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My Sect System

Chapter 13 - Sect Tower

Jian flew through the sky holding Yu Yang. Jian and Yu Yang have left the village for four hours. When they left the village they have arranged for every precaution method that can be followed if the village is to be attacked.

Jain and Yu Yang continued to move for more than twenty and after that, an outline of the city is seen. As they got closer they were able to see the Tower shooting towards the sky. Jian looked at the top of the tower but was not able to the end of it.

As Jian was looking, Yu Yang said "Master we are near the city so we should get down, we can"t fly in the city"

Jian slowly descended near the entrance of the city and saw that there was a huge line of people going into the city and guards were guarding the entrance and people are using their tokens to scan on the wall near the guards.

Yu Yang saw that Jian was looking at the people who were scanning their token and explained "Master you are required to pay with sect point to enter the city"

Hearing this Jian asked the system "I don"t have that type of token "

The system said, "Host you can use Sect Token because it is already bonded to you if needed" Jian was relieved but frowned on "If needed".

Yu Yang continued "Master you don"t need to pay we can directly go because you are wearing a one-star robe"

Jian and Yu Yang directly moved to enter the city but were blocked by a guard, before Jian could say anything guard saw the robe Jian was wearing, he was shocked and then lead them into the city while apologizing.

Jian entered the city and saw that the city was bustling with activity. Seeing Jian looking here and there Yu Yang explained " Master Sects City is divided three parts Outer, inner, and central outer part consist of people selling and buying stuff it is the type of market where anyone can open the stall by a particular amount of sect point and the inner part is where sects gather and recruit disciples, the buildings in inner part own by their sects and are used as recruitment area. and as for the central part, there is a sect tower and other towers. So master where should we go first."

Jian was in deep thought "I should directly head to Sect Tower and complete the mission I don"t know about anything"s that I can buy and as for recruitment".

He shook his head and said "Yang"er lets go to Sect Tower and complete the process first and return to the village" Yu Yang saw that master is in hurry so lead the way to Sect tower.

Jain and Yu Yang made way through the Outer area Jian saw many people were selling things and as he moves toward the inner part he saw someone was selling Grade One healing pill so he went to check them out and saw that it was not the same as the pills he got from the system so he continued to move towards inner part.

In the inner part, he saw many people were lining up for recruitment. Jian ad Yu Yang continued to move they didn"t stop in the inner part of the city and continued to move towards the central part of the city.

Jian checked that many sects in the inner part where only one star few were two-star sects. As Jian was checking he saw a person moving towards a particular Sect where people were the most as the moved towards line the line started to make way for him seeing this Jian frowned.

When Yu Yang saw he explained, "Master I forgot to mention that the inner and outer part also contains Clans, They are a type of sect but to join it you have signed your life to them and change your name according to them."

Jian had gained a lot of things coming to the city and while thing about it he was interrupted by Yu Yang "Master we hear and landed at the central area saw that white-colored tower is built in the center and small towers were surrounding it."

Jian looked at it and was in awe after some time he and Yu Yang moved toward the tower when they both entered they saw that very few people were there and both were welcomed by a girl who was standing at the counter near the entrance. She said "Hello my name is Meng Shu how can I help you"

Yu Yang said, "Hello miss Shu we are here to register our sect"

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Meng Shu said, " Okay do have your sect token, or do you want to take the test for it "

Yu Yang looked at Jian and Jian said " we have a token that can help us register but before that can I get information about sects "

Hearing this Meng Shu frowned see this Jian continued " My master didn"t tell me anything and only gave me this robe"

As he said this he transfer his Qi into the robe and the robe lit up. Meng Shu eyes suddenly fell on his and hurriedly said " Can you show me your token "

Jian passed it to her and Meng Shu checked it and said "Follow me"

Jian and Yu Yang were lead to the second floor by Meng Shu. After they reached a room Meng Shu said " Elder this is Meng Shu and I have brought some to register the for One-star sect"

Any reply was not heard but after some time voice sounded " So go and register " Meng Shu continued "He is wearing One Star robe"

Voice halted but continued " Go take Ten Sect point for yourself and register them".

Meng Shu then lead them both toward a room, as they entered they saw that something is carved in the whole room and Meng Shu lead them toward the center and put the token in the center and the whole room lit up and asked "What is Your Name"

Jian said, "Feng Jianyu"

After that light was shown on Jian after some time she said "You are qualified for establishing One-star sect now you only had told me the name of the sect"

Jian without hesitation said, " Star Sovereign Sect"

Hearing this Meng Shu snorted but went to do the process and again the light was shown but this time it was on Sect Token.

After that, she brought a token with his Sect token and said "Registration is done this your sect token and as for this token it is of Sect Tower, it is proof of your registration and do you wish to buy Sect Master token and sect disciple token"

Jian was going to ask the system but before he could system sounded and a screen appeared.



Description: The host has to establish the sect and make it a one-star sect.

Conditions to complete the mission

Sect token: One star (Completed)

Host Cultivation: Foundation Building Level Five (Reached)

Sect Location: Found (Completed)

Sect Guardian Formation : (Complete)

Sect Masters Recognition : (Completed)

Sect Name: Star Sovereign Sect (Completed)

Host"s Side Profession: 00/02

Recruit Disciple002/150

Sect Elder00/01

Time Limit One Week

Reward Way to Awaken the Physiques of Personal Disciple


System "You do not need to buy sect master token* and sect disciple token"

Jian said " There is no need"

Meng Shu frowned but said "ok"

Jian continued " Miss can tell me information about sects."

Meng Shu said "You can check in the tower"s library since you are a one-star sect master you only need to pay ten Sect points for one hour"

Meng Shu leads them towards Library and as they were moving Jian asked " Miss can you explain the process that you have done before for registration if you don"t mind. "

Meng Shu looked annoyed then she saw Jian taking out his sect token indicating sect points " The room was connected to Heavenly Dao, the process was to check that the sect token was obtained by you only otherwise the process would not have been completed"

Jian asked, " can"t people use others" tokens"

Meng Shu continued " They can but mostly if the person is dead then the sect token will become ungraded since you brought One Star Sect Token It had to be checked for the formalities."

As they finished speaking they reach the library she said "You can go and check but you are not allowed to go to the Two-star section of the library" she went to do her work leavingJiannd, Yu Yang.

Jian and Yu Yang went inside the library and saw that there were slips present instead of the ook so Jian asked "System how to use this"

The system said," You can put the slip between your brows and information contained within the slips will appear your mind and you don"t need to read the information like others system will help integrate it."

Hearing this Jian started to pick the slips and started to put them between his brow. he chose slip bout sect tower, One-strange-star Sects and Professions, and Sect Points. and sat down with Yu Yang and told the system to integrate information about Professions first. Yu Yang was baffled seeing Jian taking multiple Slips but he didn"t say anything as he saw Jian coming and sitting beside him and reading.


Sect Master Token: Used by sect master, as identity proof and authority

Sect disciple token: Used by the disciple as id Proof

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