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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 16 - Evils Need Other Evils to Dominate

Chapter 16: Evils Need Other Evils to Dominate

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Jing Yichen sighed lightly and nodded at Tiger. Only then, did Tiger give up what he was just about to do.

Lin Yi let out a sigh of relief. She turned around and found that her daughter was in such pain that her face had paled, her body shivered as if she had met the most horrible evil ghost. Her heart ached. She held her daughter in arms, crying constantly. Yet she dared not say anything, fearing that she would irritate the cruel demon opposite her.

Shangguan Ning was relieved as well. Although she disliked Aunt and Cousin, they were her Uncle’s wife and daughter. They were his closest family members and who were supposed to keep him company throughout his life. Otherwise she wouldn’t have been so polite to them.

Only after she relaxed did she realize that she had been holding on to Jing Yichen’s arm. She let go of the arm quickly, panicking slightly.

The soft and warm body went away from Jing Yichen, freeing him. Yet it was the first time for him to wish that this kind of strained feeling would stay a bit longer.

A touch of strangeness arose from the bottom of his heart and it came so fast that he was unable to press it down in time.

Jing Yichen thought that he must have gone crazy.

Yet he disguised himself perfectly, still showing a cold face. There was no change in his expressions.

But Tiger, who had grown up with him, sensed that something different had occurred to Master. But he was not able to define what that was.

Besides, his Master was not someone who liked to save girls from trouble. Destruction had always been Master’s style – just like the removal of someone’s arm that happened a minute ago. He didn’t even hesitate a moment. He was really ruthless.

But the simple-minded Tiger seemed to have forgotten that the arm was brought off because he had acted too fast.

Shangguan Ning let out a light relief, seeing that Jing Yichen didn’t react to her behavior.

She remembered that Zhao Anan had mentioned that her brother was obsessed with cleanness and he didn’t like having physical contacts with other people.

Shangguan Ning felt that her anger had reduced a bit seeing the mother and daughter scared. She had been bullied by them for so many years and she had always tolerated the behaviour for her uncle’s sake. Jing Yichen had truly taken revenge for her sake today.

It was an awkward moment amongst the group. But Jing Yichen didn’t feel that way. Instead, he turned around and calmly walked towards the elevator.

Tiger followed up like a shadow. Worried that her Aunt may take some crazy revenge on her, Shangguan Ning caught up with them too.

When the three of them were gone, Huang Xinyin burst into tears, not caring anything about her beautiful image.

“Mom, help me! I’m dying! It hurts so much, Mom...”

Her arm really hurt a great deal. But the most important thing was that she had lost a huge face for herself.

When did Shangguan Ning the bitch, gang up with such an exquisite man who spared no efforts to defend her? He didn’t hesitate a moment when it came to removing her arm!

She was such a lovely and pretty girl and he still had the heart to do that. He was more evil than a monster.

Lin Yu became so outraged that she kept gnashing her teeth. She helped her daughter into the brand-new BMW and drove away fast.She tried to comfort her daughter. “My dearest, just hold it for a minute. The hospital is just around the corner. That bitch will not escape this. Don’t worry, she will be hurt ten times more than you are now. Let’s report to your father as soon as we get home. He will know how cruel his niece is!”

Although that man seemed to be in a couple outfit with Shangguan Ning, yet it seemed that they had quite a normal relationship with each other and that they didn’t seem to know each other so well. Shangguan Ning had been surprised to see that man. He was not someone to piss off, but he wouldn’t be able to stand by Shangguan Ning’s side all the time.

As Lin Yu drove her daughter away, Shangguan Ning also followed up with Jing Yichen and waited for the elevator with him.

Shangguan Ning became a bit worried after she calmed down, though she had managed to vent out her anger.

Aunt would surely report this incident to Uncle. She wasn’t worried that her Uncle would misunderstand anything. But the sharp Uncle would surely understand that Aunt had visited her to get the apartment back. A fight was going to happen for sure.

She didn’t feel concerned about Aunt, only about Uncle. Uncle worked so hard outside but would have no chance to rest today when he got back home because of the fight.

It was all her fault. Had it not been her, Uncle might have lived an easier life. At least he would not need to argue with Aunt because of her.

Jing Yichen sensed Shangguan Ning’s low spirit. He said lightly, “Was that too much?”

Hearing his low and wonderful voice, Shangguan Ning was slightly taken aback. She replied after bringing herself to the present, “No. I appreciated what you did.”

She tried to suppress her distress and showed a smile on her tender face. “Actually, I had wanted to do that for ages. But I didn’t want to bring trouble for my Uncle. Otherwise I could have used the Taekwondo I picked up from Anan upon them. Although I didn’t do that myself, but it has been the most relieved day of my life. Someone finally appeared and helped me. They won’t dare to bully anyone around anymore!”

That she assumed others’ authorities as her own amused Jing Yichen. He lifted his lips’ corner, making a delightful arch. “Evils Need Other Evils to Dominate. That’s why it was natural for me to do that, not for you.”

Shangguan Ning grinned. A touch of warmth arose from her heart. She replied seriously, “You are a good man.”

Jing Yichen didn’t comment on that, but Tiger behind him twitched a bit.

Girl, you are too naïve. That beautiful face of Master’s had hustled numerous people. One word from him would cause pain to many people. He really shouldn’t be considered a good man.

What Tiger forgot was that it was him who had made those “numerous people” suffer. Besides, if Jing Yichen’s face was that of a hustler, then his own face was of a bigger hustler!

The elevator arrived with a ringing sound. The three of them walked in. Tiger pressed the 27th floor on the top and asked in a sincere way, “Which floor are you going to, Miss Shangguan?” He heard what the evil woman had said and understood that the present lady was the daughter of Deputy-Mayor Shangguan. So this was the girl Anan had presented to Master. Seemed that Master was treating her in a very different way.

As he was thinking, Tiger got a bit delighted. He showed his typical grin to Shangguan Ning.

Shangguan Ning replied with a smile as well. “Sixth, please.”

The first time she met Tiger, she thought that he was a good-natured young man, one that wouldn’t fight back even if he was bullied. Unexpectedly, he turned out to be someone relentless. You could tell from the fast way he finished his task – he must have done many similar things in life.

She glanced at the handsome, tall man beside her. For the first time, she got a bit curious about his identity.

But she wouldn’t ask what she wasn’t supposed to. Besides, they were not that close with each other yet.

Zhao Anan and she were best friends, but they never pried into each other’s family affairs. They were in a pure friendship.

Friends without any benefits or interests involved. That was how their friendship had lasted for so long.

The elevator arrived on the sixth floor within no time.

Shangguan Ning stepped out of the elevator and expressed her gratitude again. “Thank you for doing that today.”

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