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My Sect System

Chapter 2 - Sect System

[Ding! Sect System activated]...

Just as Jian heard this and his pupil dilated and he found a screen floating in front of him.


Host: Feng Jianyu

Sect: ???

Sect Grade:???


Cultivation Technique: None

Martial Arts: None

Abilities: None

Disciples: 0

Sect point:100

{Shop} Not Activated

Jian went through his status he was very aesthetic that after three years of struggle he finally got his Goldfinger. After calming himself he went through his status found the question mark in front of Sect and just he was about to ask about it he heard


[Detected that host is malnourished and has no cultivation talent].

"As the bearer of Sect System how can host be talentless."


"Host is allowed to acquire highest cultivation talent does host want to accept it"As the system solemn voice ended Jian was very happy hearing this "right how can the bearer of the system be talentless" just as he was about to accept it system continued.

"Host is malnourished and is not in a condition to accept the opportunity if the accepted host will die".

Cold sweat went through his back and he hurriedly shouted "NO".

The system continued "ok"

[Mission Generated:

As the bearer of the Sect System, how can the host be talentless?

Description: The host has to become healthy so that talent can be Accepted.

0/10000 Calories.

Time Limit: 5 Days

Reward: Top Cultivation Talent

Till then no missions will be available.]

Jian read the mission and let a sigh of relief and just asked "Why 5 days."

"Because Host will not be able to live after 5 days due to malnutrition"

Just as he was about to ask more questions system continued.


[Detected host has sect token]

[Detecting Grade of token..]

"Detected that it is no grade token"

[Finding solution...]

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"Host is the presence of an ancient sect which is baptized by heavenly Dao aura, Does host wishes to absorb the aura promote the grade"

Jian screamed "wait,"

"yes host"

"would stop it and let me ask questions"

"ok host".

Jian sigh a relief and asked "system What are you and what will happen if the sect token absorbs the aura? and what is sect token?".

System explained"I am sect building system which will help host in his journey as a sect master. As host knows that this is a cultivation world where people thrive to achieve immortality through cultivation and other is through sect building where sect token is used. Sect token is an object which is given to selected individuals who are in condition to spread their knowledge only specific individuals can pass the test of heavenly Dao and obtain sect token. Currently, the host is in the ruined sect"s secret realm which has enough amount heavenly aura that can upgrade it to a 1-star token and then the secret realm will crumble and be lost in space. While the grades of the token are lowest is 1 star and highest is 9 star in this realm".

Jian "Are their other realms other than this?"

[Not enough authority].

Jian sighed and asked, "what will happen to me?"

"you will be teleported outside safely".

Jian was thinking about it because in the secret realm there was no food can be 10000 calories and now he will be able to complete the mission and go outside on his journey. He decided that he will do it and then he went to his grandfather tomb for the last time before returning to the hall and gave the order to the system "You can start absorbing the aura".

[Ding! Starting Absorbing Heavenly Aura]

"Host standstill it will take 1 minute to complete the process after that you will be teleported."




As the process started whole secret realm started to shake Jian was panicking but he believed in the system so he standing still the process continued.









[Ding! The process is completed]

"For Upgrading the Sect token to 1-star Sect token Host is awarded"


1)10000 Sect points.

2)Shop is activated.





As Jian heard this he was very happy and just he was about to read the Rewards Secret realm started to crumble he started panicking "SS. System"

[Ding! Detected that Realm is crumbling]

"Does the host wants to start the teleportation"?


[Starting Teleportation...]




"What happened"

"Host, due teleportation formation being old receiving side has been destroyed and if teleported and you will be last in a spatial storm and die"

"What! then how can I go outside"

[Finding solution...]

"Host has 10000 SP can buy one-time protection from the shop and can survive the spatial storm, does host wishes to buy it."

"What!" he was very aggrieved but he still said "buy it"

[Ding! buying one-time protection]

"Due to the formation being at fault the Host will be awarded the return of 5000 SP"

[Teleportation is starting...]

Jian heard the system announcement he sighs relief and looked at the secret realm crumbling.

[1,2 ..]

[Ding! one-time protection is activated]

He hears countdown and as count down come towards the end, he started to feel dizzy and he falls unconscious and is teleported from the secret realm.

After teleportation is completed.





Jian wakes up from his unconsciousness and finds himself in the forest and he hears system announcements continuing then he checks the announcements.

[Ding! Teleportation is successful]

[Host is teleported successfully]




Jian finds that after teleporting in the forest he was unconscious for 3 days and Panics asks "System why was I unconscious for 3 days"

"Host as the teleportation started and one-time protection activated, the system has taken control of host body so the host was unconscious."

Jian sigh and asks the system to show missions status.



Mission: As the bearer of Sect System how can hosts be talentless.

Description: The host has to become healthy so that talent can be Accepted.

0/10000 Calories.

Time Limit:4/5 Days

Reward: Top Cultivation Talent

Till then no missions will be available.]

When he reads the mission he was shocked to find that 4 days have passed he has only one day remaining to complete the mission "System why 4 days? I was unconscious for 3 days"

"Host after teleporting you were thrown in a spatial storm and due to protection was activated it took one day to guide through the spatial storm"

As he hears systems solemn voice reply he sighs and says "Thank you"

"You"re welcome host, it is system job to help host through his journey"

Jian sighs and laments about his Grandpa and thinks about how to complete the mission.

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