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Chapter 20: The Reason Why the Spider Cave Was So Difficult to Complete!

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Super Rich’s mind went black at the sight of Mike entering the cave alone. He struggled to comprehend the situation in front of him.

The people behind him were also a little surprised, but they quickly said,

“Young Master Charles, this guy probably doesn’t know how difficult the Spider Cave is, right?”

“Yeah, even if he has some abilities, he’s still confident. The Spider Cave is not something that can be cleared by one person.”

“Let’s buy the equipment some other time. Let’s hurry to the City of Light to complete the class change.”

Super Rich frowned slightly and said in a low voice, “Didn’t I say not to call my real name in the game?”

The player behind him quickly said, “I’m sorry, young master.”

Super Rich snorted and turned to walk in the direction of the City of Light.

His mood was a little sour as he did not manage to purchase the equipment.

What made him feel even more regretful was that God Slayer would most likely die in the Spider Cave. When he dies, all of his equipment would be dropped.

Although these did not belong to Super Rich, he did decide to purchase them, thus he was feeling distressed.

These were all quality items that could not be bought even with money!

God Slayer was simply wasting resources!


On the other hand, Mike had already entered the?Spider Cave.

Despite it being a cave, the terrain was rather wide. After all, the cave was meant for five people so it could not be too crowded.

Every corner of the cave was coated by a layer of white spider webs. Stepping on them was like stepping on trampolines, soft and bouncy.

After arriving at this familiar old place, Mike smiled and ventured forward.

At the fork road ahead, he would encounter the first batch of monsters, five ferocious spiders. Mike was very familiar with the spider cave.

Sure enough, when he reached the fork, five spiders fell from above.

These spiders were about 50 centimeters tall and had red and black patterns on their bodies.

They had a simple attack style where they solely relied on their front claws to attack.

Facing these spiders, all Mike did was stand still.

Instantly, these spiders attacked Mike.

Ding ding ding ding ding!

Mike, as if he was a precise machine, quickly waved the iron sword in his hand and blocked all five attacks.

Mike was unharmed, but the HP of the five ferocious spiders had decreased by a great deal.

Following that, the ferocious spiders launched another round of attacks, but they were all blocked by Mike.

In just a little more than a minute, these five small spiders had all died.

However, there was no loot on the ground, and Mike did not gain any EXP.

Dungeons had a different calculation method compared to the field.

In a dungeon, only the boss would drop the loot, and the mobs would not drop anything.

As for the EXP, it would be calculated only when the dungeon had been completed.

No matter how many mobs were killed, the final EXP would be fixed. Thus, players usually avoided fighting when clearing a dungeon.

After killing these five ferocious spiders, Mike chose to turn right at the fork.

As a player with 30 years of experience, Mike naturally knew his way.

Soon, Mike arrived at another fork.

This time, he tightened his grip around the iron sword.

Because this batch of spiders was slightly different from the previous ones.

Shua shua shua.

Similarly, five spiders landed from the top of the cave. Though this time, the spiders were slightly different from before.

Ferocious spiders had red and black patterns.

These green spiders were called poisonous spiders.

Just as their names indicated, these spiders had poison sacs hidden in their bodies.

In addition to using their front claws to attack, they would also shoot out venom from their mouths, causing the players to fall into a poisoned state.

The five spiders let out a strange cry simultaneously.

Ding ding ding ding!

The iron sword successfully blocked four attacks, but the fifth attack successfully hit Mike.

[Poisonous spider used poisonous spray on you, causing 10 damage!]

[You are poisoned!]

At this moment, Mike’s skin turned into a pale green color. At the same time, his HP decreased at a rate of 1 point per second.

Nevertheless, Mike remained calm.

He raised his hand and slashed!

[You have attacked a poisonous spider, causing 40 damage!]

[Blood absorption effect activated, recovering 12 HP!]

This attack had restored the HP that Mike had lost earlier.

It was the blood-absorbing three-piece set that had taken effect!

The four spiders continued attacking Mike. In order to keep his HP within a safe range, with every block, Mike would look for an opening to attach the spiders.

In a short while, the five poisonous spiders were completely wiped out.

There were still no spoils of war. Mike continued to walk deeper into the cave.

After he arrived at another fork, Mike stopped.

This was the key to the Spider Cave. It was also why the Spider Cave was so difficult to complete.

There were a total of 30 spiders at this fork!!!

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