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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 22 - Is she Your Woman?

Chapter 22: Is she Your Woman?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

A wave of warm stream flowed through the bottom of Shangguan Ning’s heart.

She understood that it must have been prepared as ordered by Jing Yichen. He was so... unexpectedly caring.

How long had it been since she was taken care of, by someone else? It must have been many years ago.

She didn’t have much appetite, but still tried to force some food down. The dishes were really delicious, which made her feel less sad.

When the food table was taken away, she took her medicine and fell asleep again.

Jing Yichen was having breakfast at the dining table in the living room. He listened to the report about Shangguan Ning’s food habit from Aunt Wong, who had been serving her.

“Ms. Shangguan eats everything. It seems that she isn’t particular about food. She tasted every side dish, drank up the milk and finished half a bowl of porridge.”

Jing Yichen nodded slightly. He knew that Shangguan Ning wasn’t particular about food. She had enjoyed her meal at their first meeting and she never wasted food.

“Prepare some chicken soup, fish soup and rib soup for lunch and add some flavored dishes for her to choose from.”

Aunt Wong answered with a “yes” courteously and returned to the kitchen with a shocked expression on her face.

Who on earth was this Ms. Shangguan? Master had not only brought her to the villa, but also cared so much about her diet.

She had been at Master’s service for more than a decade now. This cold Master had never paid so much attention to anybody!

It seemed that she should really provide great service to this lady. It was best not to piss off this Goddess.

Jing Yichen made a call after breakfast.

“Mu Qing, I have got a patient here. I will send the driver to pick you up later.”

Mu Qing on the other side of the phone was apparently still sleeping when he was woken up by this uncourteous call. He was about to ask more about the patient’s situation when the buzzing sound came from the other side of the phone.

He swore a “damned ice-cube” in a low voice and got up instantly to put on clothes. He didn’t delay getting ready by even a second.

Jing Yichen had just hung up the phone when Tiger walked in.

“How was it?”

“Some gangster dressed up as police had made the deal with Guo Shuai. He had received one million yuan in his account the day before yesterday. It could have been an order from Black-Red Association.”

“Black-Red Association?” Jing Yichen frowned. How did she get involved with Black-Red Association?

“Yes, Master. But Black Wind, the Deputy Head of Black-Red Association didn’t admit ordering it when we contacted them today.”

“Get the car ready. We will go to the headquarter of Black-Red Association in half an hour.”

“Yes, Master!”

Tiger responded, turned around and set off for the preparation.

Ten minutes later, a tall, handsome yet a dandy man dressed in branded clothes walked in.

He cried with a voice full of vitality, as he entered. “I’m here, Master Jing. Where is the patient?”

Jing Yichen came out of the room with a cold look on face. “If you dare to talk in a voice louder than this, I will toss you out of the place.”

Mu Qing instantly flung aside his self respect.

He whispered, “No, no, please don’t, Master Jing. Don’t toss me out! My grandpa is waiting for your investment and I should really kiss your ass now. Otherwise the old man will ask me to marry the ugly one from Family Yang.”

He said as he threw himself at Jing Yichen’s mercy.

Jing Yichen had been used to his behavior. He didn’t even blink and walked straight towards Shangguan Ning’s room.

Mu Qing smirked and followed him.

As he entered the room and found Shangguan Ning lying in the bed, he was completely shocked.

It was not until he rubbed his eyes with his hand numerous times that he found the woman in bed was still there. He wanted to be certain that he wasn’t hallucinating.

Mu Qing gasped. He pointed at Shangguan Ning in bed. “Your woman?”

“Not yet.” Jing Yichen had a calm expression on his face and no intention of explaining anything to him.

“The sun is rising from the west now?”

“Just check her health!”

Seeing that Jing Yichen was on the verge of bursting a vein in anger, Mu Qing immediately controlled the burning flame of gossip in his heart.

He felt Shangguan Ning’s pulse, flipped her eyelids and nodded at Jing Yichen.

Mu Qing was careful with his actions. Shangguan Ning didn’t wake up, but just twitched her eyebrows and fell asleep again.

Jing Yichen followed Mu Qing out of the room and sat down in the living room. He asked, “How is she?”

Mu Qing still couldn’t resist, even though he tried hard. “She is a beautiful one, but there are even more beautiful women everywhere. Why did you lose yourself to her so fast?”

“I am calling your grandpa now and telling him that you are more than willing to marry Ms. Yang.”

“Oh, oh please! I will tell you about her health, okay?!” Ms. Yang was Mu Qing’s nightmare. She was not someone to joke about.

“Your woman bled a great deal and was injected with a hallucinogen. She might need to rest in bed for three to five days. Her wounds aren’t a big deal, but watch out for the wound on her head which shouldn’t be touched by water. I suggest that you should not take any couple baths for the next few days.”

“She has a strong body. I will prescribe her some medicines to eat and to apply on the wound. She should be back on her feet with good treatment after a couple of weeks. It should not be hard for you to wait until then to change her into a real woman.”

He was able to tell Shangguan Ning’s physical quality by just feeling her pulse, including the fact that she was a virgin. Other people might have gasped hearing these words.

But Jing Yichen only nodded slightly.

Mu Qing was born in a family of doctors practicing Chinese medicine. Lord Mu was an old Chinese medicine doctor, famous both at home and aboard. He was not only a highly-skilled Chinese medicine doctor, but also had great knowledge of western medicines. He travelled across different western countries when he was young and had brought back many dying patients by combining both Chinese and western medicines together. His reputation of “bringing life from death” had already been known everywhere and numerous patients came to his door every day for help.

Family Mu hospital, which was a private hospital of Family Mu, was founded by Lord Mu. Family Mu was a big one, but among the younger generations, Mu Qing had turned out to be the most promising family member to carry on the family legacy.

He had been by his grandpa’s side since he was very young. He was not only gifted but also interested in medicine. He was 31 years old now and had inherited every skill his grandpa had possessed. He was able to cure all kinds of serious diseases. A small injury like that of Shangguan Ning’s, was something he would be able to cure even with his eyes closed.

That was why Jing Yichen had asked him here. It was an emergency the day before and he had been worried that picking up Mu Qing yesterday from his home would have taken up too much time. So he had chosen to bring the medical team of Jingsheng Enterprise instead.

Mu Qing had been a genius since he was young. He was able to remember, at a single glance, everything from medical books, which gave ordinary people nothing but headache. Therefore, he had much spare time to play around. But when he grew up, he realized that nothing was fun and everything around was about work and responsibility.

Therefore, the biggest fun of his life was gossip.

He was simply not able to control his own curiosity seeing a beautiful lady, who had been tormented by hallucinogen to such a degree, in the bedroom of Jing Yichen who had never been close to a lady.

“Brother Jing...” Mu Qing’s eyes narrowed to a thin slit. He cried with a soft baby sound.

Jing Yichen’s ears twitched hearing Mu Qing’s calling him like that. He almost choked on the tea that had just gone into his mouth.

“Brother Yichen...”

“Is someone here? Bring Master Mu to Family Mu’s hospital and tell his grandpa that his grandson is really sick.”

Mu Qing immediately went back to his normal tone. He scolded with dignity, “Jing Yichen! Just look at the way you are treating me. I came all the way here to check upon your woman and you are returning my kindness with ingratitude. Oh god, where is the justice?”

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