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Chapter 9: Hidden Quest, Father’s Legacy!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At this moment, not just the other players, even Mike was surprised.

‘Although my friendliness had reached respect, wasn’t it too strange to just give away a family treasure?’

Just as he was thinking about it, the village chief said hesitantly,

“Although I mentioned giving to you... I actually have another favor to ask from you.”

Hearing this, Mike no longer found it strange.

So it was to issue a mission.

Mike nodded slightly and said, “Okay.”

Seeing Mike nod in agreement, the village chief excitedly took out a goatskin scroll, handed it to Mike, and said,

“Respected God Slayer, this is a treasure map, and a family heirloom is marked on the map.

“If you find the family heirloom, I hope you can return the father’s legacy buried together to me.”

Hearing this, Mike understood.

It seemed that the village chief’s father had some legacy buried together with the family heirloom.

When the village chief asked players to help him find it, the father’s legacy would belong to the village chief while the family heirloom would be given to the players as a reward. It was very reasonable.


‘If that was the case, then the village chief could have followed the map to find it himself. Why would he ask the players?’

While he was thinking of this, the village chief continued,

“However, I have to remind you that there is a wandering black bear nearby that’s very difficult to deal with. Please be careful...”

Speaking of this, Mike suddenly came to a realization.

No wonder the village chief did not do it himself. Apparently, there was a monster to kill.

Mike smiled slightly and took the treasure map from the village chief. He nodded and said,

“Leave this to me. Don’t worry.”

[Successfully accepted a mission: Father’s Legacy]

A blue dialog box!

At this point, the doubts in Mike’s heart were solved.

Logically speaking, even if the NPC issued him a blue mission out of respect.

However, the difficulty of the mission should not change.

Therefore, it was very strange for the Kill the Chicken mission to be blue.

However, if Kill the Chicken was a prerequisite mission for Father’s Legacy, then it would not be strange.

It was not the Kill the Chicken mission that was blue, the difficulty lied in Father’s Legacy.

Thinking of this, Mike opened the treasure map and walked out of the village.

The nearby players were discussing excitedly.

“Hey, hey, hey, did you guys see that? The NPC seems to have given God Slayer a special mission!”

“It seems like the reward is pretty good. We can...”

The few of them discussed in lowered voices, and they seemed to have reached an agreement.

In Second World, everyone’s appearance was randomly generated, so it was impossible to guess a player’s real identity through their in-game characters.

It was also because of this that many players would do bad deeds.

Stealing treasures, weapons, or even monsters.

Regardless, you would not pursue the matter into the real world. In the game, it was just a competition to be the best!

These players had all heard that Big Fist was instantly killed by the village chief, so they naturally would not foolishly look for the village chief and ask for hidden missions.

They planned to wait for Mike to find the heirloom before killing him and snatching it!

After the discussion, they quietly followed Mike with their wooden swords.

However, Mike did not seem to be in a hurry to find the heirloom. Instead, he kept killing the chickens beside the village.

In such circumstances, they dared not make a move.

After all, if they took the initiative to attack players near the village, they would be seen by the NPCs.

It was very likely that their friendliness with humans would decrease.

Therefore, they could only wait until Mike was a distance away from the village before attacking.

It was best to attack Mike only after he had found the family heirloom!

The few of them looked at each other, discussed in low voices, and were prepared to wait here in hiding.

But soon, they noticed that something odd.

“Hey, hey, hey, don’t you guys think that God Slayer’s leveling speed is a little too fast?”

One of the players called Silencer frowned slightly.

The others also nodded.

‘This God Slayer had only killed a few chickens, but he had already risen to the fifth level.’

Although Mike had just reached level 3, it was still an abnormal speed.

What they did not know was that before killing the chickens, although Mike was only level 3, he was only a little bit away from reaching level 4.

In addition, Mike could gain double the EXP, so he naturally leveled up very quickly.

After reaching level 5, Mike smiled and walked out of the village.

The reason why he chose to level up here was very simple.

Because he had an iron sword in his backpack.

A wooden sword’s attack power was 1.

Meanwhile, an iron sword’s attack power was 10!

The difference was huge.

However, the usage requirements were remanding. One had to reach level 5 to equip it.

That was the reason why Mike stayed and killed all these chickens.

Since he could now equip the iron sword, Mike no longer had the need to continue killing chickens.

He went straight to the heirloom!

The players in the village saw Mike walking out of the village and their eyes lit up.

It was time for action!

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