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My Sect System

Chapter 25 - Alchemist Examination

Jian and Yu Yang have been flying for more than an hour. They both left the sect before sunrise. Before leaving Jian had activated the Guardian Formation and instructed Yu Yue to take care of the sect in his absence.

They both before sunrise because they have many things to do and till the rises, they will have reached the city and can do their work. When they are only two hours away from the city. Both can notice the signs of the sun rising while flying so they sped up.

After flying for one and half hours more, both have reach city gate and sun is also risen so both can start doing there work. Both entered the city without being required to pay the entrance fee.

Jian said, "Yang"er I am going to Alchemy tower you should go and get information about the auction and meet me outside of the Alchemy Tower."

Yu Yang nodded and left to gather information about the auction.

Jian followed the route which goes to the central part of the city and after moving through the inner part he reached the Central part of the city where different towers are situated. It only took him ten minutes to reach there because it is still early in the morning and the crowd was very thin.

Jian after reaching followed the crowd and looked for the Alchemy Tower and to recognize it he was looking for a symbol of the cauldron which was on his Alchemist Apprentice token. Jian continued to move for five minutes and he saw the board of Alchemy Tower.

Jian moved toward the tower found that there was a crowd present surrounding a person. When Jian closely looked at him he saw that the person was the same person who he saw last time when that fellow went into a Two-star sect without any permission. Everyone has surrounded him and was praising him so Jian moved closer to hear what they are saying.

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When Jian moved toward the crowd he heard "Young master best of luck for the exams".

Another one said, "Young master Jiang doesn"t need your luck he can pass the exam and become the youngest One Star Alchemist"

Another voice sounded " Do you know that If young master passes the exam he will become Personnel disciple of the Head of Golden Lion Pavilion who is Four-Star Alchemist which is a legend in the city."

As one by one continued to praise young master Jiang. Jian shook his head and left the crowd to moved toward the entrance. Jian"s actions were noticed by the Young master Jiang and he frowned but stayed with the crowd.

Jian went inside the Tower and he was welcomed by the man who was wearing a one-star Alchemist Badge. Jian moved towards his desk and said, "Hello I would like to take the One-star alchemist exam"

Person frowned and asked, " Can you show me your apprentice token".

Jian took out the token and handed him, the person took the token and checked that and found that it was given by Sect tower only Two days ago and he looked at Jian and said, " Show me Your Sect Tower Token".

Jian frowned because you only need to provide an Apprentice token but still he handed the token which was given by Meng Shu.

The person on the desk checked the token and his pupil dilated. He hurriedly said, " Master Jianyu which type of exam would you like to take".

In this world, sect master was also a type of profession and was respected even if the person was only a one-star sect master. And when Jian heard there are different types of the exam " He asked which types are there"

The person explained, "there are two types, one where you have to refine only one pill in front of the one-star alchemist and you will be qualified and second is where the heavenly formation is the Judge meaning head of the Alchemy tower will evaluate your Pills and there you have to refine two pills one by your choice and one given by the tower."

Jian went into deep thought and after thinking for a while he replied: " I would like to take a second type of exam".

The person "Are you sure it is a very difficult exam and if you can"t pass it then you will not be able to take the exam for next whole year."

Jian still said " yes no problem,"

The person said "Follow me "

He led Jian towards the second floor of the tower and went towards a room and said "You need to pay 50 SP for this exam"

Jian transferred 50 SP. The person passed a slip and said "Go inside ad follow the steps".

Jian went inside the room, it was similar to the room where Meng Shu had registered Jian and the only difference was that two things were present one was a cauldron and the other was a desk where herbs were present. After checking the room Jian moved the slip towards his forehead and information appeared.

You have to refine Qi Strengthening Pill and You can decide others for yourself. we will provide materials for the Qi Strengthening Pill other has to be provided yourself. and You only have four hours to complete and after completing you can put the pills in the center of the formation if a token appears means you have passed and if not then you have failed.

After sorting out the information Jian takes out the material for Body Tempering Pills and lights up the fire under the cauldron provided by the tower. And as he starts refining a clock appears in the room showing the time. He recalls and follows the steps when he refined pills last night. but the change was that after every herb was refined he will use heat to purify it further so only a small amount of essence was destroyed.

Jian continued to follow the process and one and half-hour have passed and Jian in his final section where he has to form a pill. After a small struggle, he completes the process and the refinement of the Body Tempering pill is completed. He takes the pills and keeps them on the formation and rests for while and tells the system to start the process.

Jian was talking about the process to refine the Qi Strengthening pill because the system had stated that information will be provided by the system one the pill formula which was too refined by the host before taking the exam, Jian had to provide it himself. when it was given that Jian has to refine the Qi Strengthening pill, the system has provided Jian with the formula, and when Jian was now resting it for providing with the process.

After fifteen minutes Jian has recalled the process for refining the pill and moved toward the desk to take the herbs required for refining. The refinement process was similar to Body Tempering Pills but there were Ten herbs in it and all were one-star herbs. as compared to the Body tempering pill where only a few herbs were one-star while the rest were upgraded. Qi strengthening Pill"s refinement process was long and hard.

Jian takes the herbs from the desk and moves towards the cauldron and lights up the fire. Jian recalls the process and starts refining. Due to all herbs being one-star herbs the impurities were more after extracting essence. It took Jian more time compared to the body tempering pill.

For only extracting the essence it took two hours and the time showed was that only fifteen minutes were remaining for Jian to form the pill and keep it on the formation.

Jian was sweating crazy because it took double load on him when refining the pill and as he started to form pill the load increased and time also continued to move and when only one minute was remaining Jian had formed the pill and using his Qi he throws the pill towards the formation and as pill reached the center.. The whole room lights up and Jian collapses on the ground still looking towards the formation.

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