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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 24 - Fired by School

Chapter 24: Fired by School

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Jing Yichen had also dealt with Guo Shuai, saving her a great deal of trouble.

Shangguan Ning hated Guo Shuai so much. He was a maniac, narrow-minded man and she hoped that he would receive the punishment he deserved. Otherwise he would probably think about another trap after the last plan failed. She mustn’t wait until she fell into another trap before she fought back, otherwise it would be too late by then.

Shangguan Ning remembered clearly what Guo Shuai had said, indicated that he was not alone and that someone was behind him.

Guo Shuai didn’t know anyone in the campus who had a powerful background and no one would help him without any reason unless that person was her enemy and wanted to destroy her completely in such a vulgar manner.

Shangguan Rouxue was the one person who had a bad relationship with her. So did Aunt and Cousin.

But she didn’t want to believe that they had something to do with this matter.

When she recovered, she was going to ask Guo Shuai herself who on earth backed him up!

Zhao Anan knew from Jing Yichen that Guo Shuai performed that deed with someone backing him up. But Jing Yichen was already investigating whoever was behind the whole thing .

Seeing that Shangguan Ning didn’t look so well, Zhao Anan wasn’t sure if she should tell her about the updated news she had heard.

“What is it, Anan? Do you have anything else you want to tell me?” Shangguan Ning could tell that Zhao Anan was hesitating. She was a girl without any hidden agenda, so everything showed clearly on the face.

Zhao Anan thought for a second before spilling the truth. She was going to know that sooner or later anyway. “School... fired us both.”

“What!” Shangguan Ning got so startled that she sat up. “Why?”

“Your crime is to have indecent couple relationship in campus whilst mine is that I was off duty and abused students.”

“I didn’t! The school is making a false charge against us. It isn’t what it looks like!” Shangguan Ning was very pissed. The school was being unfair and helping Guo Shuai too. Had the school been involved with this incidence as well?

“Anan, you have been fired because of me. I will explain to the school. They can’t fire you. You had no other choice in that situation.”

Of course, Zhao Anan knew that Shangguan Ning was wronged. She was pissed as well. But she didn’t have much remorse about her being fired by the school.

“Ning, don’t worry. If you want to go back to school, I can ask my brother. He can succeed in anything in A City. As for me, you don’t need to worry about it. I had planned to leave school since ages. Working as a teacher doesn’t suit me and I better stay away from the next generation.”

Shangguan Ning shook her head. She mustn’t trouble Jing Yichen any more. She should handle this matter herself.

“Anan, you don’t need to ask your brother for help about my going back to school. I have an idea.”

Zhao Anan was about to say something when Shangguan Ning stopped her. “You have helped me so much. As for the rest, I will do it myself!”

“Hmm, okay. Call me anytime you need help. Come, let me apply the medicine .”

As Zhao Anan was keeping Shangguan Ning company and helping her to apply the medicine, Jing Yichen, together with Mu Qing and Tiger, went to the Underground City.

Mu Qing tagged along, because he didn’t want to miss such an exciting thing.

Jing Yichen hadn’t agreed in the beginning. But later, Mu Qing scooped out a silver needle from his bag and said, “I have a secret weapon. One shot, any secret you want will be out!”

Jing Yichen thought that it might help, so he brought him along.

Underground City wasn’t actually located under the ground. It was a luxurious night club in the city center.

There were two floors in the nightclub. The first floor was an entertainment area whilst the second was a casino, which was the famous Underground City known amongst gangsters. The headquarters of Black-red Association was located here.

Black-red Association was one of the top-notched gang and had become extremely powerful in the past two years. Their director and leader – Black Knife had made all of this possible.

Black Knife was almost fifty years old. But he was getting more and more powerful and influential. Any gangster would politely address him as “Lord Knife” when they met him.

He was a ruthless, cruel man. As long as he was paid enough, he dared to do anything. Anyone who heard of “Lord Knife” would shiver at his name. No one wanted to be his target.

However, when his follower told him that someone called Jing Yichen was here to see him, this mighty Lord knife got so frightened that he dropped and broke his treasured hundred year-old boccaro teapot.

He kicked away the big-breasted girl who was making him comfortable, pulled up his pants and walked outside. He swore fiercely, “What goddamned luck! I will behead anyone who has annoyed this living King of Hell!”

When Jing Yichen came to the second floor of Underground City, there were already a row of black-clothed followers standing along the corridor of Underground City.

Everyone was standing straight but they bowed to a 90 degree when they saw him coming. They called out loudly, “Welcome to Underground City, Master Jing!”

Tiger behind Jing Yichen didn’t react, but Mu Qing was startled.

He had been to the casino at Underground City but such a situation was beyond his experience!

Jing Yichen ignored them and walked ahead steadily.

A short, strong man came to Jing Yichen with his back bowed. He smiled sincerely and said, “Welcome, Master Jing. Black Knife is honoured. You haven’t been here in so long. I missed you so much!”

The row of followers standing along the corridor gasped.

Lord Knife, who was so influential and fierce among gangsters, suddenly had become so courteous to a young man! No one would ever want to believe that!

Jing Yichen replied with a light “Hmm” and continued to walk ahead.

They entered a spacious compartment room and before Black Knife was able to seat himself down, Jing Yichen started with a cold voice.

“I want to know who sent you the latest order.”

“Master Jing, please don’t put me in such a dilemma. I dare not break any rules in the gangs...!” Black Knife was dripping with cold sweat. He swore at the people who accepted the order and came up with an awkward answer.

An important rule among the gangs was that the orders should be absolutely confidential, otherwise the victims who knew about the enemy would start taking revenge crazily and gangsters would not be able to do the deed on another villain any more.

Jing Yichen was silent. An air of coldness started to come out of his body, making even Mu Qing next to him very uncomfortable.

Black Knife couldn’t help but shiver at the thought of the fierceness Jing Yichen had possessed before.

He wasn’t refusing to tell him about the sender, but he just wanted to drag on a bit so that Jing Yichen would be able to understand that he wasn’t in an easy business either.

Refusing to tell about the sender didn’t happen all the time. The sender must have got a super bad luck when Jing Yichen was the one who asked about him. Black-red Association wouldn’t be affected at all anyway.

Ten years ago, the entire gang had been turned upside down by Jing Yichen, who was trying to find a woman. Many brothers had died and even he had almost gone out of the world.

It took Black-red Association many years to get back to how it used to be. But they had hardly taken a breath when this living King of Hell came again to wring their neck.

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