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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 21 - So You Don’t Recognize Me After Waking Up?

Chapter 21: So You Don’t Recognize Me After Waking Up?

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Two hours later, the hallucinogen affecting Shangguan Ning disappeared finally. She ran out of energy and got too tired and fell asleep.

Jing Yichen sat by her side and silently watched this woman who had suddenly intruded into his life.

The swelling on her face had gone down after being treated with the best medicine. What remained were purple-red colored bruises. But they showcased the agony she had suffered even more clearly against the translucent skin of hers.

She undoubtedly was a good-looking lady, but he had met many women who were even more beautiful.

However, she gave him a different feeling. She made him comfortable and it seemed that he was happy when he was with her, even though they didn’t exchange a word.

That was how he felt even when he had met her for the first time.

At that time, he was against this strange emotion and had tried hard to cover it up with his cold behaviour.

Because he always thought that someone like him didn’t need love and excess love would become nothing but a burden and his achilles’heel.

However, all his sensibility was gone after he had gotten to know that she was hurt.

They had known each other for only a few days and had met just a couple of times. How come he cared so much about her?

Jing Yichen didn’t know why and he didn’t need to know why.

As long as he understood what he wanted, then nothing else mattered.

The following morning when Shangguan Ning woke up, she was in a dizzy,dreamy state for a long time.

It took her a long while before she remembered what happened the day before.

She remembered briefly that Zhao Anan rescued her in the end and there was nothing else that she could remember.

She felt pain all over her body. It must have been the result of Guo Shuai’s violence the day before.

She lifted the blanket and was startled at the clear sight of a male pajamas on her.


So she lost her virginity yesterday after all?

But Shangguan Ning denied this conjecture directly.

Although she felt pain all over her body, yet she felt nothing weird in her lower body.

She let out a sigh of relief and started to glance around her environment.

The room was huge, simple yet exquisite and luxurious, just like a royal palace.

What was this place?

Zhao Anan’s home?

But she wouldn’t possibly have given her a set of male pajamas if this was her home.

Shangguan Ning was suddenly reminded of Zhao Anan’s calling on her “Brother” between tears when she was almost unconscious.

Could it be... Jing Yichen’s home?

So the pajamas were....

Oh God! What had happened?

Shangguan Ning closed her eyes in tiredness, trying to comfort her heart.

In the quiet room, the sound of light footsteps arose. She opened her eyes instantly.

A familiar, handsome figure walked in and came near the bed without hesitation. He stretched out his long and beautiful hand and felt her forehead.

A moment later, Jing Yichen removed his hand and said in a low voice, “You have recovered well. The fever is gone too. Would you like to eat anything?”

Shangguan Ning was taken aback.

What was going on?

Why was Jing Yichen treating her in a way as if they were close, as if they had... been living together for many years.

He was still expressionless, but his tone was gentle, different from the coldness before.

That made Shangguan Ning feel a bit weird.

Jing Yichen had noticed her confusion. So he smiled at her. “What’s wrong? You don’t even recognize me after waking up?” His tone sounded a bit pampering, one kind that could hardly be noticed.

His smile was clean and warming. His teeth were white and neat with a flavor of sunshine that lunged directly into the bottom of people’s heart.

Shangguan Ning’s heart hopped irresistibly at the sight of his smile that she saw for the first time.


She let out a light sigh inside her heart.

But she had to admit that Jing Yichen like this, was hardly resistible.

“No, I just feel that you are a bit different from before.” Shangguan Ning said softly.

Her voice was hoarse and dried, so horrible like a cawing crow. She was startled.

Jing Yichen passed her a glass of water, stretched out his hand to her back and helped her up to lean against the soft pillow.

“Drink some water first. Then come and eat breakfast later.”

Shangguan Ning was indeed thirsty. But the weird behavior of Jing Yichen distracted her totally.

She was not used to Jing Yichen’s touch. The warmth of his hand reached her back through the thin pajamas, spreading all over her body like electrical currents.

She took over the water stiffly, drank up half of the glass and felt much more clear-minded than before. But the more clear-minded she became, the more unrealistic everything seemed to her.

After a moment of hesitation, she asked carefully, “How... long have I been unconscious for?”

Jing Yichen burst into laughter. He understood that Shangguan Ning wasn’t yet used to this kind of behavior from him.

Actually, Jing Yichen had been trying hard to control himself. He was afraid that too sudden a change would scare Shangguan Ning, who had just been through an enormous shock.

The thing he wanted to do most right now was to take her in arms, kiss her and caress her.

But he couldn’t do anything.

There was no need to hurry. Shangguan Ning, you would be mine for the rest of your life and no one would ever bully you again.

He pressed down his emotions and tried to answer in a peaceful tone. “Fourteen hours, not yet a day.”

Shangguan Ning didn’t let out a sigh of relief, but frowned slightly instead hearing the answer.

It had been less than one day and Jing Yichen had changed so much? Had anything happened that she didn’t know about?

Her head was filled with questions. She was in desperate need of someone who could answer her puzzles. Apparently, Jing Yichen wasn’t an ideal candidate.

“Mr. Zhao... is this your home? Is Anan in?”

“Yes, it is my home. Anan went to school early in the morning. She should be back soon.” Jing Yichen had a powerful ability of self-control. He got back to his coldness in order to make Shangguan Ning feel more comfortable. But a touch of warmth still remained with the tone.

This behavior of Jing Yichen’s was what Shangguan Ning was used to. But his hot-and-cold behavior truly confused her.

However, Shangguan Ning was feeling very tired and her wounds ached a great deal after the anesthesia had worn off. It made her feel exhausted, even though she was up for only a little while and had spoken a few words.

But Jing Yichen didn’t want her to sleep any more. “I will get someone to deliver the breakfast to you. You need to eat something before you sleep again.”

Saying these words, he walked out immediately.

After a while, a forty-year-old woman with a chubby and friendly face came in with the food cart.

She greeted Shangguan Ning politely. “Morning Ms. Shangguan. I’m one of the servants here. Master has asked me to deliver the breakfast to you.”

Shangguan Ning smiled at her as she leaned against the pillow feebly. “Good morning. Thank you!”

She also felt that she needed to eat something, otherwise she wouldn’t be able to recover fast.

The servant set up a small food table on the bed proficiently for her, and placed porridge, milk, and some digestive snacks and side dishes on the table.

“Ms. Shangguan, please have a taste of it and see whether you like them or not. I can change them if you don’t feel like eating them.”

“It’s okay. Thanks! All is good.” Shangguan Ning wasn’t being courteous. Those dishes that gave out very light scent were delicate and nutritious. Apparently, they had been prepared specially for her.

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