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Chapter 23: You Call These Treasures Ordinary Goods?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

At this moment, Mike had already left the dungeon and had been directly teleported to the entrance of the dungeon.

He planned to return to the City of Light and sell the trash equipment in his backpack.

Of course, the trash equipment in Mike’s eyes was actually top-quality equipment for other players, because they were all green excellent quality equipment.

In fact, the Spider Cave would not drop so many good items every time. As for the outstanding quality purple equipment, it was even rarer.

The reason why Mike was able to obtain such a big harvest was not that he was lucky, but because this was the dungeon’s “first blood”, so the rewards were naturally very high.

In the future, no matter who cleared the Spider Cave, the loot would not be as good, including Mike himself.

At this time, just as Mike was about to walk to the City of Light, he heard a cry of surprise behind him.

“You really cleared the Spider Cave?!”

Mike was slightly stunned. He turned around and saw Super Rich and the others.

At this time, they had already completed their class change in the City of Light and were killing monsters near the Spider Cave to level up.

They definitely were not expecting Mike to actually clear the dungeon, so they were very surprised.

Of course, they were just surprised and had no malicious intent. 𝙞𝓃𝙣r𝘦а𝘥. Co𝙢

Mike looked at Super Rich as he walked over and nodded slightly. It could be considered as an admission.

In fact, it did not matter whether he admitted it or not, because there was a full-service announcement just now, and everyone knew about it.

At this time, Super Rich had already walked over and saw the poisonous sword in Mike’s hand.

“Is that the loot you just obtained...”

Super Rich widened his eyes, swallowed his saliva, and asked uncertainly, “The quality of this weapon can’t be...”

“Outstanding purple,” Mike answered indifferently.

Super Rich’s eyes twitched twice.

Although he could roughly guess that it was not an ordinary weapon. Just by looking at its shape, it had to be of excellent blue quality at the very least.

However, he was not expecting it to be a piece of outstanding purple equipment!

What was even more unexpected was that God Slayer actually spoke so calmly!

Super Rich thought for a moment and took the initiative to speak,

“Fellow student, I believe that you should have other gains in the Spider Cave. If you have anything good that you want to sell, you can sell it to me directly. I’ll give you a price that will satisfy you.”

The last time they talked, Super Rich wanted to buy the equipment on Mike’s body but was rejected by him.

This time, Super Rich changed his strategy.

‘Since you’re not willing to sell the equipment you’re using, you must have those that are worn out, right?

‘He can’t just throw the equipment on the ground or sell it to an NPC, right?’

After all, a level 10 excellent equipment could only be sold to an NPC’s shop for a few silver coins at most, but selling it to a player could earn him a considerable profit.

This was beneficial to both Super Rich and Mike.

Mike had nothing to hesitate about.

From their equipment and the ID of the guy in front of him, it was evident that they did not lack money.

Since he was already planning to sell the equipment, directly selling it to them would save Mike a trip to the City of Light.

“Alright, I do have a few ordinary items here. See if there’s anything you want.”

When he heard “ordinary items”, Super Rich’s eyes flashed with disappointment.

However, when Mike sent the information of the equipment in his backpack to Super Rich through the private chat channel, Super Rich was shocked.

‘All of them are level 10 excellent quality equipment!! There’s even an excellent quality weapon!!!

‘You call these treasures ‘ordinary goods’???’

The corner of the Super Rich Man’s eyes twitched again. He was indeed very rich, but he had not bought any good equipment until now.

Because everyone’s goal was the same, to enter Second World and improve their own strength.

No one was willing to be inferior to others, so how could they sell good items so easily?

Up until now, Super Rich had only bought a few pieces of excellent quality equipment. Moreover, most of them were around level 5. There was not a single piece of level 10 equipment.

Not to mention the excellent quality blue equipment.

In the new region, there would definitely be some lucky people who would obtain blue equipment, but no one would be willing to sell them.

It was very simple.

Using a green weapon to fight a monster would take 20 seconds.

Using a blue weapon might take 5 seconds.

While using a green weapon to fight a monster, the blue weapon would have already killed four monsters. This was a huge advantage!

Therefore, such pieces of good equipment were basically things that people were willing to buy yet no one was willing to sell.

Furthermore, the equipment that Mike offered would definitely cost a lot of money.

After thinking for a moment, Super Rich stretched out a finger, “I want all of this equipment, 10,000 federal coins!”

“Deal.” Mike smiled.

This price was indeed not bad, Mike earned a great deal.

It really was easy to earn rich people’s money.

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