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My Sect System

Chapter 18 - Building Sect

Jian had opened his eyes and the system sounded.


[Suitable Place Found]

[Does Host Want Establish a Sect Here]

<Yes> <No>

Jian clicked on yes.



Sect Buildings:

1)Sect Hall

2)Scripture Hall

3)Treasure Hall

4)Mission Hall

5)Registration Hall

[If Host Want add extra]


1)Alchemy Hall- 1000 SP

2)Weapon Hall- 1000 SP

3)Herb Garden- 1000 SP


Jian thought for a while "If I want to choose I will choose Herb Garden" But SP was the problem Jian thought for while and clicked on Herb Garden.

[Total SP: 2650]


[Remaining SP: 1650]

Sect Buildings:

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1)Sect Hall

2)Scripture Hall

3)Treasure Hall

4)Mission Hall

5)Registration Hall

6)Herb Garden

[Does Host wish to Proceed]

<Yes> <No>

Jian clicked on Yes and as he did a blinding light was shone and Jian felt that a barrier has been erected around him he couldn"t see anything happening on the mountain. While a barrier was erected around Jian, the trees on the mountain disappeared and buildings where started to form.

Jian couldn"t see the process and asked the system " Why can"t see the process"

The system said, "It concerns heavenly Dao and your cultivation is not enough."

Jian didn"t say anything system continued "It will be complete in the morning you can check then"

Jian didn"t say anything for a while. he cleared his mind and asked the system "can you Show me my status"




Name: Feng Jianyu

Sect Master: Star Sovereign Sect

Profession: Appraiser(One Star)

Cultivation: Foundation Building (Seventh Level)

Cultivation Technique: Chaotic Star Scripture (First Cycle) (Stars:00)

Bloodline: ???

Physique: Chaos Refining Physique

Martial Arts: Devour, Basic Fists Technique, Basic Sword Technique

Abilities: Star Gaze

Sect point: 1650


Jian checked his status he saw that the first cycle was added in front of cultivation technique and profession were added and the name of sect was also added. In profession, the only appraiser was added so Jian knew the system doesn"t count apprenticeship. When Jian saw his cultivation he was shocked that how could his cultivation increased.

Jian asked "the system how come my cultivation increased "

The system said, "You completed the first cycle "

Jian said, "But before when I tried to circulate my cultivation decreased and it took a day to recover "

The system said, " Because you were in presence of spirit vein "

Jian thought for a while and asked " Now can you explain my cultivation technique to me and why does my cultivation decreases every time I try to circulate."

The system said, " Host, as you know your Technique follows the route of organs and the dantian. The cultivation Technique requires you to form a star on every ten cycles of circulation. And to this huge amount of spiritual energy is required."

Jian was shocked that it takes a huge amount of spiritual energy and asked " Then why did my cultivation decreased."

The system "Your cultivation decreased because it"s the work of cultivation technique due to this technique can stimulate the Bloodline and Physique and due to this cultivation Technique faster than heavenly genius so to have perfect foundation, when a technique is circulated it devours the cultivation of host to stabilize the foundation."

Jian was very happy that his cultivation speed will be faster and the system continued " Host as this technique is beneficial, you should not use spirit stones to circulate the technique in the future "

Jian knew about spirit stones from information he got from the library so he asked" If I can"t use spirit stones then it will require more time to be back in top condition"

The system said, "Host you should not worry when you will perform the First refinement of Bloodline by forming first Star your devour technique will be activated and when you are done with your cultivation you can use it to back in top condition."

Hearing this Jian sigh a relief and the system continued " Host your cultivation will only be up to peak Foundation Realm you will only able to break through to Core Formation Realm after you have refined your bloodline."

Jian frowned and thought for while then relaxed.

Jian said, " System how can I get spirit stones".

The System said, " You can get it from the spirit vein and for information about spirit stone you can get them from the shop".

Jian said, "Is shop available".

The system said, "Yes show it was activated since you started to build the sect."

As Jian was going to say about the shop system continued "Before you demand to open the shop you should know about it".

Jian said, "What?"

The system continued "You should know that shop is of grade three so only up to graded three-star things will be available, the host shouldn"t get the idea to use the shop as the resource of the sect, it is the resource but it is for your resource you can"t use the items brought from the shop on others. and the main thing about the shop is that it will sell only knowledge use for the sect and as for resources it will be only ten percent of the shop as the host doesn"t require any extra pills for cultivation."

Jian was shocked and asked, "So from where I can get resources?"

The system said, "It is your problem but worry not the system will provide the knowledge about it and one more thing is that the shop will only accept SP gain by host and host can"t sell the knowledge bought from the shop he can share but should not be sold"

Jian asked "What will be the information about"

The system said, " Everything in the world and for SP you should not worry every mission provided by the system will give the SP to Host"

Jian said, "How will I gain more SP ?"

The system said, "It will be dependent on the performance of the sect, for example, every deed was done by the disciple for sect will be awarded the SP."

Jian thought for while suddenly an idea came to his mind and he asked " will I will be rewarded if I gather resources for the sect and if a disciple of the sect can breakthrough"

The system said, "Yes Host You will be able to get SP for every contribution is done for the sect, even if disciple"s breakthrough but there are condition" Jian "what are they"

The system smugly replied "You can buy it from the shop, so does the host wishes to open the shop"

Hearing systems smug reply Jian was going to curse but swallowed and replied "yes open the shop"


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