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Chapter 6: Why Would the Village Chief Call Him “My Lord”?!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

When he opened his eyes, Mike was standing in a small village with a hint of excitement on his face.

In the distance was a continuous stretch of mountains, and the sky was so blue it looked as if it was painted.

In the village, there were blacksmiths, distilleries, pharmacies, and other shops.

All these things did not seem to exist in reality, but they all appeared here.

This was Second World!

Looking at the familiar scene in front of him, Mike slowly closed his eyes and took two deep breaths.

He was back!

In his previous life, he accomplished nothing in the real world and had never achieved anything in the game. With only a D-grade talent, he was destined to live like an insignificant ant in the vast world.

However, in this life, he had obtained SSS-grade talent!

He had decided to live a wonderful life. He wanted to become the strongest player in Second World.

God Slayer!

This name would reverberate throughout Second World and even the real world!

Reopening his eyes, he had already controlled his emotions and was once again calm.

Now, there was no time for him to stand there in a daze. He had to seize every second.

It did not matter if the others did not know, but he, who had transmigrated back from the future, knew very well.

Ten years later, the Second World would be fully connected to the real world.

The occasional monster attacks and beast tides were just small skirmishes.

When the time came, it would be the real battlefield!

As for him, Mike.

Now, he had to seize every second of his life to improve his strength, to ensure that he would have the power to fight!

Thinking of this, Mike suddenly frowned and could not help but guess.

The reason why he could forcefully upgrade his D-grade talent to SSS-grade talent was because of Mother Earth’s blessing.

However, as for this Mother Earth’s blessing, he had neither understood nor heard of it before.

He could not help but guess that this Mother Earth’s blessing might have something to do with his reincarnation...

Thinking of this, Mike shook his head, as if he wanted to get rid of the thoughts in his mind.

These were not things that he should be concerned about right now.

What he needed to do now was to level up!

After slowly scanning the surrounding environment, Mike’s gaze focused and locked onto an old man in the middle of the village.

This old man was the village chief of the novice village. Normally, players would first go to the village chief to accept quests, and then they would kill monsters to level up.

At this moment, several people could be seen standing around the village chief, as if they were queuing up to accept quests.

Mike said nothing as he slowly walked to the nearby area and silently stood at the back of the queue.

Queuing up to accept quests was something that was taught in school. Everyone had to follow this kind of order.

Similarly, the school had taught them to look for the village chief to accept missions once they arrived at the novice village, so everyone was naturally clear about this.

However, just as Mike reached the vicinity of the village chief, something magical happened.

“My lord, my lord.”

The village chief suddenly looked at Mike and called out enthusiastically.

Everyone was slightly stunned.

‘The NPC actually took the initiative to talk to a player?

‘Moreover, he even called him “my lord”?

‘Why are we called “young adventurers” while he is addressed as “lord”?

‘Aren’t we all new level 1 players?

‘What’s going on???’

The surrounding players were all shocked, unable to comprehend the situation in front of them.

Mike, who was involved, was equally dumbfounded.

‘Everyone was queuing up, but the village chief had bypassed so many people to speak to me?

‘What was going on?’

At this moment, the player at the front of the team suddenly exclaimed.

“Why can’t I accept the mission? F*ck, what’s going on?!”

The young man standing behind him took a step forward and tried to talk to the village chief, but he could not accept the mission either.

The village chief was still standing at the same spot, looking at Mike with enthusiasm. He waved his hand and shouted, “My lord, please come over quickly!”

This time, everyone looked at Mike.

They could see that there was definitely something wrong with this player called God Slayer!

Mike saw that everyone was staring at him and that the village chief stopped giving out missions. Thus, he could only take a few steps forward and come in front of the village chief.

No one had any objections to his cutting the queue behavior.

Right now, they only were just curious about what had happened.

“Sir, hello. I am the village chief of the novice village. The novice village is in a bit of trouble now. Can I ask for your help?”

Mike nodded slightly, and the village chief continued to say,

“Our village is running out of food now. Can you help us kill ten chickens and send them to the butcher shop? We will definitely be grateful for your great kindness!”

Hearing this, everyone looked at Mike with a strange expression.

‘Kill chickens?

‘Isn’t it just an ordinary novice mission?

‘Everyone has accepted the same mission.’

However, Mike squinted his eyes. 𝗶n𝐧𝘳ea𝙙. 𝘤𝑜𝚖

Because a blue dialog box appeared in front of him.

[Do you accept the mission ‘Kill the Chickens’?]

The key was not this line of words, but the color.

Killing chickens... it was actually a blue quest!

Looking at the village chief’s enthusiastic look, Mike suddenly thought of something.

He immediately muttered in his heart, ‘Summon the skill attributes panel.’

Then, on his panel of attributes, he found a skill.

[Human Affinity (god-level passive enhancement). Human NPC will take the initiative to be two times friendlier!]

[Current level — respect!]

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