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Chapter 14: Do You Want Dinner? Or Do You Want To Take a Bath?

“Welcome home, Onii-chan!”

When I walked through the door of my home, like a dog that was waiting for it’s owner to come home, Mizuna came to greet me at the front door.

Mizuna looked up at me with a sparkle in her eye, and for some reason she was wearing an apron. The moment I saw her, I had a very bad feeling.

“Dinner? Or do you want a bath?”

“…I got a little wet, so I think I’ll take a bath. I think it’s too early to eat.”

“Oh, if I look carefully at Yuuki-kun, you’re soaked! Where’s your umbrella? You didn’t take it with you?”

Unfortunately, right after I parted with Yui, the rain suddenly turned into a downpour and I got quite nice and wet. [T/N: ( ?° ?? ?°) ok, ok, I’m sorry.]

My shoes were soaked and uncomfortable, and my shirt was sticking to my torso, so I wanted to take a bath first.

“I lent my umbrella to a friend.”

“What…. Are you perhaps being.. bullied? Yuuki-kun?”

“No, no.”

“That’s no good, Yuuki-kun! You have to tell Mizuna the truth!”

“I lent it to a friend.”

Mizuna gave me a serious look of concern, but there’s no point in pushing and answering questions while dripping wet.

If I go up like this, the floor will get wet, so I start by taking off my shirt for now.


“What do you mean ‘kya’? You’re in the way, so move.”

Mizuna tries to cover both her eyes with her fingers, but the space between her fingers is so empty that she’s not hiding them at all.

But even so, she was embarrassed and deliberately turns away, but the sight of her jumping into the scene is enough to make me gasp.

I didn’t notice it before because of the apron, but from behind, she was just dressed in her underwear, which was extremely shameful.

In other words, Mizuna wore an apron directly over her underwear.

The reason for that is because it’s ‘liberating’ or something like that. And Mizuna would try to stay in her underwear in the house if Yuuki didn’t want her.

“What are you wearing? Put some clothes on.”

“But Yuuki-kun was in the middle of taking off his clothes.”

I decided to wipe down the floor later because Mizuna was too noisy, so I went straight to the bathroom.

I quickly take off my clothes and go inside, and it’s awfully warm. I’m surprised that the bathtub is already filled with hot water. Apparently Mizuna had already prepared the bath for me.

As I was rinsing myself lightly in the shower, the door to the bathroom opened slightly and Mizuna peeked in.

“Onii-chan, do you want me to wash your back?”

“No thanks, I mean, what’s up with today?”

“I told you. Mizuna’s going to work hard and do housework and stuff!”

“This isn’t a household chore, is it?”

Mizuna’s eyes fell down as she talked about this.

With a slam, Yuuki shut out Mizuna with the entire door.


I wonder if my sister is curious about her brother’s body.

Well, I guess it’s simply the opposite sex that’s closest to me, but I think it should at least be done in a way that’s more difficult to understand.

…It’s fine to not do it, though.

When I got out of the bath and walked out into the living room, Mizuna came up to me as if she had been waiting.

When she pulled my arm over to the table, Mizuna pulls out a chair and says, “Go ahead”.

When I sat down as I was helped, there was a huge presence of what looked like omelette on a large plate on the table.

Beside that, there was a steaming bowl of miso soup.

“This is… what a blend of Japanese and Western cuisine.”

“I made dinner for Yuuki-kun! Eat up before it gets cold.”

Mizuna gestured to the food with her hand.

She may have made it out of impulse, but it was still too early for dinner.

“Amazing, you made this?”

“Un. The eggs are fluffy.”

Mizuna huffs and puffs proudly, but it’s more like a mess. The rice wasn’t wrapped up at all.

When I took a scoop of the rice with a spoon, I found that some parts of the rice was colored and others weren’t. The ketchup was sparsely mixed with the rice.

“I guess this is for me, what about you, Mizuna?”

“Mizuna has a bento.”

Mizuna pointed to the edge of the table.

There was a bento in a bag from the local supermarket.

“Yuuki-kun said he ate a bento made by a friend, so I wanted to be a rival. What kind of food did you eat with the bento? Maybe it’s homemade?”

“Well, the person next to me made it?”


Mizuna made a strange face, but so does Yuuki.

“That’s alright, just go ahead and eat up.”

I bring the spoon to my breath as she rushes me to hurry up and eat.

It tastes like an omelet, but the seasoning was uneven. And the rice is a bit hard.

But when she looks at you expectantly like that, there’s nothing else to say.

“Yeah, it’s good.”


When Mizuna raised her arms and jumps up in a small way, Yuuki, seeing this, couldn’t help but feel his cheeks relax.

However, if he admitted that this was delicious, it wouldn’t be good for Mizuna herself in the future.

But it’s also awkward to point out the details. She should figure out the mistakes herself. Yuuki pointed his spoon at Mizuna.

“Have you tasted it? You should try it yourself.”

“Oh, that’s okay. I won’t be able to eat my bento.”

He was easily refused.

However, he wasn’t going to let her get away with this, and Yuuki also bites down.

“I’ll do it for you.”


When I said that, she opened her mouth honestly.

I put a spoonful of rice into her mouth.

To Mizuna, who was munching, he said,

“How is it?”

“Not bad.”

“Okay, have another bite.”

“Oh, forget it.”

Apparently she noticed something bad, but pretended not to notice.

It seems like she hadn’t tasted it herself. The feeling of making it is amazing.

“How is the miso soup…”

I took a sip of it fearlessly.

It seemed to have tofu and onion in it.


The taste was thin. It seems to be just miso dissolved in hot water.

This is real miso. I appreciated that she tried to make it herself instead of using instant miso.

Regardless of the taste, Mizuna did her best to make it in her own way. It’s not good to disrespect her.

Maybe next time I can make it for her and show her how to make it.

While I was thinking about this, as I was eating my meal,

“I’m kind of hungry. Maybe I should eat too.”

Saying that, Mizuna fumbles with the bento from her bag.

When I glanced at the tray, I saw that it had rice with seaweed, fried food, and salmon fillets.

The stew was sticking out of the divider, and the side dishes were hazy and unappealing.

If he looked closely, he could see a sticker on the lid that says “thirty percent off”.

It was very different from the bento that Yuuki ate for lunch.

“O bento~ O bento~”

Despite that, Mizuna gladly put it in the microwave and warmed up the bento.

While looking at her, Yuuki suddenly remembered the gorgeous bento box made by Yui, and feels a feeling of guilt that was hard to describe.

(That bento…)

At that time, the cell phone in his pocket quivered.

That was a rare occurrence, and it was a notification that a message arrived from Yui.

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