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Chapter 26: A Dungeon Run Every 4 Minutes. Was This Really the Novice’s Grave?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The four of them looked at each other and saw the shock in their own teammate’s eyes.

When they entered the dungeon, they indeed had no problem dealing with five spiders. However, if they were to deal with ten spiders at the same time, they might not be able to handle it. If they were not careful, they might be completely wiped out!

Most of the time, the limit was the limit. Just one extra monster could wipe out the entire team.

For example, if a player attracted an extra monster, his HP would drop faster than the others. If the priest could not heal him in time and the player ended up dead, the remaining players would have to bear the extra pressure, leading to a team elimination.

Therefore, under normal circumstances, everyone would not attract more hostility.

However, God Slayer was alone. It was already unbelievable that he had dealt with five spiders at the same time, but he was actually dealing with ten spiders at once!

Wasn’t he asking for trouble?

The swordsman player with the iron sword and pink pants looked at Super Rich, could not help but ask,

“Young master, shall we go and see how he fights?”

Super Rich frowned slightly and waved his hand,

“What matters in business is credibility. If we wait here honestly, we will gain a friend.

“But if we break the agreement, we might gain an enemy instead!

“It’s not worth it to satisfy our curiosity.”

This team naturally had Super Rich as the core of the team. Since he had said so, the others could only shut up.


On the other side.

When Mike arrived at the second intersection, he actually did not stop but continued to rush forward.

When he first cleared this dungeon, he had forgotten one important thing.

That was, he did not need to stop here to fight these small monsters!

Because his way of thinking was still based on the habits of his previous life, so he subconsciously overlooked this point.

In his previous life, if a small party ignored these small spiders, it would be very dangerous to directly attack the mother of spiders.

Because not only did they have to deal with the boss, they also had to bear the attacks of the small monsters from all directions.

However, Mike did not need to worry about this!

When he came to the third fork, Mike continued moving forward.

Behind him, there was a large group of spiders densely packed together.

If a normal player was in such a situation, he would have stood there and waited for death.

There was no way he could have survived!

However, Mike was not worried at all. He continued to charge forward.

Soon, Mike arrived at the boss’s room.

He rushed over skillfully and cut through the spider web on the wall. Then, he walked into the small cave.

The three fathers of spiders in the cave immediately surrounded him and attacked Mike at the same time.

The entrance of the small cave was blocked by the huge body of the mother of spiders. The large group of small spiders behind it could not swarm in at all!

If they wanted to get in, they had to wait for the mother of spiders to die.

However, if the mother of spiders died, all the other monsters in this dungeon would also die.

Therefore, this was a special strategy, but only Mike could do this.

Because no party below level 20 could resist four bosses at the same time, but Mike could.

The cave was very shallow, and the mother of spiders’ long front claws could hit Mike, which was exactly what Mike wanted.

He kept attacking the three fathers of spiders in front of him.

After he had changed to the purple weapon, poisonous sword, Mike’s efficiency had increased by a lot.

Very quickly, the three fathers of spiders died one after another. Meanwhile, the mother of spiders still had about 50% of its HP left. It was evident that Mike’s attack power had increased greatly.

Mike immediately turned around and continued to attack the mother of spiders.

Under the double damage of Mike’s attack and his rebound skill, the mother of spiders quickly fell to the ground.

The time it took was twice as fast as when Mike had cleared the dungeon alone!

After picking up the loot on the ground, Mike chose to teleport out of the dungeon.

Following that, five people appeared at the dungeon entrance at the same time.

The priest who had been waiting outside was shocked when he saw the five people suddenly appear beside him.

He looked at the system time. It had only been five minutes, so he subconsciously asked, “Team wipe out?”

Team wipe out meant that everyone in the party had died.

It was normal for the priest player to have asked this instinctively.

However, his other four teammates looked at Mike with weird expressions.

Mike smiled, “It’s not wiped out, it’s cleared.”

Then, the priest was stunned.

To be honest, he did not believe it.

Mike did not plan to explain further. Instead, he directly started to trade with Super Rich.

Another five pieces of green equipment, 2,000 federal coins.

Before the priest could react, Mike casually kicked out one of his teammates and pulled the priest into the party.

The priest had just agreed to the party invitation and before he knew it, he was already in the Spider Cave.

Mike had already charged forward.

The priest really wanted to ask his teammates about what had just happened.

However, his teammates could not explain it clearly because they themselves did not know what had happened.

After chatting for more than three minutes, they arrived at the entrance of the dungeon again.

They had cleared the dungeon again!

They had cleared the Spider Cave dungeon in less than four minutes. ‘Is this really the legendary novice’s grave?

‘Why does it look so easy for God Slayer?’

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