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My Sect System

Chapter 12 - Upgrade

Night has passed and everyone was recuperating. Yu Yue and Yu Yang are tending to those who have suffered the most. Children were still afraid to play outside but slowly there adjusting to the situation. Jian was sitting in the and was thinking about the cultivation technique that was given to him by the system.

Last night after accepting Yu Yue and Yu Yang as his disciples he sent them away after the system went in the process to upgrade. Jian then recalled the Cultivation Technique given by the system Chaotic Star Scripture.

Chaotic Star Scripture was divided into many parts and Jian was only given the first part. Jian read the Technique and found that this technique can help him upgrade his Physiques and purify his bloodline. This technique contains only a circulation formula and the circulation has to do according to the pathway described in the technique.

This technique is used to form a chaotic start in the dantian and there are conditions to form a star. To form the First star the condition was to circulate the Qi according to the pathway given in the technique Ten Times the star will be formed and the bloodline will be purified one time.

Jian was ready to try the cultivation technique but before that, he checked for the condition to form the second star but couldn"t find anything so he left it and thought he will ask the system in the morning.

Jian sat in meditation before trying the technique he was trying to be in top condition. After some time he felt refreshed and recalled the circulation formula started to move his Qi according to it.

The technique suggested that the starting point of the pathway and ending point will be dantian. So Jian gathered Qi started to move it according to the pathway at first he moved towards the legs then slowly moved towards the kidneys and Jian started sweating and found that he is suddenly feeling weak.

He immediately stopped his cultivation and collapsed, his breathing has become heavy after ten minutes he gained movement. he went outside to check on the village only to found out that all are sleeping and Yu Yue and Yu Yang were meditating.

Jian frowned seeing this and checked for the time required for system update and a screen appeared in front of him and showed time remaining to complete the update.


Seeing the time Jian was shocked that he spent nearly three hours circulating his Qi only a little bit. he went into the hut and started to check the technique again found that the pathway followed the route of organs, (kidneys > Stomach > liver > heart > Lungs)*.

Jian also followed to use three dantian* describe in the technique. It describes that the Qi will flow from the kidney and stomach it will gather in the lower dantian after that it will move toward the liver then the heart and lastly gather in the center dantian and lastly it will move towards the lungs and reaching top dantian then the circulation will be completed.

So Jian went in meditation and again started to follow the route but as his qi moves towards lower dantian after going through kidney and stomach. he felt weaker and started sweating so he stopped and collapsed.

In the morning Jian woke up and found that the sun has risen and villagers are tending each other and looked at the time and it showed.


So Jian went to check on the villagers and after that, he returned to the hut when the time remaining was two minutes and told Yu Yue and Yu Yang that to not disturb him.










[System Is Updated]

[All functions are now working]

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[Does Host Wishes to check The Status]

Jian replied "yes" and a screen appeared.


Host: Feng Jianyu

Sect: ???

Sect Grade:

Cultivation: Foundation Building Level Three (Recovering)

Cultivation Technique: Chaotic Star Scripture

Martial Arts: Devour

Abilities: Star Gaze

Disciples: 02 {Sect Disciples: 00 ; Personal Disciples: 02}

Sect point:100

{Shop (Three Star) (Deactivated)}

Jian went through the status and before he could say anything system continued


[All Conditions are Reached]

ɴᴇᴡ ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀs ᴀʀᴇ ᴘᴜʙʟɪsʜᴇᴅ ᴏɴ ꜰʀᴇᴇ(ᴡᴇʙ)ɴᴏᴠᴇʟ.ᴄᴏᴍ.

[Generating Main Mission]


[Main Mission Generated]

As the bearer of Sect System host should be at the top of the world.

Description: The host has to make his sect name spread throughout the realm.

1)Sect Stars: 00/09



Reward: Will be decided on completion

Time Limit: 5 Years]

[Sub Mission Generated]

Description: The host has to establish the sect and make it a one-star sect.

Conditions to complete the mission

Sect token: One star (Completed)

Host Cultivation: Foundation Building Level Five (Reached)

Sect Location: Found (Completed)

Sect Guardian Formation : (Complete)

Sect Masters Recognition: Not completed

Sect Name: Not completed

Host"s Side Profession: 00/02

Recruit Disciple: 002/150

Sect Elder: 00/01

Time Limit: One Week

Reward: Way to Awaken the Physiques of Personal Disciple


Jian read the missions and sigh a relief that he has five years to complete the mission and then he went to submission he has forgotten to ask about the status and continued to read the submission.

He sighs a relief that half of the mission condition is completed and when he checked another half he frowned on sect master recognition and asked the system "What is sect master recognition?"

The system said,"Host has to go to nearby Sect Tower and register himself and you can also find remaining information in the sect tower about your mission"

Hearing this Jian frowned and asked "System what is a shop (three-star)"

system "Host the will be two grades higher than the sects grade and shop will only provide things which are useful for the sect and it will activate only after you complete your mission"

Jian knew that he has to complete the mission fast and for that, he stopped the asking system and called Yu Yue and Yu Yang.

After five minutes both came and greeted him "Greetings master"

Jian smiled and replied, "No need to hurry first I am going to establish a sect after that I will solve your problem"

Hearing what Jian said both frowned so Jian continued "You don"t need to worry I have a one-star token so we can establish a one-star sect directly"

Both eyes lit up and Jian continued "So for registering I need to go to Sect Tower so do you know where it is".

Yu Yue answered, "Master it is in the city which I told you about"

Jian said, "ok and how much time will be required to reach their"

Yu Yue said, "Five hours if we flew there"

Hearing this Jian asked "Yang"er and Yue"er which of you know more about Sect tower I will bring that person with me"

For some reason, after accepting them as his disciples he had started calling them his children"s and Yu Yue and Yu Yang also doesn"t mind it because it helps them recall their parents.

Yu Yue said, "Master brother knows more about sect tower"

Jian said, "Ok then Yang"er get ready to go to the city, and Yue"er you will stay in the village and protect them till I return and if you can"t handle it you can hide ok.

Both replied "Yes master" Went to prepare.


*Five Organs: kidney-Water > Stomach-Earth > Liver-Wood > Heart-Fire > Lungs- Metal

*Three Dantian: Human Body Consist of three Dantian; Lower > center > Top

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