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Chapter 15: Mining, Forging and Huge Profits!!!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Having played Second World for 30 years in his previous life, Mike was very familiar with the many missions where he could learn passive skills.

However, in his previous life, he did not pay too much attention to those skills.

After all, they were all very ordinary skills.

However, in this life, he was someone with an SSS-grade talent.

No matter how ordinary a passive skill was, in Mike’s hands, it would become a very powerful skill.

Therefore, Mike naturally would not miss any opportunity to learn a passive skill!

Also, he could learn two passive skills from this forging quest.

One was related to mining, and the other two were related to forging!

Although it would not directly increase combat strength, forging was still a very important skill.

As all were aware, equipment that was forged by humans was much better than equipment produced by the system.

Especially in the later stages, a powerful blacksmith player was highly respected and could also earn lots of benefits.

If an extremely powerful weapon was forged, then many people would be willing to pay a large sum of money to buy it!

After all, this was Second World, and it was worthy of spending large sums of money.

After receiving the mission, a smile appeared on Mike’s face.

Because he had already learned the first passive skill, Mining Skill.

[Mining Skill (god-tier passive enhancement): when mining, there is a 100% chance of producing two excellent ores!]

Seeing this message, Mike’s mood was instantly excited.

The original effect of this skill was, when mining, there is a 5% chance of producing two ores.

In Mike’s hands, it became 100%! Moreover, it was an excellent ore!

This was clearly a huge gain!

One must know that things like ores were also divided into levels. Some were of poor quality, and some were of good quality.

Good quality ores could naturally be made into better equipment!

Thinking of this, Mike was already slightly excited. He could not wait to go to the Mining Cave to mine.

However, before he set off, there was one more thing he had to do...

“Oh right, the village chief asked me to come and get something from you.”

Mike looked at the blacksmith and said with a smile.

The blacksmith was slightly stunned when he heard that. Then, he understood and nodded, “I understand. Please wait for a moment.”

Then, he walked into the house and seemed to be getting something.

Mike leisurely waited outside.

Quests from the blacksmith required players to be at the eighth level,?so there were no other players around for the time being. Otherwise, Mike would be envied again.

Soon, the blacksmith walked out of the house and solemnly handed a book to Mike,

“This is what the village chief was talking about. Take it.”

Looking at the book, Mike revealed a surprised look.

This was another skill book!

Without any hesitation, Mike immediately chose to learn it.

Then, a new skill appeared in his skill panel.

[Block (god-tier passive enhancement): 100% chance to successfully block a physical attack. Cooldown: 0 seconds.]

Looking at this message, Mike smiled.


‘It was too perfect!

‘With this skill, wouldn’t I be completely immune to physical attacks?

‘This was simply a god-tier skill!’

It was worth mentioning that although Mike could block attacks, the Rebound skill was still effective.

In other words, even if Mike stood there and let others attack him, he would still be unharmed. Moreover, the opponent would receive double the damage!


Mike took a deep breath and adjusted his emotions.

He did not expect an SSS-grade talent to be so powerful.

However, now was not the time to relax.

After all, he was only invincible in the face of physical attacks.

Monsters and players who could use magic attacks could still defeat him.

He had to continue improving his strength.

Not only was it to strengthen himself and to live a better life, but it was also for the battle ten years from now.

He did not forget that in ten years, Second World would be connected to the real world.

Everything he did now was to prepare for that battle!

After sorting out his thoughts, Mike got up and went to the mine.

The mine was not far from the village. It only took him five minutes to arrive.

There were no other players here, so Mike did not have to fight with anyone.

Ding, ding, ding.

Mike swung the pickaxe given by the blacksmith and knocked on the ore in front of him.

Soon, he received a notification.

[Excellent iron ore * 2]

Seeing this message, Mike smiled.

He kept digging!

[Excellent iron ore * 2]

[Excellent iron ore * 2]

[Excellent iron ore * 2]


In a short while, Mike had gathered ten iron ores.

However, he did not stop.

Many people would be willing to pay for such excellent iron ores.

Although it was important to improve his strength, Mike did not mind making some money.

After all, he was almost broke after taking a taxi home today, so he still had to find a way to make a living.

After digging 100 excellent iron ores, Mike finally stopped.

Digging once every five seconds, two iron ores at a time, it took less than five minutes in total.

After deducting the 10 iron ores that he needed, he could sell them for 90 dollars. This way, Mike would not have to worry about his life in the following days.

Thinking of this, Mike grinned.

Just as he was about to leave the mine, he heard a loud sound coming from the depths of the mine.

Hearing this sound, Mike was slightly stunned.

‘Such a loud sound seemed to be...

‘Wild boss?!’

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