchemist. He also chose to select the second type of exam because the condition was that he would have to pass the exam then only he will be taken in as a disciple of the Four-star alchemist.

When Young Master Jian went there and asked " I would like to take one-star alchemist exam and it will be of heavenly formation".

Hearing the person was shocked and said " Someone is taking an exam right now you have to wait."

Young Master Jiang was shocked and he was a little overbearing as he was the young master of the Jiang clan so he asked: "Who is that person to come before me didn"t he know that I was preparing to take the exam."

Hearing this the person on the desk frowned because he was not the same person who took Jian for testing. He was Vice Head of Alchemy tower and the person who took Jian was his disciple so he took care of the desk.

When he saw Young Master Jiang"s overbearing attitude he said, "This is not your clan where you would be allowed to do anything ".

Young master Jiang wanted to retort but the Vice head continued " You should know to stop talking otherwise I will remove you from taking the exam"

Hearing this he stopped talking and thought " Just you wait after I pass the exam I tell my master to take care of you."

While this was happening outside Jian was still looking at the Formation. Jian had stabilized his breathing and was in meditation because the formation was still moving after ten minutes formation stopped and the Pills at the center of the formation were gone and there was a badge present instead of pills.

On the badge, the cauldron was there with a star on it. It indicated that he has passed the exam. Jian got up spread his hand to hold as he got hold of the token system sounded




Mission: How Host of My Sect System can be an apprentice.

Description: The host has to concoct One star Pill.

Condition: 1)Concoct a Pill (completed) 2)One Star Alchemist (completed)

Reward: Knowledge and Formulae about the one-star alchemist.

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Seeing this prompt Jian smiled and moved to get out of the room. Jian came out and was greeted by the person who took him here. The person said " Did you Passed " Jian showed him the token and the person immediately congratulates him.

Jian said, " I am in hurry can I go now, "

The person said, "What sir Master Jianyu you should call me Su Ming now both of us are one-star alchemists ".

Jian smiled and said, " Yes brother Su Ming the You should call me Jian".

Su Ming hesitated and said " Ok I will call you Jian and it seems that you are hurry so come since you are already registered you can go but come again sometime ok"

Jian said, " Yes I will be back in two three days" Hearing this Su Ming smiled and both moved towards the first floor"s desk.

When Young Master Jiang saw Jian and Su Ming coming down and Jian saying goodbye to Su Ming before going out he smiled in contempt.

Looking at Jian back he said " Where this person came from wasted my time, If you can"t pass the exam why do they waste others" time"

After that, he moved towards Su Ming.

Su Ming has returned to his master and told him about Jian. When he heard Young Master Jiang he wanted to retort but was stopped by his master who only shook his head.

Jian was moving towards Sect Tower in a hurry because he was in Alchemy Tower for more than four hours so he was worried about Yu Yang. When he reached Sect Tower he saw Yu Yang waiting for him outside.

Jian went towards him and Yu Yang saw Jian coming towards him and he greeted " Master"

Jian smiled and said " Were you waiting for a long time "

Yu Yang said " No master"

Jian said "Let"s go" and both went to Sect Tower.

Jian and Yu Yang entered the Sect Tower and moved towards the desk. As Jian and Yu Yang entered they were noticed by the girl on the desk and when they reached their she greeted " Master Jianyu welcome back to the Tower what can I do for you".

Seeing the girl greeting him he was shocked and when he looked at her he recognized her, she was the girl who went to bring the materials he bought from Meng Shu.

Jian smiled and asked " what is your name, "

The girl said " Cao Lan".

Jian said, " Ok Cao Lan can you tell me where is Miss Shu".

Cao Lan replied " Miss shu is not here she went back to take care of her thing"s "

Jian nodded and Cao Lan continued " Tell me, I can help you"

Jian smiled and said, " I want to buy books not slips but books which are incomplete and unidentified Cultivation Technique and Martial arts Techniques ".

Cao Lan looked confused and Jian said " As you know that I am Appraiser so I would like to get Cultivation Technique and Martial art techniques which are unidentified and are incomplete for practice".

Cao Lan sigh a relief and said "How much do you need"

Jian hesitated but said, " I would like to have all the copies of techniques that are here."

Cao Lan was shocked and she wanted to say no to Jian but she recalled Meng Shu words and said " Master Jianyu we can give you them and after we gather all the techniques we can talk about the price it will require some time"

Jian nodded and added, " Cao Lan you can also add techniques which are destroyed it doesn"t matter it is good in condition or not".

Cao Lan helplessly nodded and went to gather.

Jian went to the side and looked at Yu Yang and asked, " What information did you gather about the auction"

Yu Yang said, " Master you are in luck today is the Six months auction of the Soaring Cloud Pavilion"

Jian looked at him so he continued " Master every six months Soaring Cloud Pavilion holds an auction, the highest items in the auction are prepared so that even Three Star sect will have to fight for it."

Jian thought and Hearing what Yu Yang said he was now more confident in getting the highest price for the spirit stone. Jian looked at Yu Yang and asked "Will there be problems if we went there to sell at the auction."

Yu Yang said "master auction in today at evening and so to add new things in the auction it was not possible if it doesn"t satisfy them"

Jian nodded and said "Will there be a problem"

This time Jian was asking about the conning that happens in the auction house and Yu Yang also knew so he said, "Although the auction has no problem there are some people who are greedy so if you want to sell something it is better to disguise yourself so that no one will able to recognize you".

Jian knew what Yu Yang was talking about so Jian went into deep thought and both stopped talking because it was not the place to talking about these things.

One hour passed and Cao Lan came and said "Master Jianyu we have gathered all types of techniques which are destroyed incomplete and unidentifiable just as you said."

Jian nodded and said " How much SP "

Cao Lan said, " Although these are eating dust they still were gathered by Sect Tower so there are more than a thousand so by rounding up you can pay 1000 SP because some are so damaged that if not handled carefully they will be destroyed."

Jian nodded and without hesitation, he transferred 1050 SP to Cao Lan and said "Rest are for you".

Cao Lan smiled and lead him towards a room and after entering he saw a pile of scrolls and books.

Jain smiled and waved his hand and transferred all of them to the inventory.

Seeing this Cao Lan was shocked and then recalled what Meng Shu has said. Jian after taking all things said thank you to Cao Lan and went outside with Yu Yang.

As he went outside he asked, " Yang"er now tell me where are the inns".

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