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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 20 - Just Take the Advantage Now

Chapter 20: Just Take the Advantage Now

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Shangguan Ning, whom every girl at University of X was jealous of, was not happy at this moment.

She felt dizzy and it hurt everywhere in her body. Even breathing was painful. But that was not the most important thing.

The most important thing was that she felt heat spreading all over her body and she was in desperate need of cooling herself down with something. So she kept stripping off her clothes to make herself feel cooler.

As a matter of fact, her clothes had almost been completely removed for the sake of the examination. There was only a very thin blanket over her at that moment.

The female doctor-in-chief of the medical team was almost fifty years old. She was a very prestigious doctor and had a great deal of experience. She drew a conclusion just after a few minutes.

Zhao Anan had been following around all the time. She asked anxiously, “How is she? Is she going to be okay?”

The doctor clapped her hands and replied, “She will be fine.” Then she asked the other doctors to bind her up with bandages before she walked out of the special examination room at the helicopter and reported to Jing Yichen.

She knew Jing Yichen’s way of handling things, so she put the most important point at first. “The patient is out of fatal danger. The bleeding of her inner organs and head has been stopped. What she needs is a peaceful rest.”

Jing Yichen nodded expressionlessly.

“She is still unconscious because she was injected with powerful hallucinogen. What I can do is to try my best to reduce the side effects, but I can’t clear it up completely, unless...”

The female doctor didn’t continue.

Jing Yichen understood what she meant. He replied with a light tone, “Relieve her pain with medicine and she herself will get through the rest.”

The woman doctor nodded, turned around and walked again towards the helicopter.

Hallucinogen would cause strong sexual desire. But the rumor that people injected with it, would die without venting it out, was not true.

In the usual case, it wouldn’t be a fatal issue. But it could cause a lot of discomfort.

Fingers tightly clenched, Jing Yichen threw a look at Guo Shuai who had been beaten unconsciousness by Zhao Anan and who had blood all over his face. Jing Yichen was trying hard to control his impulse of tossing him out of the helicopter.

A few minutes later, the helicopter landed on a meadow outside a very luxurious villa in the outskirt area of A City.

The medical team carried Shangguan Ning into the villa on a stretcher and came out quickly after that. The team went back to the headquarter of Jingsheng Enterprise with the helicopter team.

Guo Shuai, on the other side, was taken away by Tiger and his team. It seemed that he was going to taste extreme agony soon.

Seeing that Shangguan Ning was fine, Zhao Anan finally had her heart secured. She suddenly realized that she still had an examination to invigilate, yet she was surely going to miss it unless she went back by the helicopter.

She didn’t want to go back to school. Her worries would not stop completely untill she saw Shangguan Ning wake up, with her own eyes.

Sitting by Shangguan Ning’s side at the edge of her bed, Zhao Anan was taken aback seeing Shangguan Ning lift the blanket and start to strip her clothes off unconsciously. She immediately helped to cover her up with the blanket.

Her cousin was right beside them. This was a serious matter!

Shangguan Ning had such a great figure that even women wanted to take a look at it, let alone men!

Although this cousin was more like a real brother, although he had just saved Shangguan Ning, although her cousin was a man with unusually strong self-controlling ability, she couldn’t allow her best friend to be taken advantage of!

Seeing that Jing Yichen had no intentions of leaving, Zhao Anan couldn’t help but glare at him. “Why are you still here?”

No more than half an hour had passed since the incident happened and the effect of the hallucinogen in Shangguan Ning’s body had just started to work.

She had learnt from the doctor that it would take at least two hours before the hallucinogen would disappear completely. Had it not been the medicine that helped to control her urges, it would have taken a much longer time.

During this period, she was definitely going to experience sexual desires.

Her cousin was pretty much aware of that fact, but he still was not leaving. Was he planning to take advantage of Shangguan Ning?

Jing Yichen ignored Zhao Anan’s protest. He said expressionlessly, “This is my home. I can stay wherever I want. But you... why are you still here?”

Annoyed, Zhao Anan was about to strike back when she suddenly realized something. She came to his side and jabbed him with her arm. “Have you fallen for our Beauty?”

Jing Yichen didn’t say anything, but took half a step aside, avoiding Zhao Anan’s touch and avoid her jab.

Zhao Anan had grown up with him and knew very well that he disliked being touched by others. She had just been testing it and now she was certain.

“Ha! Despising my touch but didn’t complain when you were holding our Beauty in arms just now. How come?”

She started to laugh as she talked and then a lewd expression emerged on her face. She whispered, “Brother, what about just... taking advantage of her right now?”

She had suddenly turned into a wolf from a wolf defender.

Jing Yichen frowned. “Whose side are you on, honestly?”

Zhao Anan came to Shangguan Ning and covered her up with the blanket that she had just kicked away.

She said with a grin, “Actually, I do think you both are cute together. So, I won’t disturb your woman any more!”

Having said these words, she walked out of the room, leaving Jing Yichen watching over Shangguan Ning alone.

Zhao Anan knew Jing Yichen well. Had he not had any feelings towards Shangguan Ning, he would never have touched her.

It seemed that she was soon going to have a most amazing sister-in-law. This was wonderful.

Shangguan Ning’s old clothes had been thrown away by Zhao Anan. She had changed Ning into a set of loose pajamas when they had gotten to the villa.

Jing Yichen had not worn this set of pajamas before. There was no other option because no women ever visited here. Hence, there were no women clothes here at all.

His pajamas were a bit too large for her and because of her constant stripping, her long, slender legs as well as half of her exquisite breasts were soon exposed.

There were many bruises all over her body and they became apparent against the white, tender skin, making people’s heartache for her even more.

Jing Yichen’s adam’s apple moved and he walked up slowly towards her.

Shangguan Ning kept letting out a lustful moaning through her mouth as she was twisting and turning. The white body was getting redder and redder, just like an overripe apple.

Jing Yichen, who was usually calm and steady, found that his ability of self-control was somehow weak in this case.

He took a moment to control the restlessness inside, stretched out his arms to cover her with the blanket and gave her a pitiful hug.

When Shangguan Ning felt an air of coolness around her, she took that cool body into her arms and felt instantly more comfortable. Then she began to rub herself against the cool body as if wanting something more.

Jing Yicheng froze. He had a reaction somewhere down in his lower body.

He swore a short “damn it” in a low voice and determinedly moved the two beautiful white lotus roots like arms, off him and quickly walked out of the room.

It was winter and the temperature difference between outdoors and indoors was huge. As the chilly air wormed its way into his lungs, Jing Yichen gradually became calm again.

He thought that had he stayed on, he would have done something that he himself would have regretted later.

He stood outside for a while before walking in again. He put the blanket right for Shangguan Ning.

After all, it was winter. Even though the indoor heaters were on, she would easily catch a cold if she kept kicking off the blanket.

Jing Yichen came out again after a while.

He kept repeating this behavior. But he didn’t ask anyone else to take care of her instead.

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