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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 23 - The Man in Her Dream Turned Out to Be Him

Chapter 23: The Man in Her Dream Turned Out to Be Him

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Jing Yichen couldn’t stand it any more. He said to Tiger who was next to him, “Tiger, let’s go now.”

Someone was making so much noise that his head hurt.

Mu Qing followed him. He kept nagging him fearlessly, “Hey, Chen. Where did you get this big beauty? Even the scar on her face doesn’t mar her beauty .”

“And where were you when someone drugged her? The worst part was that you would rather make her get through the suffering of the drugs than sacrifice yourself for her. How could you have left her suffering there alone?”

“Chen, do you need me to feel your pulse? I almost believe that there must be something wrong with your physical condition, otherwise how did you manage to never touch any woman for so many years?”

Tiger had brought the car in front and Jing Yichen was about to get in when Mu Qing shamelessly got in first.

When he just entered the car, Zhao Anan sprinted there like a blast of swooshing wind.

“Brother, I seem to have seen that goddamned Mu just now. Where is he?”

Hearing her voice, Mu Qing immediately started to worm himself under the car seat as if he were burning in fire. He also started to pull Jing Yichen’s trousers pleadingly.

Jing Yichen replied without changing the expression, “He is checking out your friend.”

Zhao Anan threw a suspecting look at her cousin who had an expressionless face and said with doubt in her voice, “You wait here and I will get in and check it up.”

Jing Yichen nodded. “Okay.”

“That useless doctor better not hurt my Beauty!” She said as she turned around and started to walk into the villa.

But the moment she turned around, the car went off. Mu Qing’s handsome face popped out of the car window as he whistled and shouted annoyingly, “Zhao Anan, you tomboy! Catch me if you can! Bite me if you can!”

Zhao Anan got so pissed that she dashed off immediately to run after the car. But of course, she was not able to catch up with it. So the only thing she could do was to helplessly watch her enemy fading away in the dust.

She angrily stomped her feet and swore a few words before turning around and entering the villa.

She was still thinking about the injured Shangguan Ning. She had not woken up in the morning when she left.

Shangguan Ning woke up because she got too thirsty.

The moment she opened her eyes, she saw Zhao Anan’s worried face.

“Anan.” Her voice was still hoarse, but she sounded happy.

“Ning, how are you feeling? Does it still hurt?” Zhao Anan asked with concern as she held Shangguan Ning’s thin hands.

She felt roughness on her hand. She looked down and found that there was a dreadfully shocking scar over the back of Shangguan Ning’s hand.

She couldn’t help but swear fiercely, “That bastard goddamned Guo, I will definitely make him suffer!”

She had just finished these words when she realized that she had just mentioned something Shangguan Ning might be embarrassed by. She apologized immediately, “Ning, I didn’t mean that. Please don’t over think. Nothing happened yesterday. Just try forgetting about it.”

Shangguan Ning held Zhao Anan’s hands tightly and a smile hovered over her face. “You little fool, that incident had nothing to do with you. Instead, I’m very thankful to you. If you had not come yesterday in time, I wouldn’t have been able to talk with you lying here right now. Anan, thank you so much for saving me, thank you so much!”

She remembered most of what happened yesterday. If Zhao Anan had not arrived in time, the consequence would have been unimaginable. She was here safe and sound was all because of Zhao Anan’s help, whom she was grateful to, beyond words could describe.

She saw that Shangguan Ning hadn’t been affected by the incident so deeply since she started talking about it herself. Zhao Anan let out a sigh of relief in her heart. And then she started to talk about the sequence of yesterday’s events.

“...I grabbed the key from that person and entered the office. I saw that scumbag Guo bullying you. So I gave him a hard kick that made him pass out directly. It was a good thing that I was being nosy and came in time, so that Guo didn’t succeed in anything. But why was he so cruel as to beat your face to such an exaggerated degree!”

Shangguan Ning had little memory of these things. She knew that Zhao Anan came right in time and what she remembered more was that Zhao Anan, who never cried, burst into tears at the sight of her.

She didn’t know how to express her gratitude except for holding Zhao Anan’s hands tightly.

She knew was that Zhao Anan was her lucky star.

She wished that she was able to bring good luck to Zhao Anan as well!

Zhao Anan, who was a carefree girl didn’t sense Shangguan Ning’s emotions. In her opinion, saving Shangguan Ning was something unquestionable. The only thing she regretted at this moment was that she had not arrived earlier, so that she could have just exterminated that scourge, Guo Shuai.

She was still in the middle of mumbling and nagging, “Oh haha, you know what? My brother reached us within a few minutes after I hung up from the other side of A City. I was so amazed!”

Shangguan Ning burst into laughter. This was an exaggeration . A few minutes? That was impossible. Come on, did he arrive on a plane?

Seeing Shangguan Ning’s expression of disbelief, Zhao Anan explained eagerly, “Really just in a few minutes! Oh, yes, my brother came by a helicopter. And, you know what? The news burst out in the entire campus. Everyone was talking about the helicopter yesterday. So many girls were so jealous... oh yes. It was published in the newspaper, too. I will ask Aunt Wong to show it to you later...”

Shangguan Ning was only able to catch the word “helicopter”. She never heard the other things Zhao Anan said.

He really went to the school on a helicopter!

Her heart skipped a beat but got back to normal instantly again.

She didn’t think that she was important enough for him to go to this length.

She sighed with relief seeing Zhao Anan who looked so excited and lively.

The helicopter must have come because of Zhao Anan. After all, it was Anan who made the call yesterday and Jing Yichen must have assumed that his little sister had run into some accident. That was why he made such a big move.

“...Here, I have brought you a set of my clothes. You can put it on later. I helped you change yesterday, because there aren’t any woman clothes here. Sorry to have to let you wear my brother’s clothes. Oh yes, my brother carried you all the way to the helicopter. You know what, he doesn’t even allow me to touch him ever, but he didn’t hesitate to carry you up! He must have fallen for you. He was taking care of you yesterday. What a rare, wonderful man! Ning, do you want to at least consider, being with my brother?”

Shangguan Ning, who was in the middle of drinking water, choked at her words.

So, the cool body who was holding her yesterday, in her heated dream was actually... him?

Oh, damn!

Even though the memory wasn’t very clear, she did remember worming herself into the cool body all the time and refusing to let him go.

Oh, damn. That must have been him. This was too disgraceful!

No wonder he was acting a bit weird in the morning. It must have been because she had thrown herself on him last night.

At this moment, Shangguan Ning wanted so much to push herself into the ground. Luckily Jing Yichen wasn’t here, otherwise she would be feeling even more ashamed.

She grabbed hold of Zhao Anan’s arm and said eagerly, “Anan, can you repeat everything that happened yesterday without omitting any details!”

She was really worried that she had done something unpleasant yesterday, something she was not able to remember.

Zhao Anan was in an unexpectedly good mood, so she repeated everything in detail to her.

Shangguan Ning had a complicated expression on her face after the story.

She owed Jing Yichen so much and she wasn’t able to repay him in any way.

Good that Zhao Anan was here. He must have offered to help her for his little sister’s sake. Well, she would just focus on repaying Zhao Anan in the future.

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