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My Sect System

Chapter 15 - New Mission?

Jian was in deep thoughts after hearing the old men condition but Jian said nothing and moved towards the desk and looked at the first item, he picked it up and started sending his Qi and activated Star Gaze simultaneously information appeared in his head. The first item was dried herb only some parts of it were green.

Name: Heart Severing Herb

Grade: Peak One Star

Condition: Dried and onion energy of being non-edible.

Properties: 1)Helps to calm the inner demons. 2) Used to make breakthrough pills 3)...

Many properties appeared and Jian went toward paper and wrote its name, grade, and first two properties.

Jian moved towards the second item. It was a stone but was if Dark blue Color. Jian repeated the process and information appeared.

Name: Dark Iron Ore

Grade: Peak One Star

Condition : Useable

Properties: 1)Used for forging. 2) If re-forged using this it can help upgrade the weapon 3)...

Jian wrote about it and continued toward the last item it was a scroll, information:

Name: Jade Body Tempering Technique

Grade Two Star (Mortal)

Condition: Incomplete

Properties: 1)Used for body tempering before Qi condensation realm

2) It is suitable for females 3)...

After writing he called the old man" I am done"

Handing him his paper Old said, "Are you sure "

Jian said, " you can check".

The old man smirked and took his paper and read. As he read he was shocked that he was completely right for first and the old man checked for the second answer and found that it was also right and as for third when he read the answer he frowned and asked " how can you derived the grade of an incomplete technique"

He asked this question because he also came to the same answer when he had checked but was able to justify it.

Jian looked at the old man and said "when you read the technique carefully it shows to temper the parts which are not required to temper if it was for male so it shows that it is was female and for the incomplete part, you can complete it with the parts female needs to temper and technique will be completed and you will be able to grade it."

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Realization dawn upon the old man and he shouted Good three times before looking at Jian and asking "Kid What is your name and who is Your master"

Jian replied "I AM Feng Jianyu and my master forbids me from telling his name"

The old man kept quiet and Jian continued "Did I passed the exam"

The old man said " Yes you have passed the exam and became One Star Appraiser" Old man handing him a token with an eyes symbol and a star on it.

Jain asked "Old then I will go know "

The old man said, "You can go and but kid if your master came to tell him that I would like to meet him"

Jian said, " Ok"

Jian went towards the door to go outside but stopped and asked "Oldman is it true if I am One Star Appraiser I can get apprenticeship of alchemist and Weaponsmith"

The old man smiled and said "Yes it is true but if you want to get both apprentices I suggest going to Sect Tower"

Seeing the confusion on Jian face old man continued "Alchemist Tower and weaponsmith tower can give you the apprenticeship but no one has gone in many years to do what you are about to do and you can get your apprenticeship of any profession from Sect Tower did you not know about this"

Jian was embarrassed and said " Thank You " and he left seeing this old man smiled.

Jian went hurriedly outside and directly went to the desk and showed the token to the girl. The girl was shocked just as she was about to go to check she stopped and refunded his twenty Sect points.

Taking his refund Jian went towards Yu Yang and said "let"s go to Sect Tower".

Yu Yang was shocked that he didn"t hear what Jian had said because he had seen the token in Jian"s hand and knew that it was Proof of being One Star Appraiser and he blurted out "What"

Jian said, "Let"s go " dragging him.

Jian and Yu Yang were bought because it has been three hours past noon and they have to return to the village before sunset so they hurried towards Sect Tower and directly went inside where Meng Shu was standing seeing Jian rushing towards her she frowned and said: "What can I do for you Master* Jianyu "

Hearing her Jian was shocked but replied, "I would like to take apprenticeship of Weapon Smith and Alchemist"

Meng Shu said, "You will require to pay forty SP for the exam"

Jian said, " No exam"

Jian took out his One Star appraiser token when Meng Shu saw this she was shocked and realize what Jian was talking about.

She then went towards the elder"s room and asked "Elder he has returned with One Star Appraiser Token and is asking for apprenticeship for Alchemist and Weapon Smith"

The elder replied, "Ohh So he is an appraiser and also wants apprenticeship of weaponsmith and Alchemist "

Meng Shu "Rules says that the person who is one Star Appraiser can be said to be an apprentice in both, but it has never happened where the person is asking for both so what to do"

Elder "Do as rule says and help him if he asks for anything" Meng Shu "Ok" and returned.

After Meng Shu came back she leads him towards a similar room before and continued the process done for registration and the went to send room repeated the same process and handed Jian two tokens one with weapons drawn on it and other cauldron and there were no stars on it. As Jiang touched the token system sounded.


[In Possession of apprentice token]


[Missions Generated]



First Mission: How Host of My Sect System can be an apprentice.

Description: The host has to concoct One star Pill.

Condition: 1)Concoct a Pill 2)One Star Alchemist

Time Limit: Three Days.

Reward: Knowledge and Formulas of the one-star alchemist.

Note: Basic Knowledge of Alchemy will be Provided.



Second Mission: How Host of My Sect System can be an apprentice.

Description: The host has to forge One Star Weapon.

Condition: 1)Forge a weapon 2)One Star Weaponsmith.

Time Limit: Two Weeks

Reward: Knowledge and designs about one-star Weapon Smiths.

Note: Basic Knowledge of Forging will be Provided.


Condition: First Mission (Incomplete) Second Mission (Incomplete)

Reward: Chaos Cauldron


Jian was shocked by reading the mission and asked the system "what is going on" and for the answerer, the system showed him the Submission.

Seeing the mission Jian Cursed "Fuck"


* Master - Term for Sect Masters of Sect

SP-Sect Points.

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