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My Sect System

Chapter 24 - Pavilions

After gaining information Jian asks "system, are spirit stones collected".

The system said, "Yes, they are collected and are stored inventory". Jian sighs.

Jian opens his eyes and looks at Yu Yang and smiles.

Jian asks "Yang"er what do you know about the merchant"s pavilions in the city".

Yu Yang looked at Jian, he knew why Jian was asking this, so he said, "Master there are two pavilions which can provide resources for our sect. One is the Golden Lion pavilion and Soaring Cloud pavilion. These both are at the top and there are also some others which can provide the resources but for the long term these two are best."

Jian thought for a while and ask "What do you know about spirit stones".

Yu Yang was confused but still answered "Master spirit stones are used to cultivate.."

Before he could continue Jian said, "Rascal I know about the, I am asking in comparison to Sect points."

Yu Yue chuckled and Yu Yang said " sorry master, low-quality spirit stone comes for 10 SP, Middle comes for 50 to 100 SP, and High comes for 500 to 1000 SP."

Jian frowned and asked, "what about Top quality".

Yu Yang smiled and said, "No one knows master because it is not sold daily it is sold in actions and mostly it is found in the hand of someone star and Two-star sect no one is willing to sell such high-quality resource."

Jian asked, "what was the selling price of the stone,"

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Yu Yang said, "Master it was sold for 8000 SP."

Jian smiled hearing this. Jian was lacking SP, although he could not use this SP for the system shop. he could use this to provide a resource for the sect. suddenly system sounded "Host can use the SP for Shop but since SP is gained by selling Sects resource the prices will be increased by 50 %".

Hearing this Jian sighs relief and looks at Yu Yang.

Jian asks "then do you know what is the price of low grade one-star spirit stone."

Yu Yang didn"t answer immediately he thought he heard his master was joking he looks at the serious expression on Jian and said: "Master no one in their right mind will sell the spirit stones and even if you have it, these are generally monopolized by three-star and Four-star sect and in the city, there are only two three-star sects which also don"t have Low-grade one-star spirit stones."

Jian asked, "How do you know that they don"t have it."

Yu Yang said, "They have posted the mission in Sect Tower that any who can supply them they can discuss the price."

Jian knew what Yu Yang was talking about and said, "still if you estimate the price."

Yu Yang said, "It will be not lower than 15000 SP and If placed in the auction the price will not be determined."

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇ(ᴡᴇʙ)ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.

Jain was happy to hear this, the problem for money was solved because it was the SP was the main currency in the world. Jian thought for a while decided that he will sell one Low-grade one-star spirit stone and if the problem comes in the future he can sell again.

Jian looks at Yu yang and asks "When is the next auction"

Yu Yang said " I don"t know but every auction is held at end of the month"

Jian asked " system is its end of the month"

The system said, "Host yes this is the last week of the month" Jian sighs said, "this is the last week of the month".

Yu Yang said, "Master yes this is the last week of the month but I need to go to the city to confirm it."

Jian nodded and continued "Now do you know about incomplete Cultivation Techniques and Martial Arts.

Yu Yang nodded and Jian continued " I am not talking about incomplete techniques which are graded I am talking about which are not possible to grade or can"t be identified."

Yu Yang looked confused but still nodded. Jian smiled and asked, " Do you know what is the price".

Yu Yang said, "Master if you want techniques which are not identified and not graded then you can get copies of it at Appraiser Tower or Cultivation Master Tower or Sect Tower you can get them from any of these and for a price they will determine".

Hearing this Jian smiled the cultivation techniques problem was resolved.

Now everything was resolved Jian looked at Yu Yue and said "Yue"er how is the condition of disciples".

Yu Yue replied, " Master most have not started cultivation and remaining are Body tempering realm and those who are at Body tempering are of age 25 and above."

Jian knew she was talking about the talent of the people. Jian asked, "Then can you tell me what are the resources require to start their cultivation".

Yu Yue said, " First We will require a huge amount of resources like Body Tempering Pill to start them on cultivation path."

Jian said "Anything else"

Yu Yue shook her head. Jian was thinking since only body tempering pills are required then he can refine them himself. Now everything was in place.

Jian looked at Yu Yang and asked, " Yang"er if I wanted to sell something which is above 15000 SP then which pavilion is suitable."

Yu Yang was shocked hearing what Jian had said and blurted out "what"

Jian continued to look at him and Yu Yang hurriedly said, "Although both of them have no problem, Golden Lion pavilion is run by Four Clans in the city and Golden Lion gained its name from Golden Lion Continent which is also known as a western continent which is ruled by Golden Lion Sect which is Eight-Star Sect."

Jian finally got the name of the other continent and nodded.

Yu Yang continued " Master as for Soaring Cloud Pavilion no one knows about it, in the pavilion in the city is run by City lord who himself is Four-Star Sect Master. No one knows where it originates from Its branches are spread all over the world even Golden Lion which is an Eight-Star sect whose branches are all over the world except the holy continent but there is Soaring Cloud Headquarters. Even Eight-star sects don"t mess with it."

Hearing this Jian was also in deep thought and then looked at Yu Yang. Yu Yang said, " Master suitable is Soaring Cloud Pavilion because in Golden Lion Pavilion things get monopolized by the four clans and person can"t get a suitable price."

Jian nodded and said " Then get ready before the sun has risen, we will move early, we have many things to do" Saying this both left Sect Hall.. Jian also slept because he was exhausted from refining the pills.

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