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My Sect System

Chapter 1 - Feng Jianyu

The sun slowly rose in the sky, and as the sunlight pierced through the cracks on the wall of a building and lights up the hall, A hall Which is the size of half court of a football field. There are chairs on both sides of the hall and there is a large chair at the center which looks like a throne made for the Emperor.

There sits a young man of age 23. He is sitting on a throne like an emperor, but his face is pale and his eyes have sunk into the eye socket, and his body is so thin that if the wind blows he will be the first one to know and he is clenching on papers and a stone.

As sunlight is climbing towards him, he is thinking about last night when his grandpa died and He found the letter and the stone token. while He was in the process of digesting the information, he suddenly squints his eye because of the sun and he hears,



"Last Night"

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"Jian listen carefully to what I am about to say, " The old man said while gasping for the air, looking at the young man who is sitting beside him.

Jian moves to help him and tries him to stop speaking but the old man continues to speak: "I know in last three years you have tried to go outside and I have stopped you from going, I am sorry for that"


"Listen I stopped you because of my selfishness, I am the sect master of a sect which was known throughout the world. But it was a thousand years ago, now I don"t even know if someone remembers the name of our sect". Grandpa sighs.

"what!" Jian was shocked because it was the first information about this world he has gotten. After all, he was not who grandpa thought he was.

His name is Li Chen and while returning from an interview on a bus, he was in an accident and died in hospital, but luckily he was reincarnated in the body of Jian who died of malnutrition and hunger and found out that this body who he is possessing his name is Fang Jianyu and he is living with his grandpa who is sick and is in the verge of dying.

He also found out that both are living in huts on the mountain, near the ancient buildings, there is also a shortage of food although they live in mountains. And he was not allowed to go outside the mountain.

Jian was a na?ve boy who listened to his grandpa to everything he says. So after gaining a small bit of information, he was not convinced, although he has accepted himself as Jian and Jian"s grandpa still he has tried to go outside and tried to ask questions about the world but he got rejected every time he tried.

So after three years of struggle, he was very shocked to know that his grandpa was a bigshot. Because he has read that in many stories sect masters are the most powerful beings in the world.

Just as he was about question his grandpa he saw that his grandpa"s breathing is getting heavier and he is at his last breath "Grandpa drink some water" as Jian tries to give him water so that he can feel better but his grandpa shoves the water aside and "the th th..there..." as he was pointing at the corner of the hut he breathes his last breath.

Jian screams "Grandpa" as he watches his grandpa breathe his last breath and point at a corner of the hut. He cries because even though he was not his real grandpa for the last three years both have lived together so his eye became wet when he saw his grandpa dying.

After some time wiping his tears he looks at the corner where his grandpa pointed, he moves toward the corner and finds there is nothing there, he sighs for his bad luck thinks that his grandpa was just pointing at nothing. Just as he was about to turn he sees that the wall has been repaired recently so tries knocking and finds that there is a hollow space in the wall and after few knocks, the hollow space collapses, and from within pages and a stone token are found.

He picks them up and finds that this is a letter written by grandpa before his death.

"Dear Jian

If you found this letter, this means I have died...."

As he reads the letter the more he got shocked, the letter contained all the information he needed and he found out that the ancient building near the mountain was the sect of his grandfather now it has become a ruin. He also found out himself that he was not his real grandson he found him left at the mountain when his grandpa was building a hut on the mountain.

He also found out he has no cultivation talent so he did not leave his grandpa"s side and he also found out the reason for his grandfather"s death. As he finishes reading a letter he looks at his grandpa and sighs, he then pulls his grandpa toward the sect building as his grandpa mentioned in the letter that he wanted to be buried insects tomb with his ancestors. and he can find it in the main building underground he can use the stone kept with a letter to open the door.

The stone that his grandpa mentioned is an object which was founded by the founding sect master of the sect but they don"t know what it was so it was declared as the holy object of the sect. So Jian went to the main building and with the help of stone, he found the tomb and buried his grandfather.

After that, he went to the main hall and sat on the throne which was meant for the sect master of sect he was thinking hard about what to do because he has no cultivation talent he will not be able to do anything because the place he was living with his grandpa is a secret realm of the sect his grandfather was part of and in the outside world where strongest is king has no place for a mortal.

As he was thinking on what to do, the night has passed and the sun was rising in the secret realm, as the sunlight falls on his face hi squints and squeezes his both hand due to being absent mind the stone in his hand cuts his hand blood falls on it and he hears.


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