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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 1653 - Lovesick

Chapter 1653: Lovesick

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Zuo Jia cried even harder. They were only going to be separated for a month, but she felt like they were going to be separated forever.

But no matter how hard she cried, Fu rongting had to leave.

After he left, Zuo Jia felt that her soul had been taken away by him.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the mission was overseas, she might have followed them without a care.

In the past, when she liked Lou Ziling, she would be very happy to see her. However, she didn’t think it was a big deal if she couldn’t see Lou Ziling.

However, when it came to Fu rongting, Zuo Jia didn’t feel anything when she could see him, but once he left, Zuo Jia simply couldn’t live anymore!

True love and longing would make one fall sick, lovesickness.

Zuo Jia felt that her illness was quite serious. She couldn’t lift her spirits in anything she did, and she didn’t like to eat. She only wanted to sleep every day, because she could still see Fu rongting in her dreams when she was asleep, but she was all alone when she was awake.

Xi Ying saw that her daughter wasn’t in a good state, so she simply took her home.

Their house wasn’t big, so with Xi Guohua and Zuo Jia, it was a little crowded.

However, no one felt that it was inconvenient. Zuo Jia’s longing for Fu rongting was not so strong when she lived at home, and she felt less lonely, but she was still often absent-minded. She did not eat like before, when she could not finish her meal, she would put in more effort.

This made Guohua extremely anxious. He was extremely glad that he was still alive. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to rest in peace with his granddaughter in this state!

He’d better train his body and strive to live for a few more years!

Zuo Jia’s “lovesickness” became more and more serious as time went by. She felt uncomfortable everywhere. Every day, she would either sleep or be in a daze. One day, when she finally had the energy to make something to eat, she cut her finger.

Guohua was so scared that he didn’t even dare to let her into the kitchen!

For Zuo Jia, a month felt like a century. Without Fu rongting by her side, she suddenly realized that she didn’t have any photos of him on her phone!

She couldn’t even think about it even if she wanted to.

Zuo Jia woke up early in the morning and sat at the dining table. Looking at the Golden and fragrant fried dough sticks, she covered her mouth and ran to the bathroom, where she vomited without a care.

Xi Guohua was so anxious that he even threw away his chopsticks. He ran in and patted his precious granddaughter’s back, his heart aching.”Jiajia, let’s go to the hospital! If this continues, won’t we be losing our lives?”

Xi Ying and Zuo Yan also walked over. The couple looked at each other, and Xi Ying asked hesitantly,””Jiajia, you’re not pregnant, right?”

Zuo Jia, who was rinsing her mouth, couldn’t help but be stunned when she heard this.

It seemed like … She really hadn’t had her period for some time.

But because she missed Fu rongting too much, she had neglected this matter.

This was really possible!

“Mom, let’s go to the hospital!”

The whole family was happy, especially Guohua. He patted Zuo Jia’s head and thought that time had passed so quickly. The little girl from the past was about to become a mother!

They went to the hospital and the results came out very quickly.

Zuo Jia was pregnant!

Xi Ying’s smile was bright.”Oh, you scared us to death. You haven’t liked to eat these days. You’ve been sleeping so much that we thought you were sick!” So it’s a joyous event!”

Zuo Jia’s pale face was also filled with joy.”We’re going to have a baby so soon?” She was too careless and didn’t pay attention to it!

She really wanted to tell Fu rongting the news!

He was going to be a father!

When they got home, Zuo Jia was protected like a national treasure.

Zuo Yan didn’t allow her to go to work anymore, so Xi Ying hired a professional nutritionist for her. Even when she wanted to go out for a walk, Xi Guohua would follow her closely.

He was just short of having someone to feed him!

But two days later, when Fu rongting came back, Zuo Jia even had someone to feed her!

Fu rongting took the Army’s helicopter back to city W. He wanted to give Zuo Jia A surprise, but he didn’t tell her that his mission had ended early.

He guessed that Zuo Jia should be living with her parents, so he went directly to the community where Zuo Yan and his wife lived.

The neighborhood was surrounded by greenery. There were stray cats lazily basking in the sun on the lawn. A girl sat beside them, gently feeding the cat food. The old man behind her was working out, but he would look at her from time to time, as if he was afraid that the girl would disappear if he was distracted.

Fu rongting’s eyes were filled with gentleness. He slowly walked over and called her softly,”Jiajia!”

Zuo Jia’s body stiffened. She raised her head and looked at the man in military uniform in disbelief.

“What’s wrong? we haven’t seen each other for 25 days. Don’t you recognize me anymore?”

Zuo Jia felt like she was dreaming!

But even if it was just a dream, she did not hesitate to throw herself into his arms, tears falling down her face.”Rong ting, is that you? Is it really you?”

Fu rongting held Zuo Jia’s soft body and kissed her cheek and forehead, replying her in a low voice, “It’s me. I’m back. Did you miss me?”she said.

Zuo Jia nodded hard and cried like an aggrieved child.”I want to!”

“I miss you too. I miss you every day, and I’m going crazy!” Fu rongting said softly.

Guohua looked at the two young men and women whispering to each other and walked away with a smile.

Look at how good his eyes are!

He knew that Fu rongting was reliable!

The fu family was a loyal family. With Fu rongting taking care of Zuo Jia, she could live a stable and happy life.

His grandson-in-law was back. He had to quickly go back and tell Xi Ying to prepare a few more dishes for lunch, open a bottle of good wine, and drink to his heart’s content!

Oh, no, he couldn’t drink now.

Forget it, I’ll just drink fruit juice like wine.

Zuo Jia didn’t notice that the accident had left, as all her thoughts were on Fu rongting.

Fu rongting did see it, but Xi Guohua clearly didn’t want to disturb them and give them some space, so he didn’t say anything.

He gently wiped away Zuo Jia’s tears and stroked her chin.”How did you lose weight? Did you not eat properly?”

He had been worried that Zuo Jia’s obsessive-compulsive disorder would act up again without him and that she would try her best to finish all the remaining food. But now it seemed that she must have eaten very little these days. Even her chin had become sharp and her face had become smaller.

Zuo Jia looked at Fu rongting in front of her, unwilling to blink. She was afraid that if she blinked, he would disappear like a dream at night.

She pinched Fu rongting’s face, touched his arm, and pressed her ear against his chest to listen to his heartbeat. After a while, she said,””It really is true!”

Fu rongting wanted to laugh, but he felt an inexplicable heartache.

He lowered his head and pressed his lips against Zuo Jia ‘s, eagerly entangling with her.

Fu rongting didn’t stop until Zuo Jia was a little dazed from the kiss. He said in a magnetic voice,””Silly girl, do you still think you’re dreaming?”

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