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Chapter 2: The Obnoxious Blair

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mike’s memory showed that he was in the middle of a battle between gods and demons.

On this cruel battlefield, he was just an ordinary figure. He was not even comparable to a gem in the equipment of an important figure.

In that battle, he was sacrificed, as expected. 𝚒n𝐧𝑟ea𝚍. 𝒄𝑜𝚖

After he died, he floated in the darkness.

There was nothing around him.

At that moment.

He saw a stream of white light in the darkness and subconsciously swam toward the white light.

Then, he returned to this day 30 years ago, which was the day of the Second World player talent test.

Although 30 years had passed, Mike still remembered this day clearly.

The talent he had activated was the weakest D-grade talent, Slight Passive Enhancement.

The outcome was an additional 5% passive enhancement.

This talent was naturally one that immediately drowned among the crowd. No one cared about people with such talent.

Thinking of his past life, Mike sighed.

It was very much a failed life.

Ring, ring, ring...

Ring, ring, ring...

Ring, ring, ring...

The phone on the bedside table rang, but Mike showed reluctance to answer it.

Ring, ring, ring...

He knew that it was a call from his headteacher, urging him to go to school and activate his talent.

After all, the game Second World was now of great importance to everyone, it could even affect one’s life.

Every student would be very enthusiastic, excited, and eager on this day. No one would show up late.

However, Mike had no motivation to participate in the test at all.

Who in their right mind would want to participate in the test after knowing that he only had a D-grade talent?

Mike sat on the bed and soundlessly stared at the ceiling in a daze.

However, phone calls sounded one after another. It was too noisy.

In the end, he still picked up the phone.

“Hello, Teacher Peter.”

“Mike, I don’t wish to waste my energy on you today. Come to school immediately. Now!”

“Teacher, I don’t want to take the test...”


The person on the other end of the phone remained silent for a long time before he finally said,

“I understand how you feel. You might be very nervous. After all, this test will determine the rest of your life.

“However, how can you know the result without trying?”

After hearing this, Mike muttered in his heart, ‘I already know my result.’

Nevertheless, he did not say it on the phone. After all, he had transmigrated from 30 years into the future. No one would believe him even if he said it out loud.

Hearing no response from his student, the teacher sighed and said,

“No matter what, I hope that you can come to school and face your life.

“After all, only you can walk your own path.”

The phone hung up and a monotonous tone sounded for a long time.

In the end, Mike got up

Just as his teacher had said, only he can walk his own path.

In actuality, Mike was not moved by the teacher’s words.

It was just that, even if he knew that he had a weak C-grade talent, what could he do?

Would he commit suicide?

He still had to live.

With mixed feelings, Mike left his house.

Mike, who was an orphan, had to live on the edge of the city as he was poor.

Even his daily source of income was provided by the federal government.

If he did not participate in the school’s talent activation test, then the federal government would probably stop providing subsidies to Mike.

This was one of the reasons why Mike eventually agreed to go to school.

In life, not everyone could act as they wished.

It took him one whole hour to reach his school by bus.

On the way, Peter even called Mike to urge him. Once he learned that Mike had already boarded the bus, he said nothing more.

As a teacher, Peter was aware of Mike’s financial situation.

When Mike arrived in the classroom, all of his classmates had finished the test.

However, most of them did not notice Mike.

Some of them were secretly sad as their activated talent was mediocre.

On the other hand, those who had activated good talent were excited about their bright future.

Under such circumstances, who would care about such an insignificant classmate?

Of course, there were exceptions to everything.

“Isn’t this Mike? Did you just wake up?

“Are you afraid of activating your trash talent, so you’ve been hiding and crying under your blanket?”

A wave of words with a thick mocking tone sounded.

Mike raised his eyelids slightly and glanced at the other party. It was his classmate, Blair.

Blair was born into a relatively wealthy family.

He often looked down on other students because of his family’s wealth.

Everyone was angry, but no one dared to speak up.

However, in the past, when faced with such a situation, Teacher Peter would always step in to stop Blair and teach him a few lessons.

After all, a teacher who could teach Second World subjects in school was also relatively respected in society, so Blair usually did not dare to talk back to Peter.

Nonetheless, today, after Blair bullied his classmate, Peter chose to remain silent.

The reason was very simple. Mike, who had transmigrated back to 30 years ago, was also very well aware of it.

It was because Blair, a child from a rich family, had activated his A-grade talent!

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