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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 18 - A Trap

Chapter 18: A Trap

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Winter holidays at University of X were around the corner as New Year was approaching. The next two weeks were examination periods. Most of the courses had already come to an end.

The oral English class by Shangguan Ning finished this week and the examinations were going to start next week.

She was famous both for her beauty and her teaching skills in the school. Her classes tended to be relaxed and interesting. She got on well with students and everyone liked to attend her lessons. Even some students from other majors liked to sneak into her classes.

After class on Thursday, Shangguan Ning was about to drive home, when a male student came running to her, panting.

“Ms. Shangguan, the Director of Department has asked for you in the office.”

Shangguan Ning didn’t recognize this student, but he apparently knew her. Maybe he had been to her class before.

“Anything wrong?” She asked out of instinct, for the Director never asked for teachers.

The student scratched his head and stuttered as he replied. “Seems... seems that he wanted to discuss something with you about the Final Test.”

The student flushed with nervousness, as if delivering a message to Shangguan Ning was an enormously important mission.

Shangguan Ning got a bit confused. Hadn’t they already decided about the Final Test last month? What was the discussion for?

But she didn’t think much about it. She was going to host the oral test in person and students were going to be asked to make a spontaneous speech based on the topic for her to grade them. It was a very subjective thing and maybe the Director had some words to stress upon.

Shangguan Ning thanked him, grabbed her bag and went to the Director’s office.

But when she entered the office, the Director was not there. Instead, the man who was sitting on the Director’s chair turned out to be the disgusting Guo Shuai.

A bad hunch cast over Shangguan Ning’s heart.

She was about to open the door and go out when a cracking sound arrived – the door was locked from outside.

Her heart sank into the bottom of ravine instantly.

Hearing the sharp locking sound, Guo Shuai immediately showed a savaged and lewd smile.

“I told you Shangguan Ning, there will be one day when you will kneel down in front of me!”

If Shangguan Ning still didn’t understand what Guo Shuai was planning on, she would have been an idiot.

She was panicking with fright inside. But she was more furious compared to fright.

But seeing Guo Shuai’s face, Shangguan Ning understood clearly that it was not yet the time to show anger.

She calmed herself down, trying hard to convince Guo Shuai.

“Mr. Guo, I think we have a huge misunderstanding between us. Please calm down now. It has been my fault and I am apologizing to you sincerely! I’m so, so sorry for being impulsive before and pissing you off. Let’s talk in peace and not mess around.”

Shangguan Ning lowered her own status, as long as she was able to satisfy Gao Shuai.

“Haha. I have been waiting for this day for too long. No more badgering! You will definitely beg me tearfully later!”

Guo Shuai looked to be in a frenzy, totally different from his usual look of quietness.

He threw himself upon Shangguan Ning as he spoke.

Shangguan Ning had been well-prepared for his attack. Seeing that he was coming towards her this way, she quickly dodged in the other direction.

She moved fast in panic that she accidently clashed against the iron cabinet where material was kept.

A long, thin wound slashed open at the back of her hand. Blood gushed out from there.

In the tensed situation, Shangguan Ning didn’t feel any pain.

She fixed her eyes upon Guo Shuai’s movement because Guo Shuai had taken out a syringe from the drawer next to him. There was some clear liquid that filled up half of the syringe tube.

Guo Shuai seemed very confident that Shangguan Ning was not able to run away now. He observed the panicking look of his prey, enjoying the pleasure of hunting.

By this time, Shangguan Ning was certain that Guo Shuai must have been a paranoid person and his quiet behavior in everyday life was a disguise.

Guo Shuai seemed to be a timid person who often bullied the weak but bent down to the strong person. Shangguan Ning decided to show him some strength.

“Guo Shuai! Do you understand that your behavior will be exposed eventually? If I am hurt even a bit today, you will never have peace in your life any more. You are already a criminal by now to be imprisoned for half of your life. You have achieved a lot today and do you think it is worth the while to ruin yourself because of me?”

“Haha, had I not worried about that, I would have captured you ages ago rather than today.”

Having heard his words, Shangguan Ning immediately understood that Guo Shuai was not alone behind this.

“Then why are you doing it today?”

Who on earth hated her so much that such a filthy way was used and that even Guo Shuai had the courage to do so to her.

“I can of course tell you, but it has to wait until you are mine. If I’m well comforted and happen to be in a good mood, you can beg on your knees, crying hard in front of me. Then I will tell you.”

Guo Shuai wasn’t silly. He certainly understood that Shangguan Ning was trying to draw the secret out of him.

Seeing Shangguan Ning trying hard to stay calm in such an elegant way, Guo Shuai thought of her usual loftiness and the fact that he was about to have her. Blood immediately heated up his entire body.

That was an excellent deal – he was able to have the beauty and a huge amount of payment of one million yuan. Besides, he didn’t even need to worry about consequences either, because someone else would be able to handle everything for him.

Haha, serves Shangguan Ning right who must have annoyed too many people and good that he had been given such a wonderful opportunity!

With a ferocious laugh, Guo Shuai, who had been circling around Shangguan Ning for so long, finally managed to catch her arm and put the syringe into her arm directly.

The thin, strong needle went through Shangguan Ning’s clothes and entered her tender flesh. The transparent liquid entered her body at a high speed.

She struggled and kicked with all her strength. She used all of her force to take a huge bite on Guo Shuai and intended to kick his crotch when the transparent liquid drove out all of her strength gradually.

Within a few minutes, she collapsed onto the floor, strengthless. And a strange feeling was dominating inside her body.

She understood that it was generated by the medicine, so a blast of despair arose inside her heart.

As soon as she thought of what was going to happen, Shangguan Ning really wished that she could be drop dead at this moment.

However, she had no strength left at all and she started to get unconscious. Suicide at this moment was not possible at all.

Guo Shuai was very satisfied with this powerful medicine. He was internally amazed by this smart method from the person who asked him to do this deed.

At this moment, Shangguan Ning was like a lamb ready to be slaughtered, free to be bullied in any way by anyone.

Seeing blood coming out of the wound on his hand back which Shangguan Ning had taken a bite of, he got so angry that he started to beat and kick Shangguan Ning.

Shangguan Ning cried out of pain. Red scars immediately covered her tender face, and her body started to ache enormously. She folded herself up, leaving the back exposed for Guo Shuai to beat and kick.

Although the situation was terrible, she was still able to keep a touch of sensibility. She understood that she needed to protect her fragile chest and stomach.

Luckily it was still winter and she had many clothes on her because of her weak immune system against coldness. Otherwise she would have been more seriously injured.

Guo Shuai had finished venting his anger by beating her. So he dragged her out of corner and started to strip off her clothes.

Despite being really weak, Shangguan Ning still defended herself out of instinct.

Guo Shuai slapped her two more times.

Shangguan Ning cried out in pain as blood dripped out of the corner of her lips.

Guo Shuai laughed wildly at the sight of her face that was getting as bloated as a pig’s head.

It was completely silent outside the Director’s office. The teachers were either at classes or at tests. No one would know what was going on inside.

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