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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 26 - She Wasn’t Worthy of being a Teacher?

Chapter 26: She Wasn’t Worthy of being a Teacher?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Shangguan Ning felt ashamed. He had helped her so much, yet she still didn’t know his name.

She was still hesitating whether she should ask him or not, when Zhao Anan pulled Mu Qing into the room. He had dust and dirt all over his face.

“Ning, I just caught a stupid doctor to check your pulse!”

Shangguan Ning giggled, yet stopped immediately when she sensed that it might not be a good idea.

Zhao Anan must be the only person who thought that getting a stupid doctor here to check her health was a reasonable thing.

But she believed that Zhao Anan would never play a joke with her health.

Shangguan Ning stretched out her arm and said to Mu Qing smilingly, “Thank you in advance, Doctor Mu.”

“You know me?” Mu Qing, who had dust and dirt all over his face, was still charismatic and elegant.

He grinned, showing the neat and white teeth. “The tomboy has called me a stupid doctor. Do you still dare to allow me to check you up?”

“I don’t know you, but I have heard Anan mention you before. And, I trust you!” Shangguan Ning nodded seriously. Actually, she was just trusting Zhao Anan but the words came out before she could change them.

What pleased a doctor most was that the patient trusted him. Mu Qing was no exception.

He threw a glance at Jing Yichen sitting beside the bed. Seeing that Jing Yichen had no expression on face or the intention of mentioning his early visit to her, Mu Qing placed his two fingers upon her jade-white wrist.

Mu Qing checked both of Shangguan Ning’s wrists this time. He got a bit surprised after a few minutes.

“You are good at recovering! You should continue to exercise after you are fully recovered. But don’t move about for the next few days. Eat and sleep well and you will be fine soon.”

Mu Qing could tell what medicine Shangguan Ning had used in the morning through its light scent in the room. And he was also pretty aware of its effects.

Zhao Anan didn’t sense anything strange, but Shangguan Ning did.

“Had Doctor Mu examined me earlier as well?” How would he have known that she was recovering if he hadn’t checked her up before.

Mu Qing clapped his head – oh no, his tongue had slipped again.

But that shouldn’t be a secret, should it?

“Oh yes, I checked you up this morning. Your physical condition is very good.”

Shangguan Ning looked at Jing Yichen instinctively, who nodded lightly. “Mu Qing is a skilled doctor. So I got him here to check your condition.”

Shangguan Ning replied gratefully, “Thank you!”

Although Zhao Anan had called Mu Qing a stupid doctor, she was pretty aware of Mu Qing’s excellent medical skills. She spoke without any courtesy, “Hey Mu, get your traditional scar-removing cream here right now. if any scar is left on my beauty’s body, I will not spare you!”

Mu Qing sneered, ignoring her totally. Then he turned around to grab Jing Yichen’s legs, but he dodged quickly.

“My good brother, please bring me along if you are doing anything fun as this morning. I will definitely behave better than today!”

Hearing that there was something fun going on, Zhao Anan instantly skipped joking about his “Good Brother” thing. She asked immediately, “What fun? I want to go too!”

Jing Yichen threw a cold look at Mu Qing, who instantly shut his mouth. He seemed to know that he had said something wrong.

He, out of instinct, didn’t want Shangguan Ning to know about those filthy affairs.

She as a single girl wouldn’t be a match against the enemy who was so cruel and fierce.

Those people behind the incident were to be left to him, to handle.

“Time for lunch, let’s go.”

Jing Yichen said lightly, lifting his legs and started to walk outside.

Mu Qing followed behind him. Zhao Anan stomped and mumbled something in an unreconciled tone and went to help Shangguai Ning get down.

Although there were several bruises and small wounds on Shangguan Ning, yet she was able to bear the pain which wasn’t that serious. But the wound on her head still ached a great deal.

“I can walk, Anan. It’s okay.”

“Don’t be stubborn! I know your wound pretty well. I changed the clothes for you yesterday. You should come back and lie down after lunch. My job is to take good care of you. See, I can look after people too! My mom will get really happy if she knows about it. Maybe she will get you a red packet of gratitude.”

Shangguan Ning was amused and chuckled. But she also realized that it might not be a proper thing if she continued to live here.

“Anan, please give me a lift home after lunch. I can’t live at your brother’s house all the time. It is not proper for him, too.”

“There is nothing improper! Just live here and tell Aunt Wang if you need anything. My brother has always been a cold and distant person, you can just ignore him.”

Zhao Anan didn’t think that Shangguan Ning should go home now. She knew that Shangguan Ning’s mother passed away ages ago and she had never heard her mentioning her father after knowing her for half a year. That basically meant that she didn’t have any family around her.

“I have troubled him so much. I can’t trouble him any more. It is very nice here, but he and I are a man and a woman after all. It would be more convenient if I go back home.”

Shangguan Ning was telling the truth. She wasn’t hiding anything. She really thought that it wasn’t a proper thing if she lived with a single man, especially someone so excellent as Jing Yichen. She might even end up losing her heart to him after a short while.

Seeing that Shangguan Ning was so determined, Zhao Anan understood that there was no use trying to convince her. So she had no choice but to say, “Okay, but go back after dinner and remember to take Mu’s medicine with you. He might seem frivolous but medicine is really his thing.”

Shangguan Ning let out a sigh of relief and replied thankfully, “Thank you, Anan!”

“No need for thanks between us. Let’s go and have lunch. You are getting thinner and thinner and that isn’t a good sign. Eat as much as you want today, my brother’s chef is excellent.”

Shangguan Ning was never particular about food. But after this morning’s breakfast, she understood what “delicious” meant.

Even the simplest things like a bowl of porridge and a side dish tasted so good and left a lingering taste in her mouth.

After lunch, Zhao Anan helped Shangguan Ning to dab the medical cream which had been brought from the hospital at Mu Qing’s order. She rested for a bit and then called the principal of University of X.

She needed him to give her a reason to fire her.

Although Zhao Anan didn’t care about this job so much, yet firing her had pissed her off as well. But she was too focussed upon Shangguan Ning to think about this matter today.

She asked Shangguan Ning to put the call on speaker.

The calls went through after several attempts. Apparently, the man on the other side didn’t want to answer the call.

Shangguan Ning exchanged a look with Zhao Anan. Rage was visible in both their eyes.

As soon as the call was answered, Shangguan Ning greeted him in a polite and respecting way. “Greetings Principal, this is Shangguan Ning.”

The Principal said in a formal way, “Oh, hi, Ms. Shangguan.”

Shangguan Ning didn’t want to talk in a roundabout way. So she asked him directly, “Principal, I heard that the school fired me. I want to know the reason.”

The Principal sneered and said unhappily, “Ms. Shangguan, are you so shameless to ask me why, after you have ruined the school’s reputation?”

Shangguan Ning was trying hard to control her emotion. She asked in a calm voice, “Please tell me Principal, how did I ruin the school’s reputation?”

The Principal seemed unable to tolerate it any more. “You seduced male teachers and students and had sex in the office. You even handed out sexual drugs. Some parents have already come to the school for this matter. You are an unethical person who is not worthy of being a teacher!”

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