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Chapter 24: Clearing Dungeons by Himself?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

The transaction happened quickly. Mike posted the transition on the forum and Super Rich immediately spent money on the transaction.

10,000 federal coins were instantly transferred to Mike’s account.

Super Rich did not immediately distribute the equipment to his underlings behind him. Instead, he said to Mike seriously,

“Let’s add each other as friends. In the future, if you have any good items, give them to me first. If I have a need, I will definitely give you a satisfactory price.”

Mike naturally would not reject this kind of cooperation. In any case, the things he would be putting up for sale would be things that did not satisfy him. Since someone was willing to pay for it, it was naturally the best.

The two of them added each other as friends on the spot.

“What are you going to do next?” Super Rich asked.

Mike pointed at the entrance of the Spider Cave and said calmly, “I’m going to clear the dungeon.”


“Yes, alone.”

After saying that, Mike stepped into the underground cave, which was the entrance of the Spider Cave dungeon.

Super Rich and the others stared at each other for a short while.

The school had made it very clear that in order to clear the Spider Cave, five level 15 players were required to form a team.

However, Mike had used his own strength to prove this statement wrong.

This caused Super Rich to have some ideas.

“Let’s try to clear the Spider Cave as well,” Super Rich suddenly said.

The other four underlings were slightly shocked and quickly advised,

“Young master, this is too dangerous!”

“Didn’t the teacher say that we need five level 15 players to clear the dungeon?”

“If we die in the dungeon, it will be a huge loss!”

“Let’s level up first.”

The four underlings had the same attitude, they did not think they had the ability to clear the dungeon.

However, Super Rich waved his hand and said, “God Slayer cleared it alone.?Are we certain that the five of us can’t clear the dungeon?

“Moreover, our strength has increased a little. It should not be a problem.”

After saying that, Super Rich took out some equipment from his backpack and gave them to his underlings.

When everyone saw the equipment, they fell silent.

Six pieces of level 10 green equipment and one piece of level 10 blue weapon.

These could indeed greatly upgrade the party.

Seeing the pieces of equipment, the four underlings became a little restless.

Because they had also witnessed the huge profits of the Spider Cave dungeon.

If they could successfully clear the Spider Cave dungeon, wouldn’t they be able to quickly improve the equipment strength of the entire party by a large margin?

“Then, let’s give it a try.”

“Yes, yes, let’s give it a try.”

“If God Slayer can clear the dungeon alone, we should be able to clear it too. Moreover, young master is an expert who has activated his A-grade talent!”

Upon hearing these words, Super Rich smiled faintly.

That’s right, he had indeed activated his A-grade talent, Outstanding Precision Shooting.

By using firearm attacks and skills, he could increase his attack power by 30% and increase his chances for a critical strike by 10%.

Hence, he had just changed his class to a sharpshooter in the City of Lights.

With so much level 10 green equipment and his A-grade talent, perhaps he could really clear the Spider Cave.

Thinking of this, Super Rich waved his hand and called for everyone to enter!

The few of them entered the dungeon at the same time.

The school had taught them everything about this dungeon. Very quickly, the few of them got into formation and encountered the first wave of monsters.

The three of them blocked the attacks of the five ferocious spiders at the front.

Super Rich was a sharpshooter, so he naturally shot from the back.

There was another person who had changed classes to become a priest and had been healing the front row.

The first wave of monsters was easily cleared.


“It’s not difficult at all!”

“Maybe we can really clear it!”

This round of battle boosted their confidence.

The second round of monsters were also very easy to deal with.

Although the second round consisted of poisonous spiders, the priest knew detoxification, so it was not too difficult to deal with them.

After spending a little more time and eliminating these poisonous spiders, the five of them took some potions to refill their HP.

When they arrived at the final fork in the road, Super Rich reminded them, “This is the hardest part. Be careful, everyone.”

They had all been taught this in school, so the five of them were naturally very clear about it.

A swordsman walking at the front smiled and said, “Young master, don’t worry!”

He now had the iron sword in his hands, so he was quite high-spirited.

After all, this was an excellent quality blue weapon!

However, when the 30 spiders appeared around them and began the fight, he realized that.

The iron sword in his hands was completely useless.

The attacks were indeed very strong. Each attack could cause a lot of damage.

However, the problem was that there were too many monsters around him. His HP could not withstand the attacks at all!

Every random attack from the spiders would cause them to lose more than 10 HP.

Meanwhile, the three players in the front row had to deal with six spiders at the same time. If they launched a round of attacks in unison, they would deal dozens of damage!

Even if they were lucky enough to kill one of the spiders, they would not be able to relieve the pressure at all. There would be other spiders that would immediately swarm in and participate in the battle!

Plus, there was only one priest in their party who could provide healing!

The HP of the three players in the front row was dropping rapidly. The priest had no time to heal them at all! Soon, the three of them fell to the ground one after another and died.

Ten seconds later, Super Rich and the priest were also killed.

The five of them were teleported out of the dungeon at the same time.

The few of them looked at each other at the entrance of the dungeon. None of them said a word.

‘This Spider Cave was so difficult!? Did God Slayer actually solo cleared the dungeon???

‘It was simply impossible!’

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