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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 15 - Let Me Take It for You

Chapter 15: Let Me Take It for You

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Shangguai Ning hoped that her Uncle would not know about her plan of buying another apartment. She was sure that her Aunt would not tell her Uncle that she had driven Ning out of the apartment .

Although Shangguan Ning didn’t like her Aunt much, Uncle was her only family apart from her cold-blooded father. Uncle had given her a great deal of love and she didn’t want to cause problems for his family just because of her own issues. That was being selfish.

“Go home, Aunt. Don’t let Uncle know about your visit. I will move out soon.” She could rent a apartment in the worst case.

Cousin Huang Xinyi sneered. She said with lips pursed. “Hmmph. The only thing you know, is acting as if you were a good person. Act in front of Daddy, not in front of us. Shame on you!”

Shangguan Ning looked at her coldly with a frown. But she said nothing.

There were many things that could have been explained clearly. Her conflicts with her Cousin and Aunt had been going on for a long time. She had tried to defuse the issues between them, yet had achieved no result. The best way was to stay silent otherwise the two of them would quarrel with her until the next day.

Lin Yu agreed with her daughter’s words completely. This goddamned Shangguan Ning had taken so much advantage of their family. If she had not stepped forward and prevented him, the entire family would have been emptied by her betraying husband!

“It is true that our family is into real estate business, but apartments aren’t gained out of nothing. Besides, Family Huang didn’t develop this compound. Jingsheng Enterprise did. They often set high price on apartments and we didn’t buy this one to bring benefits for someone outside the family.”

Huang Real Estate had been founded by Shangguan Ning’s grandfather singlehandedly and it grew rapidly in Uncle Huang Liyan’s hands. It had become one of the best real estate agencies in A City.

Of course, it was nothing compared to Jingsheng Enterprise, which dealt with electronic devices, science and technology, film & entertainment, hotels, shopping malls and real estate etc. They had branches everywhere across the country. They had only a few real estate projects in A City, but all of them were luxurious buildings.

Uncle had a good relationship with the present President Jing Zhongxiu of Jingshen Enterprise. Uncle might have bought this apartment at the lowest price, but Aunt knew nothing about it.

Aunt Lin Yu’s shrill voice echoed across the parking lot, attracting many people to look towards this direction.

Not wanting to make a scene, Shangguan Ning turned around and was about to leave when Lin Yu grabbed hold of her.

“Look at your branded clothes and your car. Your life is too luxurious, to not being able to afford an apartment. You are teaching at the university, right? I heard teachers have high salary there. Oh yes, don’t teachers get apartment from schools too? Do you have one already? Are you trying to take over our apartment when you have already got one?”

Shangguan Ning’s white NIKE outfit plus sneakers were far cheaper than Huang Xinyi’s LV handbag. Besides, schools in the present day didn’t provide apartments to teachers like they used to.

Lin Yu was just badgering her unreasonably.

She was already tired from tennis. At this moment, she felt weakness in the entire body increasing by the minute.

She pulled out the arm Lin Yu was holding onto and was about to take a step forward when a foot stretched out and tripped her over.

Shangguan Ning fell straight upon the ground. She couldn’t help but cry out in pain.

Huang Xinyin withdrew her foot and said pretentiously, “Oh, Cousin you should be more careful while walking!”

Lin Yu finally felt happy. She took Huang Xinyi’s hands and was about to leave when a tall man came in front of them.

“Who are you? What are you doing here? You bitch, you have helpers? Get away from us. We are not someone whom you dare irritate.”

Tiger had come to stand in front of them. He did not move an inch. His eyes were fixed upon his Master. It was the first time after so many years when he saw his Master holding a woman like this.

Jing Yichen stretched out his arms and put them around Shangguan Ning’s waist, slowly helping her to get on feet. Seeing her face wrinkled in pain, he couldn’t help but frown. “Why didn’t you dodge when they were pushing you in dirt.”

Her white sportswear had been stained, hair loosened. She looked messy.

But Jing Yichen, who was always so obsessed with cleanness, didn’t care a thing. Instead, he felt that she had made his heart ache.

It was not until Shangguan Ning got back to her feet that she realized it was Jing Yichen, who had helped her up.

A touch of warmth flew into her heart upon hearing his words. Then she asked with slight surprise, “What are you doing here?”

Seeing that she could stand on her feet, Jing Yichen withdrew his hands and nodded lightly. “I just moved here.”

The trucks, hoists and the luxurious, eye-attracting Aston Martin suddenly crossed her mind. She looked up at the good-natured guy and understood all.

It was he who had moved in that day!

No wonder she had seen the car outside Victorian.

She mumbled softly, “It was you.”

On the other side, Lin Yu and Huang Xinyi were pissed that they were being held up. But seeing such a perfectly handsome young man like Jing Yichen in front of them, drove their anger away. Joy arose inside them immediately.

Although they had no idea who Jing Yichen was, yet his charisma and the face that exceeded the best-looking star in A City and Tiger, who was apparently an intimidating bodyguard, made them realize that he must be from a wealthy family.

Huang Xinyi’s eyes sparkled. Her lustful eyes embarrassed Shangguan Ning.

Lin Yu lightened her anger, but did not fully restrain it. Instead, she naturally took Jing Yichen as her son-in-law and put on her greasy expressions. She pulled her bashful daughter to her side and said, “What is your family name, Mr? Are you married? This is my daughter Huang Xinyi, the lady of Huang Real Estate, and the only inheritor. Maybe we can get to know each other better?”

She thought that as long as she put forward Huang Real Estate, people would surely want to be friends with them.

Unexpectedly, however, Jing Yichen had no expression on his face as if he had heard nothing. He said to Tiger in a very chilly tone, “One arm off for each of them.”

Hearing the order, Tiger immediately strained up and put efforts into his hands. He looked totally different from his usual, honest, good-natured being. Even the white teeth which he showed, were creepy.

“No!” Fright cast over Shangguan Ning, cold sweat dripping from her body. She tried to stop him.

But it was already too late.

A shrill scream came out and one of Huang Xinyi’s arms was dislocated from her shoulder.

Seeing Tiger releasing Huang Xinyi’s arm and turning to Lin Yu’s, Shangguan Ning immediately held onto Jing Yichen’s arms. “No, no, no. Please! She is my Aunt, please don’t!”

Jing Yichen had heard them talking when he was in the car. He knew that one of them was her Aunt, the other her Cousin. What he detested most was that her own family had been so cruel to Shangguan Ning.

At this moment, however, Shuangguan Ning looked so nervous and her tender, beautiful face was full of soft pleading. The arm that held on to him was so tight that he could clearly feel the soft shivering of her body.

Jing Yichen’s heart, which had been sealed and frozen for so long, opened up with a touch of softness.

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