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Chapter 29: 5 Minutes to Complete an Impossible Mission

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mike had torn the reward order from the notice board and officially accepted the mission, leaving the City of Light.

The wheat field on the east side was not particularly far from the City of Light, and it was only a 15-minute walk.

From afar, Mike could see the wheat field, but it was very different from the memories of his former life.

In his old memories, the wheat field was always golden, and when the breeze blew, it would set off a wave as the wheat swayed. Just looking at it brought comfort and ease to people.

But now, the scene in the wheat field was terrible.

The crops were no longer harvestable and were badly damaged.

On almost every plant, there were locusts that constantly devoured the plant.

Occasionally, a large black shadow would suddenly fly up, and it looked very frightening.

These locusts were completely different from the locusts in the real world. They were huge.

Each of them was about 20 centimeters long.

If someone asked, “What is the most annoying monster in Second World?”

The answer would definitely be these mutated locusts.

With only 5 HP, they were very weak.?Almost any attack could kill them.

However, since they were so weak, neither would they provide players with experience nor would they drop any loot.

They did not provide 1 EXP or 1 copper coin. Therefore, no one was willing to provoke them.

After Mike saw these mutated locust monsters, he picked up his poisonous sword and walked forward.

Soon, Mike was in the hostility range.

Many locusts noticed Mike and flew toward him.

However, when they came into contact with Mike, they died immediately.

Mike, on the other hand, was not hurt at all.

The locusts rushed toward Mike, but Mike did not stop walking.

More and more locusts were attracted to Mike.

The whole wheat field was covered with a huge shadow. The huge shadow had covered the sky and the sun.

Under this huge shadow, Mike looked very small, as if Mike was the locust.

Soon, Mike arrived at the center of the wheat field and stopped.

He was completely surrounded by locusts.

Within dozens of meters from him, there were countless locusts.

They kept rushing toward Mike but died one after another.

Every second, dozens of locusts rushed toward Mike, killing themselves.

In five minutes, in only five minutes, Mike completed a task that no one else could complete.

The entire wheat field was quiet.

The reason why it took so long was because it took Mike some time to walk to the center of the wheat field.

At this time, the ground was nearly covered with the corpses of the mutated locust monsters.

Mike, on the other hand, was unscathed.

If anyone had seen this scene, they would have stared in shock.

No one could survive if they were attacked by so many locusts.

Even a level 100 player would not be able to survive!

However, Mike survived.

Not only that, but he also successfully completed the mission!

[Mission completed. Please go to the Palace of Light to receive the reward!]

After seeing the system notification, Mike smiled and used the hearthstone in his backpack.

This was a tool that every player owned. After using it, they would return to the tavern. The cooldown time was one hour.

When Mike learned the gun mastery skill in the City of Light, he had also bound the hearthstone to a record point.

Hence, Mike instantly appeared in the tavern of the City of Light.

Seeing Mike, Allen in the corner took the initiative to speak again,

“Lord God Slayer, are you really not going to consider it again? Change your class to become a sharpshooter. You won’t regret it...burp.” 𝒾𝗻𝓃𝐫eα𝚍. 𝒄𝐨m

As he said that, he even burped drunkenly.

Mike smiled at Allen and said nothing. He left the tavern.

The City of Light Tavern was on the west side of the city, while the palace was on the north side of the city. The entire City of Light was separated in the middle.

However, it was still much closer than walking to the palace from the wheat fields.

Soon, Mike arrived at the palace.

The two guards saw Mike and stopped him.

“I’m sorry, respected God Slayer. Even if it’s you, I still have to ask what business you have here?”

If it was any other player, the guard would have scolded, “Get lost, this is not a place for a guy like you.”

However, Mike was respected among human NPCs, so the guard was already considered very polite.

Although Mike was stopped, he was not angry. He smiled and said,

“I completed the mission on the bulletin board... The one to eliminate the locusts. I came to the palace to receive my reward.”

Hearing this, even the guard showed a surprised expression.

“What... you actually completed that mission? Oh my god, it’s unbelievable even for you. However, since you’ve completed the mission, you are naturally allowed to enter the palace.”

The two guards immediately gave up stopping Mike, and their gazes toward Mike held an even deeper sense of respect.

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