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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 8 - It Was a Sad History

Chapter 8: It Was a Sad History

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Seven years ago, Shangguan Ning and Xie Zhuojun had been in car accidents at the same time. She was lucky to just escape with surface wounds, whilst Xie Zhuojun fell into a deep, long coma. He was in a vegetative state. The doctor declared that he would never wake up ever again.

When Family Xie realised that even the most state-off-the-art medicinal treatment couldn’t wake him up, they went around asking for blessing from Gods and Buddha. It was then that they received an instruction from an expert. He claimed that as long as a woman with good fate and ability to bring fortune to her husband, was given to him, Xie Zhuojun would be able to wake up with the blessings of that very woman.

Shangguan Ning happened to cater to all those conditions. She had been born well, had a good fate and possessed the ability of bringing fortune to her husband.

Shangguan Ning didn’t believe in these things but she seemed to be the only light in this complete darkness for Xie’s parents.

At that time, her father, Shangguan Zheng was sparing no efforts to move to the position of Deputy Mayor of A City from that of General Secretary. Family Xie happened to be considered as a great influencer in this scenario. Therefore, the two families made a deal that could benefit both sides. Family Xie helped Shangguan Zheng to take over the position of Deputy Mayor whilst Shangguan Ning married Xie Zhuojun in return.

Family Shangguan and Family Xie had always been on friendly terms with each other. Shangguan Ning had gotten to know Xie Zhuojun ages ago. They had even attended the same high school and university. Xie Zhuojun was two grades older than she and constantly had different girlfriends around him. She hadn’t even exchanged many words with him, let alone being friends or in love with him. In this moment, Xie Zhuojun had become a vegetative man and she certainly had no intention of sharing her life with such a man. Therefore, she started to fight against this decision by going on a hunger strike.

Her maternal uncle objected to this matter the moment he got to know about it. He confronted Shangguan Zheng and they almost got into a fight. But even that didn’t make Shangguan Zheng change his mind.

Her uncle’s company happened to fall into a tremendous debt crisis at that very moment. Shangguan Zheng told Shangguan Ning that her uncle’s company was in trouble because of Family Xie and if she still objected to the engagement, he would be bankrupt.

Shangguan Ning protested no longer. She did whatever her father told her to do.

Two months later, Shangguan Zheng became Deputy Mayor as he had wished, whilst the 19 year old Shangguan Ning became engaged with Xie Zhuojun, who was in coma.

For some reason, this news leaked out and rumors started to go around the campus. She became the hot topic of gossip.

She didn’t care about the rumors at all. Instead, she started to take great care of the bed-ridden, sick Xie Zhuojun.

She may not able to change her relationship with Xie Zhuojun, but she might be able to help Xie Zhuojun as a person.

Many vegetative men could come back to life and she believed that Xie Zhuojun could do that too.

Starting from that day, she began to look after him. She kept him company, day and night. Although much personal and professional work was done by nurses and assistants, yet Shangguan Ning visited Xie Zhuojun every day at the hospital to chat with him. When the assistants were massaging his hands and feet, she would tell him the interesting news she had heard that day.

After seven hundred days and nights of her continuous effort, care and conversations, a miracle finally happened.

Xie Zhuojun woke up.

Xie Zhuojun’s mother Wang Lu was extremely grateful to her. She hugged her tightly. Between tears and laughter, she told Ning that she was her son’s destined woman and if her son ever treated her badly in the future, she would definitely break his legs.

Xie Zhuojun recovered at an amazing speed after he woke up. He swore to God that he was going to treat her well, after knowing that Shangguan Ning had been taking care of him and that the two of them were engaged.

Shangguan Ning was the happiest person around. She was sure that her future would be full of happy prospects.

Xie Zhuojun was a handsome, strong man, and was gentle and caring towards her. Besides, his parents also treated her well. They had accepted her as their daughter-in-law long time ago. Within no time, Shangguan Ning had poured all of her love into Xie Zhuojun. Everything he did and said pulled at her heartstrings.

Although the two of them didn’t get very close to each other in everyday life, Shangguan Ning already regarded him as her fiancé. After he woke up, she put his matters to the most important position in her life.

However, everything changed after one summer.

It happened so suddenly that Shangguan Ning was caught off balance.

Her stepsister, the lovely Shangguan Rouxue slept with her fiancé!

The heaven seemed to crash down directly upon her when she heard the news.

The most horrible thing was that they hardly bothered to hide their affection. They kneeled down in front of her, hand in hand and begged for her approval.

Shangguan Ning felt as if a knife were ripping her heart apart.

The earlier vow had turned out to be nothing more than a joke. She was the only person who had taken it as a serious matter.

Dazed, she could still hear Xie Zhuojun’s babbling. “...Xue has always regarded you as her closest sister and puts you before everything. She has been trying not to displease you on all occasions. Do not treat her like this, if you are a woman with conscience!”

Present Day

“She is just concerned about you. Why did you beat her like that? I will be the one who repays what I owed you. It has totally been my fault. But I can’t help it if I don’t love you. You can’t force people to love, can you? I always regarded you as my younger sister. Don’t persist any more. Can’t you forget about me and give us your blessings?”

If Shangguan Ning had a knife in her hand at this moment, she was certain that she would have spared no efforts to stab this man in front of her.

Shangguan Rouxue was such a shameless woman who had lured her sister’s husband to her bed.

She had never considered Ning as her elder sister. That girl was exactly like her mother, who ruined other people’s family. They were both terrible people.

To give them her blessings?

Sorry, but anyone who was normal would not be able to do that. She had already been merciful enough to not tear them apart.

“Get out of this building with your sweetheart, now. My mother only had me. I don’t have any shameless sister like you.” Shangguan Ning was trying hard to compress her pain as she spoke calmly. Yet her dry, hoarse voice clearly exposed her emotions.

“Sister, it was my fault. Please forgive me. Please! I really love Zhuojun. I didn’t do that on purpose...” Shangguan Rouxue spoke in a rushed way.

Her tears dripped down her face. She was like a watery lotus flower that softened people’s heart.

Shangguan Ning wasn’t moved at all. She was long used to this expression.

But Xie Zhuojun standing besides her was already heartbroken. He grabbed Shangguan Rouxue into his arms instantly.

The blue veins stood out on his forehead. “Xue! You don’t need to beg her. She is simply hard hearted. I would never fall in love with anyone like her. Shangguan Ning, you are not allowed to bully Xue or badger me any more in the future. Behave yourself!”

Shangguan Ning gave him a freezing look and sneered, “When did I badger you, Xie Zhuojun? I never made a call or asked to meet you after I returned to China. Isn’t it you who came to my door today? You are an excellent detective for finding out my home address so fast. I’m already being kind by not calling the police, seeing you two put on a love show at my door.”

Xie Zhuojun was startled for a moment. He looked down at Shangguan Rouxue in his arms. Xue was the one who found her home address. But Xue wasn’t a girl like that. She was the kindest girl in the entire world.

More tears rolled down Shangguan Rouxue’s eyes. She bit her lips, as if she had been wronged. “Sister, I miss you so much. I have been looking for you everywhere. Daddy and Mommy are worried about you. Please come home. Please!”

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