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My Sect System

Chapter 10 - First Time Fighting???

In the forest, three persons were facing each other, one was the person who was sent to check on the village and the other two were Jian Yu Yue. Yu Yue and Jian had taken a fighting stance and Just as they were to engage, the person started running from where he came and Xiaobo who hid Behind Jian shouted: " He was one of them who came to the village".

Hearing this Yu Yue rushed and followed him. Jian didn"t follow them because he has checked his data using star gaze and he was only Qi Condensation 3rd Level.

After five minutes she returned and she has captured the person. Jian looked at her and asked "Why his cultivation is only Qi Condensation Realm"

She replied " Senior this ungraded sect so, mostly cultivators are under Foundation Building and only one or two are at Foundation building "

Hearing this Jian knew that her background is not ordinary and replied " From your cultivation, I think you can handle this alone and you can get your brothers to help also although he is captured after you rescue him, he can help you so you don"t need my help."

Hearing what Jian said she was hesitant but replied "Senior although I can handle three or four Qi Condensation realm cultivators I can"t beat foundation realm and my brother is sick so even if I rescued him he will not be able to help"

Jian looked at the person who was captured and released his cultivation on him and asked " Why were you shocked seeing her"

the person was sweating bucket he had seen this type of pressure when his sect master has advanced so he knew he is talking Foundation Building Cultivator so he answered without any hesitation " Sir it was ordered by the Young master to check if she has returned or not,"

Jian asked "Why"

the person continued " We know we can"t win against her so we were told to check on her."

Jian was thinking "If you can"t handle her then why attack her village" from this he knew it isn"t a simple matter. Some secrets are hidden and from the look of it, Yu Yue doesn"t know about it so only one person who can answer his question is her brother. Jian looked at her and said, " can you fight them alone if a problem arises then only I will help".

Hearing this she was happy and replied " Senior Don"t need to worry I will first go and kill them."

Although the plan was simple still asked to person "How many people are there in your sect"

The person replied " Counting Young master and Sect master there are seven and one is village Chief"

Jian looked at her and asked, " why are there only seven persons in the sect ".

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she shook her head indicating she doesn"t know. Jian knew he had to know so he said" Go attack from the front I will take care of the rest"

she was ready to go then she looked at the person she had captured and asked "What about him"

Jian replied "no need to worry about you go"

She was hesitant because he has attacked her village, even so, she flew towards Blood Sect brandishing her sword.

Jian looked at her going and asked the person "what is your name"

the person replied " no. 2"

Jian continued Are the villagers still alive "

No. 2 replied "Senior it was young masters order I don"t know anything"

" Just answer me"

"Yes senior they are kept alive"

Jian continued to ask "Do you know where is her Brother kept"

"yes senior"

Jian then said "lead the way"

Jian carried the children and him and leaped in the air.

No. 2 knew he had made the right decision so he leads the way for Jian where villagers were kept. As they were going Jian spread his vision and saw that Yu Yue has already started fighting and had killed the first person while engaging the other two and one people were still sitting on the chair.

Jian knew that he was a Young master of the Blood sect and checked his cultivation after checking he frowned and thought "Something is wrong and said " Hurry"

By following the No 2 direction he came into the dungeon where villagers were held captive. After entering the dungeon he said to the children to free them and asked No. 2 "where is her brother"

No. 2 said " I don"t know senior he should be here" Jian released the pressure on him and he continued " senior I know he should be at sect masters chamber"

Jian was thinking should he go or not but he was interrupted by Xiaobo" Senior there are people from another village also but here are only children"s and they are saying that they were brought away."

Jian frowned and looked at the No 2 for answers " It was sect master order to capture nearby villager and bring the blood of who has cultivation"

Jian"s eyes became bloodshot and said, "Lead the way".

looking at Jian"s face No 2 knew he has to hurry or he will die.

Before going, Jian said to Xiaobo" You stay here and hide if somebody came to act as the captured villagers".

Jian followed No 2 behind the sect there. After reaching there he saw a person was standing outside the gate and dead bodies were scattered around the building and they have become husk there is no drop of blood present in them. Seeing this Jian go so angry before the person who was sent by Blood Sect Young master could say " who are.. ahhhhh" Jian has attacked and blasted hole through his shoulder and Jian calmed down and mumbled " Is it because I am first time fighting that I can"t calm down"

No 2 was still in Jian"s hand so he could hear him, he was baffled and didn"t know what to say. Jian said to him " give me your sword and wait here don"t move or I will kill you".

Jian directly rushed through the doors and saw that a person was holding on to the neck of another person and asking him about something.

Seeing someone rushed in the sect master was angry but looking at the robe Jian was wearing he said " Friend what are you doing"

Jian didn"t reply and look at the person in the sect master"s hand. Seeing this sect master knew so he said " you should go even though you are one-star sect master you shouldn"t involve in my business"

Hearing this Jian thought " I have to hurry and from the looks of it he will not listen and if I was late my mission will be incomplete" and got in a stance by putting sword near his waist. Even though sword Basics were equal to fists basic still there were many moves, so Jian got in the stance of one of the early moves which are sword drawing.

As Jian got instance sect master of the blood sect knew he is in trouble and started shouting "let me go or I will kill him".

Jian was concentrating so he couldn"t hear him so he continued "I am an outer disciple of Fiend Blood Sect and it is four " before he could complete he saw Jian draw his sword and in a matter of seconds Jian was crashed behind him and his head got detached.

Coming out of the rubble Jian asked "System why did I crash behind the wall" system replied "You didn"t control your power" and Jian walked towards Yu Yue brother and checked on him and said to the system" does mission is completed"

[Ding! The mission is completed]


Before Jian could check his rewards he heard Yu Yue shout " Senior!"

So he hurriedly picked Yu Yang and No 2, before killing the person who was still screaming and went towards wherever the voice came from. Upon reaching there he saw that she was holding Yuan Ye on the neck and Yuan Ye was shouting "You bitch let me go, my master has already reached Foundation Building Level 3 and who are you calling senior"

Jian by using his ability Star Gaze knew that Sect master of blood sect used Blood refinement technique which is cultivation technique used to refine the blood of cultivators and increase the cultivation so he ha checked everybody who uses the same technique. So seeing Yu Yue the first word was" Kill him"

Listening to Jian. she killed Yuan Ye and Jian killed NO 2 and said " Go down in the dungeon there are the villagers kept and Xiaobo and others are there also and there are also children"s of another village."

As she was about to go a person came out laughing he was a village chief who was just one step away from the Qi Condensation realm but after taking pills given by Yuan Ye, he had reached Qi condensation and was exiting from his cultivation.. Hearing laughing both Jian And Yu Yue looked at him and before he could say anything he was killed by Yu Yue"s sword and Jian only shook his head.

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