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My Sect System

Chapter 21 - First Recruitment Ceremony

Jian flew towards the village and after ten minutes he had reached the village. When he reached there he saw that Yu Yue and Yu Yang were ready to go somewhere but suddenly stopped seeing him.

Jian approached them, as he reached towards them both of them kowtowed and said " Greetings Master".

Jian smiled and nodded and said " Get up and follow" Both followed him towards his hut.

Jian as he moved into the village everyone kowtowed and greeted him. In response, he smiled at them and nodded. As he was moving he saw Xiaobo and indicated him to follow along. After few greetings, Jian and others had reached his hut.

As he entered he said, "Follow me".

Jian went inside and sat on the chair and others followed him and stood in front of him. Jian looked at Xiaobo and said, "Xiaobo is the other villager"s kids still here".

Xiaobo replied, " Yes senior they are still here". Hearing this Jian smiled and said, "Can you help me gather them in half-hour outside the hut".

Xiaobo said, "Yes senior"

As he was rushing Jian continued "Gather everyone not only children, go".

Xiaobo nodded and left the hut to gather everyone.

Seeing this, questions arise in the mind of Yu Yue and Yu Yang but they said nothing. Seeing both not asking anything Jian shook his head and asked them "How many villages are there in a hundred-kilometer radius from this village".

Yu Yue spoke "Master there are four villages which are under hundred kilometers from our village and two have affiliated with the sects and others have not".

Jian nodded and said, " I want both of you to go to these villages and spread the news that a One-Star Sect is recruiting and anyone can come age and talent doesn"t matter"

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Hearing this Both Yu Yue and Yu Yang were shocked and wanted to say something but Jian stopped them and said, " Sun has just risen and both of you will only require one hour to go and came back, so hurry and say that they have till the peak of noon to gather in this village till tomorrow otherwise no one will be accepted."

Yu Yue and Yu Yang nodded and left in hurry. Seeing this Jian smiled and looked outside the hut and saw that villagers have started to gather and he went outside and said, "Wait for Yu Yue and Yu Yang to return and gather everyone ."

Everyone once again greeted him and helped to gather the other villagers.

Over an hour has passed and both Yu Yue and Yu Yang had not returned. Seeing this Jian frowned and thinking of going there. He thought and said, "let us wait for a half-hour if both don"t come then I will go and look for them with that thought he waited for a half-hour more.

Twenty minutes passed Jian was getting restless and he was concerned about both of them and wanted to go and look for them. He stood up and flew towards the sky and looked towards the direction Yu Yue and Yu Yang had flown.

Jian was in the sky and looking toward a direction and wanting to go towards it but stopped and saw two dark spots speeding towards him. He sighs relief and went back to the village and said, "Both has returned."

Jian waited few minutes and both Yu Yue and Yu Yang were already descending towards him and saw that there were some scratches and some wounds on both of them and frowned.

Seeing that a frown on Jian"s face both shuddered and Yu Yang spoke, "Master after spreading news in three villages we both went to the last village and when we reached there we saw that the whole village has been destroyed and these two girls were running for their life."

Jian was so concerned about them that he overlooked both were carrying girls in their hands. Jian wanted to check them with Star Gaze but the system sounded "Host don"t use it, it concerns Heavenly Dao if you use it you will be linked with them and the problem will arise in the future"

He looked at the girls both were unconscious and thought for while and bought Four Healing Pills passed them to Yu Yue and Yu Yang and said, " Take yourself one and feed them the rest."

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇ(ᴡᴇʙ)ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.

Jian looked at Yu Yang as he fed the pills to the girls and waited for few hours but the girls have not woken up. Suddenly the systems sounded, " Host they have injured soul they will not wake up".

Jian said, "why?"

The System said, "You are the too weak host."

Jian didn"t say anything and looked at Yu Yue and Yu Yang checking that their wounds have healed and asked "Do you know who attacked the village,"

Yu Yue said, "We don"t know who but we know that it was a one-star sect". Jian frowned and shook his head.

Jian said, "Since everyone is gathered here, follow me".

Jian started to move behind him Yu Yue and Yu Yang carrying both girls and the villagers followed him. They continued to move for twenty minutes and reached the mountain. The villagers were confused but Yu Yue and Yu Yang were not, seeing the huge gate at the entrance of the mountain both knew that it is the entrance of the sect.

Jian seeing the shocked expression on his disciples Jian said " everyone wait here Yue"er and Yang"er follow me".

He leads them towards the sect as both entered they saw different surround and thick Qi in the air and seeing that Jian is flying towards a direction both followed him. For five they flew and landed in front of the sect hall and Jian said "Give them to me".

As Jian took both girls and said "wait here". Jian flew away towards sect master cave where the system has suggested to keep the girls and wait for them to wake up.

As Jian flew away both Yu Yue and Yu Yang started to check the area. They saw Sect Hall they were shocked because both know about this mountain and there were no such buildings on the mountain. As both were checking Jian flew back towards them and saw them checking sect hall he smiled.

He landed and both went towards him and said, "Master".

Jian said, "I have established a sect and today I am going to hold a disciple recruitment ceremony so both of you follow me we have some work to do."

Jian flew towards the recruitment hall, and after reaching there he asked, "who knows more about the sect".

Yu Yue wanted to speak but Yu Yang said, " Master Yu Yue knows about the sect more than me."

Jian smiled and said, " Yang"er go and tell the villagers about the ceremony and if some want to join then bring them here and after registration gather them towards disciple area" Jian pointed towards the route to follow to go to disciple area.

Yu Yang acknowledges "Yes master" and went.

Jian looked at Yu Yue and said " Yue"er You sit here and register them, there is the formation under the desk and if you want disciple token you just have to put your hand under it and token will appear."

Yu Yue nodded and Jian continued " And for registration, you have to tell them to drop their blood on the token and they will be registered ok".

Yu Yue nodded. and then flew towards sect hall.

After reaching the sect hall Jian said the system "Build the disciple resident as the no of disciples increases"

The System said, " Ok host".

Jian then waited for the registration to be over and said " system if registration is stopped them show me the mission status".

Jian closed his eyes and meditated till the evening when the sun is setting system sounded.


And Jian opened his eyes.

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