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Chapter 3: Mother Earth’s Blessing, SSS-Grade Talent!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

As soon as Blair finished speaking, a few of his underlings immediately voiced out their agreement.

“Hahaha, Boss Blair is right. That kid Mike is probably so scared that he wet his bed.”

“Such trash is actually Boss Blair’s classmate. This is simply the biggest joke in the world.”

“Mike, Boss Blair is willing to talk to you even after activating his A-grade talent. You should feel honored.”

“Cherish your last moments as classmates. In the future, Boss Blair and you will no longer be in the same world.”

These guys were Blair’s underlings. They often followed behind Blair and bullied other classmates.

Now that Blair had activated an A-grade talent, his future would only be brighter. Naturally, they would try their best to please their “boss”.

However, when Blair heard the last sentence, he frowned slightly and said with a trace of dissatisfaction.

“What do you mean from now on, Mike and I are not from the same world?

“We haven’t been in the same world from the very beginning!”

The underling originally wanted to curry favor with Blair but was shocked to have angered him instead. He then repeatedly apologized to Blair.

As for Teacher Peter, he could only choose to remain silent.

After all, Blair had drawn an A-grade talent, thus was no longer someone that he, as a teacher, could casually reprimand.

Mike, who was at the door, saw this scene, but his heart did not waver in the slightest bit.

In this world, drawing an A-grade talent meant that one’s future was bright.

Conversely, getting the most garbage D-grade talent meant that one would basically have a hopeless life.

Mike had a deep understanding of this. After all, he had experienced it before.

Therefore, he did not say anything unnecessarily. He just calmly walked to the front of the podium, looked at Teacher Peter, and asked,

“Teacher Peter, can I start activating my talent?”

Peter was slightly stunned when he heard Mike’s words.

‘Why does this kid Mike feel different from before?

‘It seems as if... he has matured a lot?’

Before Teacher Peter could even react, Blair was already angry. He stood up and slammed the table.

“Mike, how dare you ignore me?!”

Faced with Blair’s provocation, Mike slowly turned his head and calmly looked at him. He said dully,

“I’m really sorry.”

Hearing this, Blair froze on the spot. Teacher Peter’s eyes flashed with a hint of surprise.

‘Mike did not further escalate the conflict?

‘If it was the old Mike, he would have long been at loggerheads with Blair’s provocation.

‘Because of this, Mike has had several visits to the hospital.

‘Although the federation would provide treatment to poor families like Mike to prevent an increase in his financial pressure.

‘But getting injured meant that actual damage was done to his body, even if the medical fees were covered.

‘However, Mike has never given in.

‘How come today... He’s so sincere?’

Blair was completely stunned.

He expected Mike to continue opposing him, then he could give Mike a good beating.

However, Mike actually directly apologized to him.

At first, he intended to give his opponent a good punch, but who knew that his punch landed on soft cotton instead.

It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

After Mike finished speaking, he did not continue dwelling on this matter. Instead, he turned his head to look at Teacher Peter.

“Teacher, may I start activating my talent?”

“Ah... Yes...”

Teacher Peter answered blankly.

Then, Mike laid on the special instrument in front of the podium.

It looked like a bed, but this “bed” was very technological.

In addition to a transparent protective cover, there was a display screen beside the bed. This screen was used to display the user’s talent.

This was a special instrument made by the federation, the talent testing device.

Every student can only log into Second World on the day of the talent test. Violators would be expelled from school and would be stripped of all benefits provided by the government.

Today was the day of the test — the last day of 2161. 𝓲nn𝑟𝚎𝙖𝘥. 𝐜𝚘𝐦

Once students who had just turned 18 first log into Second World during the talent test, their activated talent would be displayed on the screen.

Through this method, the federation and schools could select talented people and focus on nurturing them.

Mike, who was in the talent testing machine, looked at his teacher. Peter shot him an encouraging look.

Then, Mike closed his eyes.

Logged into Second World!

In the next moment, Mike felt as if his consciousness had been pulled out. Then, he arrived in a pure white space.

For other students, this was their first day in this space.

However, Mike was here “30 years ago”.

Mike, who was revisiting this place, was filled with endless emotions. The electronic voice in his memory sounded again.

“Welcome to Second World.

“Detected that the player has logged in for the first time. Activating talent skill...

“Activation successful. D-grade talent skill, Slight Passive Enhancement!”

Hearing this, Mike sighed.

As expected, just like his previous life, it was still the same useless skill.

Since he had successfully activated his talent, Mike did not plan to stay here any longer. He was planning to leave this white space and return to the real world.

However, at this moment, the electronic voice from before suddenly sounded again.

“Mother Earth’s blessing detected. Talent is forcefully upgraded.

“Activating talent skill again...

“Activation successful. SSS-grade talent skill, God-level Passive Enhancement!”

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