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My Sect System

Chapter 16 - Returning


[Sub Mission Generated]

Description: The host has to establish the sect and make it a one-star sect.

Conditions to complete the mission:

Sect Token: One star (Completed)

Host Cultivation: Foundation Building Level Five (Reached)

Sect Location: Found (Completed)

Sect Guardian Formation : (Complete)

Sect Masters Recognition : (Completed)

Sect Name: Star Sovereign Sect

Host "s Side Profession: 01/02

Recruit Disciple: 002/150

Sect Elder: 00/01

Time Limit: One Week

Reward : Way to Awaken the Physiques of Personal Disciple


Checking the status Jian knew what the system was talking about. Because only one profession has been completed means that to complete it he has to be at least One Star in Professions.

Jian asked "the system how am I going to complete both missions"

The system said, "Host has to find Pill formula and herbs and weapon design yourself system will only provide knowledge"

Jian was in trouble and then keeping token he asked "Miss Shu where can I find pill formula and weapon design grade One Star."

Hearing this Meng Shu frowned then said " Master Jianyu you can buy Formula and design from here but only limited are available others designs are secret so are not given easily"

Jian said, "Then can you give me the easiest of them and twenty sets of materials required for them"

Meng Shu thought for a while and said " The pill formula is of Body tempering Pill and weapon Design is of the sword. 50 SP will be the Price of each and one set herbs for Body tempering Pill will of 2 SP and material for the sword be 10 SP"

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Jian was in trouble he only had 65 SP in the sect token and asked "System I don"t have enough sect points"

The system said, "Host can transfer his sect points to the token but host can"t transfer it back to the system and host does not need to buy 20sets of material ten will do it. so do you wish to transfer "

Jian said, "Transfer 1000 SP only"

[Total SP:3650]


[Total SP: 2650]

[Transfer is done]

Jian had a total of 3900 SP but he spent 50 SP on buying healing pills for Yu Yang and Yu Yue and 200 SP Basics of fists and sword fighting.

Jian then looked at Meng Shu and said " Do you have a cauldron, one Star will Do"

Meng Shu Said "we have it but each Price is 50 SP"

Jian said, "You don"t have a cauldron in which bot can be done "

Meng Shu said, "No".

Jian was bleeding Sect Points so with hesitation he said " Give me everything and only Ten sets of material."

Meng Shu said, "ok total will be 320 SP"

Jian took his sect token and transferred 330 SP and said "For Troubling You"

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇ(ᴡᴇʙ)ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.

Meng Shu called a girl and said something and lead Jian towards Tower library, after reaching she said "wait here"

She went inside and brought back two slips and handed them to Jian. Jian took slips and put them in between his brows and got information about Body Tempering Pill and Sword Design, with the help of the system information was directly integrated so it only took him a few seconds and he handed it back the slips.

Meng Shu was shocked seeing his action because it takes nearly thirty minutes to integrate the information but Jian had done it in a few seconds but she didn"t say anything and lead him towards the desk at the entrance and waited for the girl to return.

Ten minutes later the girl returned and handed a pouch to Meng Shu and left. Meng Shu handed that pouch to Jian said " Your things are in it and take the storage pouch as a gift from us"

Jian took the pouch and said " Thank you Miss Shu " and nodded towards Yu Yang indicating to move.

Jian and Yu Yang started to go but were interrupted by Meng Shu.

She said "Master Jianyu if you need herbs and other resources for your sect you can buy at the outer part of the city or you can go to other towers but a large number of resources can"t be bought from towers"

Jian said, " Thank You" and left with Yu Yang.

It took a half-hour to come out of the city. Jian and Yu Yang stopped, Jian looked at the sky and said " Yang"er it will be the night when we reach the village"

Yu Yang replied " yes master, should we go at top speed"

Jian looked at him and said " are you ready "

Yu Yang "Let"s go, master". Both leaped in the air and flew towards the village.

This time both Jian and Yu Yang were using their cultivation to fly so their speed was increased twofold.

As Jian was moving towards the village Jian said to the system " Integrate the information about Sect Tower, SP, Sects and One Star Sect I got from the library"

The system said, " ok host."

The system started to send information to Jian. Jian and Yu Yang increased their speed. As Jian read the information appearing in his head while flying he got shocking reading. The more he read the more shocked he got. From reading the information he got so many questions that he will not rest till he got the answer.

Jian was baffled by getting the information, he was in hurry to ask questions to the system and he was waiting till he reached the village. while he was flying he that both have covered more the sixty percent of the so he was happy and knew mostly Half- hour is required to reach the village.

Just he was thinking he saw that Yu Yang had slowed down suddenly and his speed is decreasing. So Jian moved toward him and lifted him and said "Wait for one week and you will be ok"

Because Yu Yang was suffering from a cold which is caused by his semi awakened physique. Yu Yang said, "Thank you master".

Jian smiled and moved towards the village at full speed.

After forty minutes Jian and Yu Yang reached the village and Yu Yue welcomed back at the entrance of the village ." Welcome back master "

Jian said " Yes, Yue"er is there was a problem in the village"

Yu Yue said, "No master".

Yu Yue saw Yu Yang in Jian"s hand and looked concerned seeing this Jian smiled and said " You don"t need to worry feed him the pill I gave you and let him rest"

As Jian went toward the hut and laid Yu Yang inside it before returning to his hut.

Yu Yue was taking care of Yu Yang . Jian sat in the hut and started to return to peak condition before asking the system. After half hour he was in top condition and asked "System do I have to be one star professional to complete the mission"

The system "yes host and I suggest host moved towards the location of spirit vein "

Jian asked, "Why now"

The system said, "System has to build the sect and it will be convenient if it was done in the night"

Jian said, "Really do I have to go there now"

The system "yes host you can go there and there you can ask your doubts"

Jian said, "ok".

Jian called Yu Yue and said, "Yue"er I am going to mountains on the south side"

Yu Yue was looking for more information but Jian continued "If a problem arises you can come to me, and if not then do not go there till morning".

Yu Yue said, "Ok master"

Jian said, " you take care of Yu Yang and in the morning come to the mountain with him ok "

Yu Yue nodded Jian smiled and started to move towards the mountain.


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