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My Sect System

Chapter 17 - Tribulation

Jian flew towards the south of the village with the guidance of the system in search of a spirit vein. Jian flew out of the village and went to the top of the mountain where the spirit vein is situated according to the map.

Jian landed on the mountain and asked " System which way to go"

The system said," Host the spirit vein is 100 steps in front of you"

Jian started to move and counted 100 steps and said, " System where is it"

The system didn"t say anything and after some time replied " Host spirit vein is sealed so that"s why you can"t see it"

Jian said, "If it is sealed then can I unseal it"

The system " Host wait for a minute ".

While the system was finding a way to unseal the vein Jian was checking out the mountain. Jian was standing on the very top of a mountain, the whole mountain was covered in trees only the top of the mountain was not.

Jian saw that the mountain was on the side of the forest where Jian was teleported and is connected to the mountain range going in the forest.

Jian was thinking about if beasts attack then what will happen but fortunately, the vein was on the outer side of the mountain, so there was no problem with beasts.

While Jian was thinking the system said "Host System has found a way to unseal the vein"

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Jain said, " What is it"

The system said, " The vein is not sealed but is hidden by the natural formation and if it is to break then there will be Heavenly Tribulation and there is a chance that it will be destroyed"

Jian said, "What to do then "

The system said" Host can support the vein by taking the tribulation although it will be doubled in the power you can handle it"

Jian thought for while and said "ok"

The system "First Host take out sect token and Guardian Formation "

Jian took them out, the system continued " Put Guardian Formation on the Sect Token and supply your Qi to it"

Jian did what the system said and when he supplied Qi the Guardian Formation was shining and then it merged with the token.

The system said, " Host should sit holding the token and supply four Qi to the token"

Jian sat and supplied the Qi after some time system said " Bury it where are you sitting ".

Jain buried the token in front of him and sat. As Jian buried the token whole mountain was surrounded by fog and Jian had no idea about it because you can see that the whole mountain has diapered from the place and you can see it from the outside while Jian was sitting on the mountain.

As the Guardian Formation was activated system said "Now host I will give you last instruction before we destroy the formation"

Jian said, "ok"

The system said, " Host when the formation is destroyed and the tribulation falls on the vein you should come between then and start circulating the Chaotic Star Scripture till I say you to stop"

Jian frowned and wanted to ask more questions but didn"t and the system continued "If vein survives the tribulation then there is a chance it will Upgrade"

Hearing this Jian"s doubts flew away and he started to get ready for the tribulation.

After ten minutes Jian was read to face the tribulation and said "System I am ready"

The system " get ready host I am destroying the formation to suggest you should activate your ability Star Gaze"

Hearing this Jian activated the ability and looked down on the mountain he saw that a vein of slightly golden color is surrounded by the eight big rocks and just as he was looking one of the rocks was destroyed and after its destruction other seven started to shake and cracks started to appear on them.

As cracks were spreading thunder clouds were started to gather in the sky where Jian was sitting and as the clouds stopped gathering the other stones surrounding the vein were destroyed.

The system sounded "Host tribulation will start you should start it"s up to you know" Without hesitation, Jian started to circulate his Qi according to the scripture as he was doing this the tribulation which was slowly gathering sped up and became power full and ready to smite.

The system sounded "Get ready host it is coming".

Jian got ready and concentrated on circulation as he followed the pathway describes in the scripture the Qi around him started to gather and begin to pull into him.

His Qi went from lower dantian to liver, heart, and lungs and as he started moving his Qi towards middle dantian he was obstructed and his cultivation started to fall just as he was about to ask the system the tribulation started to fall it was so big if any person under Nascent Soul Realm took it, a person will be erased but Jian didn"t know about.

Jian stopped and again started the circulation from the start and the tribulation flew toward Jian and it flew before falling on Jian twenty percent of the tribulation was scattered by the Guardian Formation and the remaining flew towards Jian and as Jian Qi reached toward middle dantian tribulation struck him.

He started to shake and blood leaked from the side of the but he didn"t stop and continued to circulate the Qi and as the tribulation struck the obstruction on the middle dantian was dissolved and so he continued to circulate and he was circulating the tribulation was devoured and started flow according to the circulation of his Qi.

When the obstruction was gone Jian felt that he should be able to completer the first cycle of circulation so he continued to send his Qi towards his main dantian (upper dantian) And for some reason there was also little obstruction but his Qi contained Aura of tribulation so after some time the obstruction was gone and Jian had completed his first cycle of circulation

The system "Stop the circulation" Jian listened to the system and stopped.

As Jian had stopped his circulation the Qi surrounding him started to rush towards him and the remaining tribulation fell on the spirit vein and as the tribulation was completed the clouds started to dispersed and Guardian Formation was again activated.

The tribulation didn"t go unnoticed, it was noticed by the Elder of Sect Tower and Old man of Appraiser tower and heads of other towers after that they went to do their work, and tribulation was seen by one more person she was Yu Yue. After seeing the tribulation she wanted to head there but she stopped recalling Jian words and went to take care of Yu Yang.

As Qi has started to fuse with Jian the spirit vein also started to squirm and increased in size, this process continued for half-hour. After the Qi has stopped gathering around Jian. Jian opened his eyes the bolts of lightning flew out of them and the system sounded.


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