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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 29 - Lady Ning Was Back

Chapter 29: Lady Ning Was Back

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Jing Yichen suddenly was unsure about whether or not he should tell her the truth, seeing the determination on Shangguan Ning’s pale face.

Truths tended to be cruel. Lies kept everything beautiful.

But he was worried that if he didn’t tell her, Shangguan Ning would stay in the dark and may fall into another trap in the future.

“I asked Guo, followed the clues which he gave me and found the men in business. Those men said that someone spent a large amount of money to provide back up to Guo.”

“Who was it?” She asked.

Jing Yichen paused and then replied, “Deputy-Mayor Shangguan.”

Upon hearing these words, Shangguan Ning’s heart dropped into a ravine’s bottom. She let out a subconscious cry, “That’s impossible!”

Jing Yichen couldn’t bear to see her like this. He understood pretty well that no one would be able to accept the fact that their own father was trying to frame them.

But this was the answer that had come out after the interrogation at Black-red Association.

It couldn’t have been a mistake.

Shangguan Ning’s heart ached to an unbearable degree. But she still refused to believe it.

“That is impossible. Even if he doesn’t like me or regard me as his daughter, he wouldn’t order anything like this. It is not beneficial for him.”

She mumbled and tried to stop herself from panicking.

The entire thing was getting weirder and weirder. There were so many strange parts to it. But one thing was certain – the man behind the entire incident was trying hard to get her killed.

Shangguan Zheng was her father. He would not benefit if a trade was put on her.

It wasn’t good for someone who was running for the Mayor’s election. It would be a huge stain for him if he had a daughter who kept fooling around.

She knew Shangguan Zheng well. He definitely wouldn’t do that.

At this thought, Shangguan Ning looked up abruptly.

She asked Jing Yichen, “Could it have been a mistake?”

Jing Yichen found it amazing to look at the pair of her crystal-clear, clean and beautiful eyes where his own silhouette was reflected. He didn’t know about Shangguan Ning’s family affairs well. His determined mind wobbled upon hearing her words.

“It could have been a mistake. I will look into it tomorrow.”

Shangguan Ning nodded thankfully, but she also thought that she shouldn’t trouble him so much.

So she said, “Let me go and look into it myself. You have helped me a lot.”

Jing Yichen gave her a steady look. “Just wait for my message. You needn’t go anywhere.”

Shangguan Ning knew that it basically meant there was no use arguing with him. She grinned, turned around and walked out of the study.

Her smile was so warm and comforting, just like the sunshine after rain, one that entered through the eyes and created ripples in his heart.

The dinner was an unusually large feast. The dishes filled up the long marble dining table.

Jing Yichen noticed the surprise in Shangguan Ning’s eyes.

A joy arose in his heart and his lips arched into a tiny smile. “I didn’t know what you like, so I asked for a complete preparation. Go ahead and taste them.”

Shangguan Ning was truly surprised. These dishes were enough for ten people.

She didn’t like wasting food and she had a habit of finishing everything on the plate once she started eating the food. She would find it weird if there were any leftovers. This problem had almost become an obsessive-compulsive disorder thing for her.

She had no idea what to do, seeing so much food at the table.

Her pretty eyebrows narrowed involuntarily. “There is so much food. We will waste it if we can’t finish it. You don’t have to prepare so much next time.”

Jing Yichen became happy seeing her naïve expression. Her attention was solely on the food. She was completely unaware that there had been a slip in her words. It seemed that she, subconsciously, expected another dinner together next time. It was worth all the efforts to have prepared so much food.

The two of them finished dinner quietly. Post that, Jing Yichen offered to drive Shangguan Ning home.

Shangguan Ning wanted to turn him down, but Jing Yichen didn’t give her any chance to argue. He stuffed her into the passenger’s seat before he went to the driver’s seat and started the car without a moment of hesitation.

For some reason, Shangguan Ning had no objection to him being bossy. Hadn’t she always hated people who made decisions all by themselves?

She shook her head inwardly and said to Jing Yichen, “Please drive me to Qingshi Villa Compound.”

Qingshi Villa Compound was a luxurious living compound developed by Jingsheng Enterprise. Those who lived there tended to be the rich and the powerful. It was one of the most confidential and safe places in A City.

Jing Yichen was about to take over Jingsheng Enterprise, so he knew everything about A City. He knew pretty well that Deputy-Mayor Shangguan and his family were living in Qingshi Villa Compound.

He threw her a glance and nodded slightly. “Okay.”

The car stopped at the gate of the compound, and Shangguan Ning got off the car. A touch of grief and bitterness attacked her heart when she saw the high staircases at the gate.

She turned her head towards Jing Yichen and forced out a smile. “Thank you for the lift. Drive home safely.”

Jing Yichen nodded again and drove away.

Seeing the silver car disappearing, Shangguan Ning tried to gather her emotions and walked up the staircases with a calm expression on her face.

She had not been here for four years, even the security guard had been changed. It took the guard quite a while to confirm her identity before he let her in.

No sooner had she come to the door than the servant noticed her. The servant ran into the villa and reported. “Lady Ning is back! Lady Ning is back!”

Shangguan Ning drew in a deep breath and walked into the place where she wished she never had to set foot again in her entire life.

In the elegantly embellished, spacious living room, the three members of the family were sitting on the sofa, drinking tea leisurely and eating the post meal fruit. Shangguan Rouxue seemed to have said something that made Shangguan Zheng smile with fondness.

Such a beautiful, harmonious scene stung Shangguan Ning’s eyes.

This should have been her beautiful home where her loving parents lived, rather than those ruthless people who were so hateful. The laugh and cheer of the three people in the family disappeared instantly the moment Shangguan Ning entered. The air seemed to have frozen.

It seemed as if she were an outsider, the extra one!

Yang Wenshu, the stepmother recovered first. She asked with a concerned expression on her face. “Ning is back? That’s great. You haven’t been home for a long time. Come and take a seat. Make yourself at home.”

Shangguan Ning sneered. “You are too funny, Lady. Why should I be making myself at home? This is my home as well, because I am Shangguan too. Am I not?”

Yang Wenshu didn’t expect that she would be so fiercely hit by Shangguan Ning’s first words. She was so pissed inside her heart, but she still put on an expression on her face as if she had been misunderstood. The expression was exactly like Shangguan Rouxue’s. “Of course, this is your home. Your dad and I have been looking forward to seeing you back here.”

This little bitch had been out of sight for four years and now her tongue had also become sharper. Even her words had become more horrible.

Bah, but she had been driven out anyways and now Shangguan Zheng hated her more than ever before.

She had taken care of a vegetative man for so many years in vain and her daughter got the fruit in the end. Xie Zhuojun didn’t even bother to look at her!

Let’s see how much longer she could hold onto her pride. She had nothing left!

Seeing that the atmosphere was getting worse by the minute, Shangguan Rouxue immediately came to Shangguan Ning’s side, grabbed her arm and showed a naïve, smiling face.

She said to her in a joyful tone, “Finally you are home, Sister. I went to see you last time because I wanted you to come home so badly. Please don’t blame me any more, okay?”

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