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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1654 - Call me big brother

Chapter 1654: Call me big brother

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There was none now.

Zuo Jia couldn’t even touch Fu rongting in her dreams, so he was as real as he could be now!

The joy in her heart was indescribable. Zuo Jia was so happy that she almost jumped up with Fu rongting in her arms.

“I’ve been waiting for you to come home every day. I want to see you every day! Why did you only come back now? I’ve been waiting for you for a century!”

Ever since she fell in love with Fu rongting, Zuo Jia felt that she seemed to have become younger, and she liked to act coquettishly with him and do some childish things.

Love could really make people childish.

Fu rongting held Zuo Jia’s hand and led her slowly through the community. “I’ll definitely come back earlier next time! Twenty-five days is too long. I’m afraid that you’ll forget me if I’m gone for too long!”

“How is this possible?!”

Zuo Jia happily snuggled up beside him and said in a low voice, “I’m about to get lovesick, how could I forget you?”

Fu rongting smiled. His wife missed him so much that all his worries disappeared.

However, he seemed to be considering changing his position.

It would be best if he could work from nine to five, the same as Zuo Jia’s working hours.

Fu rongting had always been willing to protect the country.

He was proud of his identity as a soldier and was proud of what he had done.

This was the first time he thought of retreating.

The couple walked into the house hand in hand. Xi Ying looked at her daughter and son-in-law with a smile on her face. Her daughter’s happy look was her greatest satisfaction.

During lunch, Zuo Yan had pushed aside all social events outside and rushed back to have lunch with his daughter and son-in-law.

Perhaps it was because of Fu rongting’s presence that Zuo Jia’s appetite improved.

After lunch, Xi Ying drove the young couple back to their small villa.

She liked it when Zuo Jia and Fu rongting were intimate, but with them around, they were too embarrassed to even hug each other.

When they returned to the villa, it instantly became a world for the two of them. As soon as they entered the door, Zuo Jia was pressed against the wall by Fu rongting, and they started kissing wildly.

Fu rongting had been thinking about Zuo Jia for almost a month, and now he was eager to take off her clothes.

“Rong ting, no, no!” Zuo Jia said anxiously.

Fu rongting restrained himself with great difficulty. He lowered his head and bit her pink earlobe, asking, “What’s wrong, is it your period? If I remember correctly, you’ve already passed, right?”

He was so meticulous that he even remembered her period clearly and did not allow her to eat cold food.

Zuo Jia’s heart was filled with happiness. She held Fu rongting’s face and made him look at her. She said shyly,”Rong ting, I … I’m pregnant. The doctor said that I can’t do that too much, or it’ll hurt the baby.”

Fu rongting looked at Zuo Jia in a daze. She had a baby?

Zuo Jia looked at his dazed expression and burst into laughter.

Fu rongting came back to his senses. His eyes were shockingly bright, and his tone was full of surprise.”When did this happen? I don’t even know! That’s great, we’re going to have a son!”

Zuo Jia’s face was full of smiles.”It’s not even certain whether it’s a son or a daughter. He’s only two months old.”

“Both are fine, I like them all!”

Fu rongting happily picked up Zuo Jia and spun around. He wanted to spin again, but he suddenly remembered that she was pregnant and could not be as unscrupulous as before.

He gently put Zuo Jia down and lowered his head to bite her lips.”How did you guys manage to hide such a big piece of news? I’ve been back for a few hours before you told me!”

“I just wanted to tell you when I came back, to give you a surprise!” Zuo Jia’s smile was as gentle as water.

It was indeed a pleasant surprise, but … It seemed like one of his benefits was going to be greatly reduced!

Fu rongting picked Zuo Jia up by her waist and strode to the bedroom. “I’m going to develop some new skills. Come and try them out with me!”

He said it so seriously that people who didn’t know would think that he was doing some serious scientific research project!

Zuo Jia punched him and pouted, “Don’t mess around. It’ll only be stable after three months.”

“Don’t worry, I love you and the baby the most. I won’t hurt you two. ”

It was Fu rongting’s first time being a father, and the novelty was so strong that it dispelled a lot of his desire.

In fact, he just wanted to hold Zuo Jia in his arms and spend some time with her in bed.

The two of them touched and kissed each other, but there was only a faint sweetness and no strong impulse.

After a while, Fu rongting fell into a deep sleep.

Zuo Jia gently caressed his sharp and cold face, and couldn’t help but feel a little distressed.

Fu rongting rarely fell asleep before she did. He always waited for her to fall asleep.

One could see how tired he was.

His work was dangerous and hard, sacred and great. Zuo Jia didn’t know whether to persuade him to continue or to give up.

She was afraid of losing him.

The people he fought against were all extremely vicious criminals, terrorists who did not care about their lives. Weapons had no eyes, and in every large-scale battle, there would always be people who would be sacrificed.

However, he was a soldier, and it was a soldier’s duty to protect the country.

Zuo Jia leaned into Fu rongting’s arms and hugged him tightly, feeling that every minute and second with him was worth cherishing.

She didn’t want to sleep. She just wanted to hold Fu rongting like this forever, and it would never be enough.

After sleeping for the whole afternoon, Fu rongting woke up in the evening. Seeing Zuo Jia in his arms, he felt extremely safe. The rain of bullets in his dream was all over.

He lowered his head and kissed Zuo Jia’s forehead affectionately. He felt that his wife was just right.

Her skin was fair and smooth, her eyelashes were long and curled, her nose was small and delicate, her red lips were full and moist, and even her hair was as smooth and soft as silk. Fu rongting couldn’t help but gently stroke her.

“Have you had enough sleep?” Zuo Jia raised her head and looked at him.

Fu rongting nodded slightly, lifted his little wife’s chin with his fingers, and kissed her on the lips.”Jiajia, call me brother!”

Zuo Jia’s face instantly turned red, and her ears turned pink from embarrassment.

What’s wrong with this person? why does he like to make me call him brother?

She had been forced to call him ‘brother’ a few times before, but every time, he had been too demanding and she had no choice but to beg for mercy.

However, the more she called him ‘brother’ at that time, the more ambiguous it felt. So now that Fu rongting called him ‘brother’, Zuo Jia’s heart beat faster.

Zuo Jia bit her lip and refused to call out.

Fu rongting’s fingers reached into her clothes and undid the buttons of her bra.”Jiajia, are you sure you don’t want to call me that?”

Zuo Jia clutched her chest, still finding it hard to speak.

What was this? he was addicted to being an older brother!

Fu rongting’s hand slid down and lingered on her perky buttocks, kneading them neither too lightly nor too hard.”Still not going to call? It won’t be of any use if you scream later. ”

“You’re so annoying. Why do you always make me call you that?”Zuo Jia bit him, a little embarrassed and angry.

“I like it! You used to call me that when you were young, and I can’t forget it. We agreed to be brothers forever, why are you going back on your word?”

Fu rongting’s fingers slowly went deeper, and Zuo Jia hurriedly said,”I didn’t regret it, but I’m already married to you. It’s … Embarrassing to call me brother!”

Fu rongting lowered his head and sucked on Zuo Jia’s chest, his voice full of love. “It’s a good thing you married me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to hear you call me brother. Jiajia, call me brother. I want to hear it.”

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