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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 30 - Shangguan Ning’s Madness

Chapter 30: Shangguan Ning’s Madness

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Shangguan Ning slapped away Shangguan Rouxue’s hand and said coldly, without any courtesy, “Stay away from me!”

If she didn’t release that hand, Shangguan Rouxue would surely trip over something for some reason and then everyone else would assume that it was she who caused that.

She had experienced this trick too many times. In the beginning, she had panicked and tried hard to explain it to everybody. After the first few times, she stayed silent, however much others misunderstood her and now she was the first one to strike.

Shangguan Rouxue let out a cry of pain with a delicate voice, causing Yang Wenshu to hold onto her tightly, in a loving way. Yang Wenshu took a look at her arm anxiously.

Tears filled up her beautiful eyes. It looked as if she had been deeply misunderstood. “Sister, are you still mad at me?”

Shangguan Ning sneered and gave her the answer she wanted to hear most. “Yes!”

Shangguan Rouxue didn’t seem to expect this answer. She said sadly, “Sister, I... really love Zhuojun. I really didn’t mean that! If you hate me, I will... leave him and return him to you, alright? Sister, please forgive me, I am so sad...”

Shangguan Ning said nothing. She let her put on her show in Yang Wenshu’s arms.

But Shangguan Zheng couldn’t hold it any more. He pointed at her and bellowed, “Enough! You have caused such a big mess the moment you came in! Do you still regard me as your father? Get out of here!”

Shangguan Ning sneered and said, “Deputy-Mayor, how many words have I said since I came through this door? It has all been your wife and daughter who are playing out the show. Are you sending me away now when they are done? Unfortunately, I am not done yet!”

“I don’t want to hear any of your words! Get out of here and never come back! I don’t have a shameless daughter like you!”

Angry, Shangguan Ning revealed the scar of her heart without courtesy. “Ha, so now I’m not even your daughter? Why did you say so when you sent me to the vegetative man seven years ago? And then abandoned me after I was used. What a wonderful deal!”

These words seriously ripped Shangguan Zheng’s face and stung his self-esteem. He got enraged and slapped Shangguan Ning on her cheek.

Slap! Shangguan Ning’s face became instantly swollen up. A red palmprint with five fingers could be seen clearly on her white face.

She wiped away the blood that leaked out of the corner of her lips and then she suddenly started to laugh wildly like a crazy woman.

Tears gushed out of her along with laughter.

“Oh yeah? I have poked your wound. Exchanging your daughter with your future. If you dared to do so, then I dare to say so! Do you think it is a shameless thing, too? Do you look down upon yourself too? Honestly, I am the one who looks down upon you the most.”

“Shut up, now!” Blue veins popped out of Shangguan Zheng’s forehead. He had his fist clenched. He looked as if he wanted to give her another slap.

Seeing that he was so outraged and about to slap her again, Shangguan Rouxue quickly came up and held onto his arm. She advised him softly, “Don’t be angry, Daddy. Sister was just being angry so she said something wrong. Please don’t blame her!”

At these words, she looked at Shangguan Ning. “Sister, apologize to Daddy, now. He will definitely forgive you!”

Shangguan Ning ignored her completely, as if she never existed.

She straightened her back and looked at Shangguan Zheng coldly, with her chin up. “I am here today, only because I want to know if it was you who sent someone to trap me at school.”

Shangguan Zheng didn’t expect that she was here asking about this matter. He got extremely outraged. “What good would it do to me to set that trap? Are you so crazy as to suspect me? Get out of here as soon as possible. I don’t want to see you even for one second.”

Shangguan Ning let out a sigh of relief hearing these words.

He had been her father for more than twenty years and she knew Shangguan Zheng well. If he said no, then it was definitely a no.

However, even if he didn’t send Guo Shuai to frame her, he didn’t help her either. Instead, he used his money to suppress everything for his own sake.

The tears in Shangguan Ning’s eyes dried up after a while. Cold calmness came back to her face. “You knew very well that I am innocent, but you refused to find out the truth. Were you were afraid that the rumor will get big and ruin your future? It doesn’t matter. I don’t need your help. I will look into the matter myself. I will make the entire city know that Deputy-Mayor’s daughter was framed and the indecent rumor is a lie.”

“Don’t you dare to do so!” Shangguan Zheng was so outraged that his entire body trembled. He had reached a high position now and since many years, no one had dared to talk to him in this way.

Many things tended to get worse with explanations. Therefore, this incident must be pressed down. It didn’t matter what the truth was. What mattered was that no one talked about it.

“I will dare to do whatever I want! My fiancé is gone, family is broken, I lost my job, and I was left for being almost dead. I have come to a dead end and I will fight however hard I want. As long as I am alive, you will never have a peaceful day!”

Shangguan Zheng got so angry that he snatched the tea cup on the table and smashed it against Shangguan Ning.

Shangguan Ning ducked the tea cup. But the hot liquid splattered all over her face.

The tea cup smashed onto the ground, scattering into pieces.

“What kind of rebellion is this? You ruthless daughter! I brought you up and you are repaying me in such a cruel way!” Shangguan Zheng felt that he had raised an ungrateful daughter.

He had given her the best things when she was young and now she wanted to take revenge on him. What was the problem if a daughter did something for her father?

Shangguan Ning had gone completely pale.

Tears trickled down along her cheeks as she said coldly, “It was my mother who gave birth to me and raised me. You have given all of your love to the love child, never to me!”

“Your mother died ages ago!” Shangguan Zheng bellowed angrily.

Calmness slipped out of Shangguan Ning instantly. She was shivering terribly.

Her sharp tone was full of indescribable pain. “Then tell me how on Earth did my mother die. Why did she abandon me and kill herself?”

That was the deepest scar on the bottom of Shangguan Ning’s heart, one that shouldn’t be touched by anyone.

She would instantly get crazy and hysterical if someone touched that.

“Hehe...” Her laugh was hoarse and unpleasant with a sense of scariness that creeped people out.

“My mother’s blood is everywhere in this house. She died, suffering in pain. It was not a peaceful death. Has she ever come to you when you are sleeping here at night? Do you feel at ease and justified to sleep in the house which she decorated with her own hands? I hope that my mother won’t be waiting too long for my revenge...”

The death of his ex-wife was also a thorn in Shangguan Zheng’s heart, one that should not be touched by anyone easily, either. But now, Shangguan Ning poked him with this thorn into the deepest corner of his heart.

He bellowed instantly, “She killed herself! How could anyone else be involved? She was petty-minded for not being able to tolerate anyone else.”

Shangguan Ning sneered. “You are broad-minded, aren’t you? Then why can’t you tolerate your own daughter? Why should my mother have tolerated some stranger and her child? Why must my mother have answered to the consequences of the mistakes you made!”

She wiped off the remaining tea’s drops from her face and said something that made the other three’s heart skip a beat. “If you continue to force me, I will report to the office that Deputy-Mayor Shangguan had an affair and had a love child with the mistress and together they cruelly killed the wife to shut her mouth!”

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