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My Secretary is a Little Sweet

Chapter 14 - The Old Ladies Are Eager

Chapter 14: The Old Ladies Are Eager

Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Shangguan Rouxue played tennis well, but Shangguan Ning was much better. It was not only the result of Shangguan Ning’s constant efforts, but also because of her innate gift.

When Shangguan Ning discovered that she could be better than Shangguan Rouxue in tennis, she started to practice crazily. Her tennis skills progressed tremendously after her 100% efforts and innate gift. Even her tennis coach had the intention of recommending her to be included in the national team.

But she rejected it back then because she had already become engaged to Xie Zhuojun at that time, and Mr. & Mrs. Xie didn’t want their daughter-in-law to be an athlete.

But not being able to be an athlete didn’t mean that she wasn’t allowed to play tennis. Therefore, Shangguan Ning performed wonderfully at Domestic University Tennis Contest.

In that particular year, when she went for the tennis contest during summer holidays, Xie Zhuojun ended up being with Shangguan Rouxue.

Deeply saddened, she went all the way to New Zealand, where she continued with her studies and tried to heal herself.

After she went abroad, she didn’t touch tennis for a very long time. But after a while, she wasn’t able to leave it completely. So, she gradually started to play again.

That was why Zhao Anan, who wasn’t trained in tennis, got beaten so fiercely by Shangguan Ning. No matter how much Shangguan Ning tried to spare her, there was still a huge difference between their skills. Shangguan Ning had no difficulty in beating Zhao Anan who had so many loopholes in her game.

Seeing the happy Shangguan Ning blanking out and brightness dimming from her beautiful, twinkling eyes, Jing Yichen immediately changed the topic. “How did an excellent player like you end up playing with Zhao Anan? She can win a fight single-handedly, but does not stand a chance in tennis at all.”

Shangguan Ning brought herself back to the present and realized that Jing Yichen was finding faults in his own sister. She was suddenly amused.

“How can you demean your sister like that?” She thought of how proud Anan looked when she was introducing Jing Yichen to her.

She continued speaking with lips half-curved, “Anan speaks very highly of you.”

Jing Yichen replied expressionlessly, “I was speaking highly of her just now too.”

The two of them walked for a while and parted at the parking lot because Shangguan Ning’s car was at the parking lot whilst Jing Yichen’s car was parked somewhere else.

Shangguan Ning got into the car, fastened the seat belt and drove away as she waved to Jing Yichen.

A while later, Tiger drove in and took Jing Yichen away.

Jing Yichen’s cell phone kept ringing constantly in the car. He picked it up, frowning.

“Chen! Where are you? You have been away for so long. Have you forgotten about me? Have I bred an ungrateful grandson!”

“I will come see you when I have time.” Jing Yichen sounded a little tired, so he replied lightly.

“I know you too well. You won’t return if I don’t urge you. Okay, if you still don’t come home in a couple of days, I will come to you at your new home.”

“Oh also, hurry up and bring home a wife! Your grandpa and I have little time left. Do you plan to get married after we die? You are burdened with the mission of extending our Family Jing’s bloodline! If the bloodline is cut at your generation, we will have no face to meet our ancestors after we die!”

“I met your grandmother several days ago. She is also looking forward to seeing you getting married! Please, have mercy on us old ladies. We are old enough to be dead and still we have to be so worried about your life’s issues. How can you be so vicious...”?

The Old Lady Mo Lan nagged for a long while. She pretended to be pitiful, threatened, lured and used all the tricks she could think of, but no reaction came from the other side of the cell phone.

“Chen, did you hear me talking?” The old lady got a bit worried, raising her voice.

Jing Yichen had put his phone far away from his ears, and didn’t answer a short “Okay” until a long while later. Then he hung up the cell phone.

The cell phone rang again within no time.

He picked it up, feeling a bit annoyed. “What is it?”

The Old Lady didn’t care about her grandson’s coldness and irritation. Instead, she was a bit happy as she asked, “Why did you hang up before I finished my words? So ungrateful! But I heard that Anan set you up with a university teacher?”

Jing Yichen frowned – Zhao Anan just couldn’t keep her mouth shut!

“I heard that she is pretty and well-educated. Do you like her? Well, I think an average moneyed one is enough. We don’t need her money, do we? The girl’s family doesn’t matter, as long as she is nice to you!”

“If this one doesn’t work out, I will set you up another one. A model, beautiful and charismatic. I know her parents. Both are nice people. What about a date with her someday soon?”

“Oh, yes. Your grandmother has spotted one for you too. Seems that she is a high-level white collar at a foreign company...”

Jing Yichen hung up the cell phone directly once again. He refused to take any more calls from the Old Lady.

“Tiger, back to the apartment.”

“Yes, Master.” Tiger replied and started to drive towards the apartment.

As soon as they entered the underground parking lot of Landscape Compound, a woman’s sharp voice echoing across the parking lot greeted Jing Yichen’s ears.

“... how can you have nowhere to live? You have your own home! What do you mean by staying in our house? Hehe, Deputy-Mayor Shangguan is indeed an honest and upright officer, is he? He doesn’t even have a place for his own daughter to sleep at!”

At first, Jing Yichen didn’t care about that. But when he heard the word “Deputy-Mayor Shangguan”, he turned around into that direction.

Many cars kept coming in and out in the parking lot, so Jing Yichen’s car didn’t draw the attention of Shangguan Ning and the two women beside her.

Shangguan Ning’s face looked cold. She had not planned to say anything in case the situation got worse. But as her Aunt Lin Yu and her cousin Huang Xinyi started to talk with increasingly insulting words, and to drag her father into the conversation, she finally opened her mouth and said with a cold voice, “Don’t worry Aunt, I will definitely move out before the New Year and the apartment will be returned to you intact. As for Deputy-Mayor Shangguan, I suggest you not getting involved, or you might get into trouble without knowing that.”

She chose to stay in this apartment, only because it was located far away from her Uncle’s home, so that she could avoid conflicts with her Aunt.

However, Aunt still came to the door, and it was not the first time. From the day she returned to China, she would visit here almost every month, forcing her to hand over the apartment.

Actually, Shangguan Ning had already started to look for an apartment two months ago. She still had some legacy from her mother, and buying an apartment wasn’t a problem for her. But the money was left by her mother, and she didn’t want to splurge it away. So seeking a relatively fair-priced place was taking a long time.

Also, Uncle Huang Lihan was a renowned real estate developer in A City and many buildings were developed and built by him. So Uncle would know about her buying an apartment within two days wherever she decided to settle down.

If he got to know that it had been Aunt who took over the apartment he gave to her, the couple would surely be fall into another fight again, or could even be in a cold war for months.

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