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My Sect System

Chapter 14 - Professions

Jian has been sitting for a half-hour in the tower library. With the help of the system, he has gotten the information about Professions or we can say support type occupation.

Jian opened his eye and was in deep thought on which profession to choose. The information that he has gotten is that there are many professions in the like Alchemist, Weapon Smith, Formation Master, Appraiser, Cultivation Master, Beasts Master, and the last one was Spiritualist, there are more Professions but are not suitable for everyone.

Each Profession starts with apprenticeship and after that, it is divided into stars from one to nine stars similar to the sects grade. Jian knew about Alchemist, Weapon Smith, Formation Master, so he didn"t continue to read about them and directly went for the next:

Appraiser: Many things in the world are not recognizable so the appraiser profession is used to know about the history of the things.

Cultivation Master: This is a special profession where the cultivation techniques are derived and the work of the Cultivation master is to help Cultivator in their Cultivation and the cultivation masters research physiques.

Beast Master: They are not tamer but they study the properties of bloodline and how to increase its purity. Although this profession is scorned by the High-level Demonic Beast it is still mostly used by demonic beasts.

Spiritualist: This professional information was not given and it is available to those who are Three Star Formation Masters.

Jian was in a deep dilemma he only has four professions to choose from so which profession he can choose. so Jian continued to go through the information.

Information was found that reading it Jian frowned and asked " System it is said that there is no necessity for a cultivator for having multiple profession and there is no requirement for the Sect Master to know about Profession"

The system said "Host you are going to surpass everyone how can you compare yourself with others and Host you should not doubt the system, System is always in the favor of the host"

Jian became silent and after some time "How do you think that I will have time to learn multiple Professions."

The system said, " Host does not need worry system is there for you"

Jian then said nothing and read more about the profession a new information surfaced that If a person is a Star Appraiser that person can get an Apprenticeship of the Alchemist and Weaponsmith Profession because the exam for Alchemist and weapon Smith Apprenticeship is to identify materials.

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So after reading this information without hesitation Jian decided to choose Appraiser as his first profession.

Jian opened his eyes looked at Yu Yang and asked "Yang"er do you know where is appraiser tower."

Yu Yang opened his eyes looked at Jian in confusion so Jian continued "Just tell me do you know it"

Yu Yang said, "Yes master"

Jian said, "lead the way".

Jian and Yu Yang left the library and went downstairs to go. Before they left Sect tower Jian had pay for registration and other things so both went toward Meng Shu and said " Miss Shu-How much sect points are to be paid"

Meng Shu replied " 20 For registration and 10 for Library".Jian without hesitation took out his sect token and passed 35 SP to Meng Shu before say goodbye.

Jian and Yu Yang left Sect Tower and as they left Meng Shu went to the elder and asked "Elder what is special about him how can he get One Star Sect token without establishing sect"

The elder replied "I think it was given to him by the master and his token was ungraded it was Upgraded by devouring Heavenly Aura of another sect"

Meng Shu frowned and said "He can"t do"

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇ(ᴡᴇʙ)ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.

Elder said "Yes it is not possible for him to do that but is possible for those Old Monsters that are hiding"

Meng Shu was shocked and from the look of it, Meng Shu knew which Old monsters Elder was talking about.

Elder continued "Spread the news if he were to come to tower treat him with respect and tell that foolish clan heads to go and destroy themselves."

Jian didn"t know behind his back he was being feared by the highest authority of Sect Tower. Jian and Yu Yang continued to move toward Appraiser Tower.

Yu Yang asked "Master why are we going toward appraiser tower"

Jian said "To become appraiser" Yu Yang was shocked that his master was an appraiser.

After some time they reached the entrance of the Appraiser Tower and Jian asked system" System does my ability Star Gaze works as appraiser technique"

The system said, "As long as the thing doesn"t contain Heavenly Aura and is living thing host can use your ability freely" Jian asked this because he was dependent upon his ability to pass as an Appraiser.

Jian looked at Yu Yang and said "let go".

As they entered they saw that many ancient-looking things were spread on tables and on some tables there were stones and people were shouting and placing bets.

Jian and Yu Yang moved towards the desk and the girl at the desk asked "Are you here for stone gambling or appraisal "

Jian replied "I am here to take the test for Apprentice Appraiser"

The girl became silent and said " are you sure you want to take the apprentice exam"

Jian replied " yes ".

The girl was silent and then said " You will have to pay 20 Sect Points and if you passed the examination ten points will be refunded"

Jian immediately took out his sect token passed the points, then the girl lead Jian toward a room and said "Go inside and pass this token to the elder he will take your exam" as she said this she passed him the token and left him.

Jian knocked on the door and entered the room he saw an old man was sitting on the chair his eyes were closed as Jian went toward him old man opened his eyes and looked at Jian and pointed towards the desk in front of the old man and he waved his hand three objects appeared on the desk.

Then Old man said, "You have Thirty minutes to appraise them and write you"re an appraisal on this paper".

He handed Jian a paper and said " Your time starts to now and he closed his eyes

When the old man had said that he has to identify the three things on the table he has activated his ability and knew about their items on the table so Jian looked at the old man and asked: "Do I have to write the properties or only the name".

Hearing what Jian had said the old man opened his eye and was amused and said if you can write anyone"s properties then you will be considered pass"

Jian looked at the old man and, said, "And what if I can write all three of them properties?"

Old man"s eye narrowed and thought "what an interesting young man" old man said " If you can write two properties of each thing you can pass the exam of One Star Appraiser not apprentice"

Jian was waiting for this to hear and asked " Really"

the old man said " Yes but if your answer is wrong then you will not be able to enter Appraiser tower for three years"

Jian went on to deep thoughts.

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