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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 28 - His Heart Ached for Her

Chapter 28: His Heart Ached for Her

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Shangguan Ning thought for a while and decided that she should say goodbye to Jing Yichen in person, for the sake of politeness.

Besides, she would like to know what had happened to Guo Shuai. She had heard that he had been taken away by Jing Yichen’s men.

If possible, she wanted to ask Guo Shuai about the man behind him.

She didn’t want a similar thing to happen again.

As for Guo Shuai, she believed that Zhao Anan must have punished him for her. He was lucky enough to be still alive.

But what Shangguan Ning didn’t know was that it was this handsome, cold man who had punished him for her sake, rather than Zhao Anan.

She went upstairs following the direction Aunt Wang had pointed at and came to the study door. She knocked at the door lightly.

Jing Yichen’s low, nice voice came from inside. “Come in.”

Shangguan Ning pushed the door open and walked in. She saw Jing Yichen at the computer attentively with his back facing her. There was a thick pile of documents beside him.

Apparently, he was working.

Shangguan Ning said apologetically, “I am sorry for disturbing you, Mr. Zhao.”

Jing Yichen turned around and nodded at her lightly. “Please wait a second. I will be done soon.”

“Hmm, sure. Please carry on.” Shangguan Ning smiled, indicating that he didn’t need to worry about her.

There was only one empty chair beside Jing Yichen in the entire study.

Shangguan Ning came to his side and sat down, trying to keep herself quiet so as not to disturb him.

It was very quiet in the study. After surveying the room for a while, Shangguan Ning involuntarily started to stare at this attentive man who was busy working.

She was only able to see his side angle.

He had a long bridged nose and his lips were well shaped. His eyes were like the stars in the dark, filled with profound glory. His eyelashes were longer than hers and he had a strongly defined side face, just like a perfect piece of art.

He was wearing a simple white plaid shirt. The sleeves were folded up, showing his strong arms.

Such a simple set of clothes had become so extraordinary on him. The bright light shining on him clearly showcased his elegant and royal charisma.

He was so good-looking. He must have been the best-looking man with the most extraordinary charisma she had ever seen.

Shangguan Ning suddenly flushed with heat. She was remembering holding him tightly when she was half conscious the previous day.

Having finished the work, Jing Yichen turned around and noticed the absent-minded Shangguan Ning who had a flushed face.

He lifted the corner of his lips and smiled slightly.

It seemed that letting her sit here for a while was indeed the right choice.

He came to Shangguan Ning’s side and asked in a slightly worried voice, “Why are you flushing? Do you have a fever again? Any pain anywhere?”

Shangguan Ning was about to shake her head, when a broad, warm hand felt her smooth, broad forehead. Her body stiffened slightly.

His hand had a light scent of mint and the warmth of his palm spread all over her body from her forehead.

She flushed even more. She wasn’t used to being so close to a man.

Seeing her flush even more, Jing Yichen’s lips stretched to a wider degree.

He wanted to tease her more and more, seeing her embarrassment.

“Doesn’t feel like fever. But why are you flushing so much? Well, let me call a doctor here to check you up.”

He spoke in such a serious way and his face looked so cold that Shangguan Ning had no clue that he was teasing her on purpose.

Shangguan Ning took a deep breath, lifted her hand to move Jing Yichen’s palm off her forehead. She said softly, “I’m okay. You don’t need to call a doctor.”

She would totally lose her face if the doctor came.

But he was indeed a caring person.

Poor Shangguan Ning. She still considered Jing Yichen as a nice man and thought that his evilness was a sign of care to her.

Jing Yichen got a bit disappointed when the tender and smooth feeling disappeared from his palm.

But he soon adjusted himself back to normalcy, took a step back towards the chair and sat down. He asked lightly, “What did you want to say to me?”

He didn’t think that a woman with Shangguan Ning’s personality would come to find him in the study if she didn’t have anything to tell him.

Shangguan Ning felt much more comfortable when Jing Yichen parted from her.

She had never been so close to a man, not even to Xie Zhuojun. When Xie Zhuojun was in coma, the only thing she did was, tell him stories sitting by his side every day, nothing more. After he woke up, he had wasted no time in falling in love with Shangguan Rouxue, which made it impossible for Shangguan Ning to have any close relationship with him.

When the flush faded, the paleness of her face was displayed.

Shangguan Ning said softly, “Thank you for taking care of me. I can’t trouble you any more. I am going home now and will skip the dinner. I came here to say goodbye to you.”

Jing Yichen frowned slightly. He didn’t understand why Shangguan Ning wanted to leave so suddenly.

Was she so uncomfortable living here?

Jing Yichen didn’t want to force her to stay. But he said without hesitation, “Stay for dinner, that’s it.”

Where else would she eat dinner if she didn’t eat it here?

She was still sick. Look at the bandage on the back of her head and her face that was as pale as a piece of paper. Leaving now? She didn’t even know how to worry about herself.

Shangguan Ning’s lips moved. She wanted to turn down that offer. But seeing Jing Yichen’s annoyed face, she found it difficult to say anything.

She wasn’t silly. However cold his face or his tone was, she was still able to tell that he was just concerned about her.

Warmth flowed across her heart. She nodded and agreed in the end.

Jing Yichen felt much better seeing her nodding obediently.

Shangguan Ning was silent for a while before asking, “Is Guo Shuai here? I need to ask him something.”

Jing Yichen froze at this name.

He wanted to kill Guo Shuai badly, but he needed him to stay alive as well. Otherwise Shangguan Ning would have trouble putting forward a clear explanation of the incident at the school.

He stayed silent for a moment. He had guessed that Shangguan Ning must have been aware that someone was backing Guo Shuai up.

“I sent him away. His disappearance would be bad for you. You can ask me if you want to know anything. I may know more than he does.”

Shangguan Ning looked up at him, upon hearing these words.

It seemed that he already knew about the school firing her and the rumor.

He was helping her again.

But what did he mean by knowing more than Guo Shuai?

Shangguan Ning thought that she didn’t need to take a roundabout talking with people, smart and powerful like him.

So she said directly, “Guo Shuai isn’t alone in this thing. Someone is backing him up and that person must be so powerful that he can erase everything criminal thing that he does. This person may be my enemy, but I don’t remember who I may have angered so much. So, I would like to know who that person is.”

Jing Yichen replied with a light “hmm” after pondering over her words for sometime.

She was frightened at the beginning of the incident, but she had calmed herself down quickly and started to analyze the entire matter rationally rather than thinking about taking revenge.

Should he praise her for her smartness and calmness, or her silliness?

She was just an ordinary girl and what she ought to do was to weep out her hatred to Guo Shuai and talk about killing him after this incident, rather than keep the pain inside her heart and try to claim justice in such a calm way.

His heart ached for her.

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