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My Sect System

Chapter 20 - Star Sovereign Sect

Jian was woken by the system " Host the building of the sect is completed "

Jian woke up he felt refreshed and when he heard the system saying that the sect building is completed he couldn"t be happier.

Jian was completely refreshed so he hurriedly asked " Is it completed ".

The System said, "Yes host do you wish to get the information about sect structure".

Jian replied "yes" suddenly a screen appeared in front of him showing a map and on top of the map in bold letters, it said Star Sovereign Sect, so Jian knew it was the map of his sect.

Sect route started from the Gate which was built at near the road of the village and up the mountain, a new route was connected to go upside the mountain where a small tower was built and it was Registration Hall and after that, the whole area was named as Disciples area and a route was connected to it going towards the top of the mountain.

After following that route you will get three new routes one will go towards the left side of the main route and the other two will be on the right side of the main route but between two routes on the right side one went towards the back of the mountain where an area was marked as Herb Garden near which a small tower smaller that Registration Hall was built as storage.

On the left side of the route went towards a tower which was divided into ten floors and it was Scripture Hall and right side of the route went towards two buildings which contained Nine floors each and these were Mission Hall and Treasure Hall.

And the last was Sect Hall you will reach it if you follow the main route and a small route was going behind the sect Hall towards a cave stated as sect masters cave.

After checking the route on the map Jian wanted to check it physically but the system sounded " Host if you want more information about the area please focus on it."

Jian first tried to focus on the Herb Garden and after few seconds something in written came up on the screen it stated: Herb Garden can cultivate herbs up to 3 stars and garden is connected to spirit vein so if more spiritual energy is provided the early Herb will mature.

As Jian finished reading screen went back to show the map. So Jian started to check each part of the map as systems instruction.

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Sect Hall: It consists of a Hall where a throne is situated and Hall so big that up to 500 people will be able to sit in it.

Sect Master Cave: It is a resting and cultivation place for the Sect master and it is directly above where the sect token is buried and spirit vein is connected to it.

Scripture Hall: It has ten levels, the bottom level is for basic information and library and after that, all floors are divided from 1 to 9 stars.

Treasure Hall: It contains nine floors each floor is will have resources graded 1 to 9 Stars till the last floor.

Mission Hall: It also has nine floors and each floor will have Mission according to 1 to 9 Stars till the last floor.

Disciples area: It is a residential area for Disciples of the sect where they will live.

Registration Hall: After selection Disciples will be registered in the registration hall.

Main gate: It can test the talent and the person who can pass the gate can get selected in the sect.

After reading about each building Jian wanted to check the area physically so he asked " was anybody here ?"

System " No host sun has not risen so nobody has come"

Hearing this he was happy and thought " I will go and bring Yue"er and Yang"er myself after I check the sect" Jian asked "where am I"

The System said, " In the sect master cave".

Hearing Jian smiled and moved towards the Light as he got out of the cave he saw a massive building in front of him, he knew from the map that it was Sect Hall and Jian went towards the back door to check it.

Jian entered the hall and was shocked seeing the interior of the hall, designs were peculiarly carved on the pillars and walls and a throne was built by the stone he tried to check it with his abilities but was not able to do it so he directly knew if Star Gaze doesn"t work then it contains Heavenly Aura.

After checking for a while he flew towards Scripture Hall he directly went inside and saw that there were racks inside each floor and the whole tower was empty.

After checking it he went towards the herb garden. After reaching there the area was plowed and was ready to be planted. since there was nothing he flew towards Treasure Hall.

After reaching there he saw that it is divided into different sections and there are counters present at each section and each floor structure was the same and as for Mission Hall it was divided into two sections one contained a wall where it was written Mission Board and other side was counter were rewarding will be done.

After checking these he moved towards the Disciples area and saw that it was the whole plane area after some time looking at it Jian frowned and said to the system " Why was arena was not in options"

The System said, " Host One Star sect mostly focuses on Cultivation you don"t need to worry "

Jian didn"t say anything and moved towards Registration Hall there he saw that A purple Token and a Golden token and Two Black Token were kept on the desk of the registration hall and as he was about to ask the system what it is about?

The system sounded "Host Purple Token is Sect master token and Golden token is for elder and Two black tokens is for Your disciples and to get Disciples token which will be in gray you have put the hand in below the desk and token will appear."

Jian then kept the Token in the inventory and moved towards the main gate to go outside.

Jian was moving towards the main gate of the sect and asked " System are the building"s structure are strong enough"

The system said, " You don"t need to worry they will be built by the stones which were tempered by tribulation"

Jian sigh a relief and reached the main gate and said " System can I start recruiting Disciples in the sect"

The System said, " Yes host you can start and you can decide the limitations of Disciples accepted "

Jian thought for a while and smiled and then asked, " System nobody will able enter after I left the sect right".

The System said, " Yes host nobody will be able to enter the sect till the Guardian Formation is activated and you can control it using Sect Master token."

Jian sighs relief and left the main gate as he left and turned around to see the sect he was not able to see anything Because the whole sect was covered in mysterious fog seeing this Jian smiled and flew towards the village to prepare for the recruitment ceremony.


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