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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 19 - Rescue

Chapter 19: Rescue

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Zhao Anan had been working as the proctor for examinations for three days in a row and she was extremely exhausted and irritated.

Working as a proctor for examination was such a boring thing that it completely drove her crazy. She was an outgoing and lively girl who liked moving around.

After a long, dragging examination, Zhao Anan immediately ran to the office for some food to restore the strength that had already gone out of her.

However,as she was about to enter the office, she noticed a boy student craning his neck outside the Director’s office. He looked nervous and apparently, he wasn’t up to anything good.

A touch of suspicion arose inside her heart, she snapped, “What are you lurking and sneaking there for?”

The student was already quite diffident. Having heard someone calling out to him, he turned around and found that it was Shangguan Ning’s good friend Zhao Anan. The student got so scared that he dashed off directly, giving up the guard for Guo Shuai instantly.

Seeing him running away so fast, Zhao Anan took off and started to chase him directly without hesitation.

She was an excellent taekwondo player and her constant tennis exercise with Shangguan Ning had also made her a strong woman, surpassing the thin, short boy in every physical way. She caught up with him within no time outside the office building.

Zhao Anan had never behaved like a teacher. She gave the student a kick without hesitation and he fell onto the ground directly. She snapped fiercely, “Hand it out! Or you are expelled!”

She had assumed that this student was trying to steal the examination paper. There had been too many students who came to steal the examination paper in different disguises after the examination period started.

The student, who got tripped by Zhao Anan when he was sprinting, had smashed himself upon the ground. He felt as if every piece of the bones had been scattered.

He thought that the entire thing had been exposed and that Zhao Anna already knew the truth. So in order to avoid being beaten again, he handed the key to her immediately whilst crying out loudly, “I was forced! I didn’t mean to set up Ms. Shangguan!”

Zhao Anna got astonished. She asked anxiously, “What did you say? What about Ms. Shangguan! Speak now!”

She said as she gave another kick to the student.

The student was in such a pain that he cried out instantly, “Ms. Shangguan is locked in the Director’s office. Mr. Guo wants to rape her!”

Zhao Anna felt as if her head had been banged hard. She abandoned everything else, grabbed the key, rushed back to the office and opened the door at her highest speed.

Upon reaching there, she saw that Guo Shuai was pressing Shangguan on the floor, beating her, swearing at her and stripping off her clothes.

Her eyes flushed. She sprinted towards him and gave a stomping kick at Guo Shuai.

Guo Shuai was kicked off several meters away, smashing himself against the desk corner and passed out.

Zhao Anna lifted Shangguan Ning slightly and kept calling her name in tears, “Ning, are you alright? Wake up, wake up! This is Anan, please don’t scare me!”

Shangguan Ning’s hair was unkempt, face bloated. Her lips’ corners were bleeding constantly, and blood had created a scary red patch on her torn white sweater. Half of the thermal underclothes in flesh color, had also been stripped away. The pair of light blue jeans were now dyed with the blood spouting out of her legs. It was the only garment that was relatively intact over her entire body.

There was a moist and warm feeling on her hand that was supporting Shangguan Ning’s head.

She drew back her hand and found that her entire palm was covered with blood.

Zhao Anan was shocked and frightened. She who never shed a tear, couldn’t resist crying out loud at this moment.

How lucky it was that she had come today. How lucky it was that she had shouted at the student out of impulse.

She kept calling her name as she held Shangguan Ning’s head in hands. “Ning... Ning, please, wake up, wake up...”

Shangguan Ning heard someone calling her name between dizzy spells.

After a long while, she tried to open her eyes and found that it was her friend Zhao Anan.

She started to lose consciousness, but still stuttered with all her strength. “Hospital... medicine... hospital...”

Zhao Anan caught what she said. “We are going to the hospital now. Hold up, Ning!”

With Shangguan Ning in one of her arms, she scooped out the cell phone and made a call.

The call went through immediately. Without hesitation, Zhao Anan shouted between sobs. “Brother! We are at school. Ning is in an accident. Bring the doctor here now!”

Her cousin was the first person she always thought of, whenever an incident happened. She believed that if there ever was an issue which her cousin wasn’t able to solve, then no one else would be able to either.

Jing Yichen panicked inside. Zhao Anan was a girl who would never shed a tear even if the heavens crashed down. Shangguan Ning must have run into a really serious accident as Anan was crying so fiercely.

For some reason his heart squeezed. A feeling like never before had started to spread across his heart, his limbs and all over his body.

Jing Yichen abandoned the directors who were in the middle of reporting the business situation of the enterprise to him and walked towards the door of the conference room as he instructed Tiger. “Get the helicopter ready. Bring the medical team and fly to University of X!”

Tiger responded positively, called the helicopter and the medical team immediately.

University of X was located on the outskirts of A City, far away from Jingsheng Enterprise that was located in the city center.

However, only six minutes after Zhao Anan hung up, Jing Yichen managed to show up in front of her and Shangguan Ning.

Zhao Anan let out a sigh of relief seeing her cousin there. Then she collapsed.

Knowing that Zhao Anan was well, he skipped her and came directly to Shangguan Ning.

Seeing Shangguan Ning, made his heart ache even more.

He took off his coat and wrapped around Shangguan Ning. He carefully took her up in a horizontal way, walked out of the office building and stepped into the helicopter.

“Examine her. She has to be okay.”

He sounded cold and an air of chill ooze out from his entire body. He had no expression on the well-silhouetted face of his.

But everyone who knew him well understood clearly that he was on the edge of bursting out in rage.

No sooner had Jing Yichen entered the office, that he understood what had happened. He was filled up with a kind of ripping rage seeing her hurt by someone else.

He never knew that she had already planted a root inside his heart.

The staff at the helicopter team and the medical team had stayed by Jing Yichen’s side all these years but they had never seen him holding any woman before. Nor had they seen him so furious ever.

However, the staff at the helicopter team finally understood why the doctors on call this time were all women.

They immediately put equipment on Shangguan Ning and started to examine her.

Zhao Anan felt slightly relieved when she saw her cousin taking Shangguan Ning out. She turned around and saw the half-dead Guo Shuai on the floor. She went up and gave him a violent kick, waking him up.

“Take him away!”

At Lady Zhao’s order, Jing Yichen’s employees dragged him away.

When Zhao Anan boarded the helicopter, the helicopter took off and left school.

The entire University of X had started buzzing at the sight of the helicopter’s arrival.

“Who is the lucky teacher to have a boyfriend that comes in a helicopter? Damn impressive! The BMW and Benz are just nothing compared to this.”

“Must it be a teacher in the office building. She can also be a student. I envy that girl so much!”

“If someone comes to pick me up in helicopter, I won’t care about what he looks like and would marry him right away!”

“Hey, did you not see that? The man walking out of the helicopter was extremely good-looking, just like someone from the TV. I have never seen anyone so good-looking before!”


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