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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 25 - The Sequela of the Drug

Chapter 25: The Sequela of the Drug

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Black Knife hadn’t spend the past years in vain. He knew exactly how to handle this matter. So after a short while, he reached a compromise with Jing Yichen and sent someone to look into the matter instantly.

Within no time, deputy director Black Wind was brought in.

Black Knife only needed to ask a few questions to be certain that Black Wind had accepted the order privately. It was forbidden to take private orders at Black-red Association and no one dared to accept them usually. The reason why Black Wind had taken such a risk to accept this private offer was mainly because the temptation was quite huge, but then so was the risk.

Jing Yichen spoke coldly. “Who gave the order?”

Black Wind glanced at him and replied scornfully, “Who are you little boy? You better go back home to your mom rather than ask me questions!”

Jing Yichen was still expressionless. He wasn’t provoked by Black Wind’s words. Instead, he said coldly to Tiger, “Make him talk!”

A grin showed on Tiger’s good-natured face and the invincible Black Wind got caught without even realising it. Within a second, his arm and chin were broken.

However, Black Wind, who had been in life-and-death battles, didn’t utter a single sound. With his teeth clenched, he put himself at the total mercy of Tiger.

Jing Yichen knew that no one was able to get through Tiger’s torture. But if the person happened to be a stubborn one, then the work would become time-consuming.

He didn’t want to waste any time.

“Get back here, Tiger. Your turn, Mu Qing!”

Mu Qing’s eyes sparkled. His admiration towards Jing Yichen went a level higher.

Hearing Jing Yichen’s calling, he bowed his back to ninety degree like those followers. “Yes, Master Jing!”

He scooped out the silver needle and looked at Black Wind, whose arm was broken. He seemed to pity him a great deal.

Mu Qing spotted an acupoint and slightly pierced the needle in it.

As the long silver needle went in, Black Wind, whose lips had been tightly sealed, suddenly burst into a dreadful cry. His followers in the room were totally scared at the sound of this dreadful cry.

Then the second needle went in. Now Black Wind couldn’t hold it any more. He let out a dreadful cry and said, “I confess, I confess, no more, please!”

Mu Qing nodded in satisfaction. “Oh well, only non-humans are able to get through the third needle. So you are a human after all!” With these words, he turned to Jing Yichen who was calm and expressionless.

Everyone couldn’t help but turn to look at Jing Yichen.

Could this young-looking man have gone through the third needle?

Seeing Black Wind, who was twitching with cramps in pain, Black Knife couldn’t help but curse silently in his heart. “This living King of Hell has updated his torturing skills!”

Within no time, Jing Yichen got the answer he wanted. Then he left Underground City with Tiger and Mu Qing.

It was almost noon when they got back to the villa.

No sooner had Mu Qing entered the door, that a figure lunged at him.

He took off from there without a moment of hesitation.

Post that, a woman’s screaming and a man’s mourning sound were echoing across the entire villa.

A smile hovered at Shangguan Ning’s lips’ corners. She was leaning slightly against the white, leather sofa in the living room.

She had heard Zhao Anan talking about Mu Qing the entire morning. That man must have been the one.

Jing Yichen caught sight of Shangguan Ning’s quiet smile, the moment he stepped into the living room.

The warm sunshine reflected on her slightly pale face and the smile seemed to have the ability to melt frozen snow.

His heart started to beat very fast.

He couldn’t help but approach her and spoke in a soft voice, “Very happy?”

Shangguan Ning came back to herself and looked at this handsome man in front of her. She nodded smilingly. “Anan is the source of my happiness.”

“Why are you out here? You are badly injured and you need to lie down.”

“It’s alright. These are small injuries. I asked Anan to help me get up and come out. I am not that spoiled...”

She had not even finished her words when Jing Yichen scooped her up into his arms horizontally.

Shangguan Ning let out a cry of surprise. She got so shocked that she almost forgot how to breathe.

“Lie down in bed for two more days. If the doctor allows you to get out after the examination, then you will.”

She could feel the fragrance emanating from his body when she was in his arms. She was even able to feel his body’s temperature and hear his strong heartbeat.

His large hands were clutching her thighs, holding her with a touch of gentle warmth.

Shangguan Ning flushed immediately. She stuttered, “I... I can walk. You... can put me down...”

Seeing her flush made Jing Yichen happy. He refused to put her down.

But it was such a short distance between the bedroom and the living room that he felt that he had come to the bed after taking just a few steps.

He put her down carefully but reluctantly and asked her to lie down properly.

“Do you want me to keep you company and talk for a bit?”

His voice was unusually gentle, sounding sexy and alluring.

Shangguan Ning’s heart started to beat completely out of control.

She calmed herself and waited until the warmth on her face faded away before she looked up and attempted to speak in a normal tone, “I’m good, thank you. And... thank you for yesterday too!”

Jing Yichen laughed lightly and replied with a “hmm” in a low voice.

His eyes, which used to be cold and freezing, were full of warmth and were smiling at this moment. They seemed to be the whirlpool that made people want to go inside involuntarily.

Today’s Jing Yichen was not normal. And she herself, in Shangguan Ning’s opinion, was not normal either.

She wasn’t someone who judged people by their looks. Nor was she someone who fell for people easily.

Could it have been the sequela of the drug?

She finally came up with a reasonable explanation after thinking for a while.

Seeing Jing Yichen’s handsome face that was able to make everyone fall for him, Shangguan Ning suddenly realized that if he had always been so warm and gentle like right now rather than cold and distant like before, he would be irresistible for anyone.

And she wasn’t an exception either.

Jing Yichen had noticed that Shangguan Ning was staring at him. He raised his lips’ corners slightly and spoke with a voice that sounded like a beautiful instrument. “What is it? You aren’t even blinking.”

Shangguan Ning sensed that he was teasing her. She wasn’t annoyed. Instead, she replied to him with a light chuckle, “I always thought I am someone who never judges people by their looks. But it is hard for me not to do that right now.”

It basically meant that she was saying that he was good-looking.

No one had ever praised him in this manner. She had invented something new again.

Jing Yichen was in a good mood, so he also spoke in an indulgent way. “You have also made it difficult for people not to judge you by your looks.”

Shangguan Ning couldn’t help but feel her own face. She thought that Jing Yichen was just being courteous to her.

He, who drove a sports car worth tens of millions of yuan and owned his own helicopter, must have come from a family with an extremely outstanding background. What women had he not seen yet?

Her own looks was far from striking.

She shook her head lightly and discontinued the topic.

Sometimes she spoke without thinking. She shouldn’t keep praising a man for his look, otherwise he might assume that she had some other intention.

It suddenly became very quiet in the room. Jing Yichen was not a talkative man and Shangguan Ning had no intention of talking much either. But neither of them felt that it was an awkward thing.

They didn’t know each other well, but why did they have a feeling that they had known each other for a very long time?

At this thought, she was suddenly reminded that she didn’t even know his name yet.

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