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Chapter 13: Excellent Quality Silver Scale Breastplate!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

After putting away the copper coins on the ground, Mike walked to the tree in front of him.

Just as he walked to the soil, the treasure map immediately sent out a notification.

[There seems to be something under the soil. Do you want to dig?]

“Yes!” Mike immediately made a decision.

Then, the soil opened up automatically, revealing the insides.

A box!

The box was not locked. Mike kicked it lightly and the lid opened.

There were two things inside.

‘A blue armor and a... diary?’

Of course, it was not Mike’s wild guess, the word “diary” was written on the cover of the book.

Mike was naturally not interested in someone else’s diary. It was probably the father’s legacy.

Mike was more interested in the armor, likely to be the heirloom mentioned by the village chief.

Blue did not refer to the color of the armor, but the light emitted by the armor.

The armor itself was silver.

After looking at the information of the armor, Mike’s eyes lit up.

[Silver Scale Breastplate]

[Quality]: Excellent

[Type]: Light armor

[Defense]: 50

[Weight] 1KG

[Usage level ]: Level 10

[Remark]: This is an excellent breastplate. It is said to be made from the scales of a silver dragon. Although this was a questionable statement, its excellence was not affected.

Looking at the remark, Mike grinned.

A level 10 breastplate was naturally not made from the scales of a silver dragon.

However, it was indeed an excellent breastplate.

An ordinary level 10 white light armor could only provide 15 defense points.

As for a green fine quality breastplate, it could be upgraded to around 30 defense points.

However, this excellent quality Silver Scale Breastplate actually provided 75 defense points.

It could be considered terrifying!

Although Mike could not equip this breastplate yet, his leveling speed was more than twice that of others, so he should be able to wear it soon.

Mike happily put away Silver Scale Breastplate and diary and then he prepared to return to the village to hand in the mission.

At this time, the village was crowded with players.

Most people did not log in immediately after returning home.

After all, their parents might ask about the status of the talent test. If they activated a B-grade talent, the family would have to go out for a good meal to celebrate.

Now, the novice village was already a little lively.


After Mike arrived at the novice village, the lively scene immediately disappeared.

Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared at Mike. Waves of discussions erupted.

“Is that the God Slayer mentioned in the Forum?”

“I heard that he can get NPCs to help him kill people. We’d better not provoke him!”

“He probably activated a very powerful innate skill. We are destined to be in a different world from him.”

“I heard that someone from New York City’s No. 1 high school activated an S-grade innate skill. Could it be him?!”

“S-grade innate skill... Oh my god, I wouldn’t even dare to dream about such a thing.”

“We are not from the same world. He is destined to become a big shot.”

The discussions were neither loud nor quiet. Naturally, Mike heard them.

However, he really had the urge to laugh.

Rather than it being a proud laugh...he felt that these people were laughable.

‘S-grade talent?

‘I’m sorry, I have an SSS-grade talent.’

Of course, Mike definitely would not publicize such things.

There was no need. He just needed to quietly increase his strength.

As long as others did not provoke him, he would not take the initiative to cause trouble.


Soon, Mike arrived at the village chief’s side.

When the others saw the God Slayer ID on Mike’s head, they also consciously made way.

Part of the reason was that they were afraid of Mike.

Another part of the reason was that as long as Mike was here, they could not talk to NPCs.

Even if they were unwilling, they still had to give way!

Mike walked unimpeded to the village chief and handed the diary to him.

“Oh! Respected Lord God Slayer, thank you for finding my father’s legacy!”

In the next moment, two golden lights emerged from Mike’s body.

Two levels in a row!

Seeing this scene, the surrounding players revealed envious looks.

It was obvious that this player named God Slayer had received a hidden quest. They did not expect the reward to be so generous!

Of course, they did not know that the reason Mike was able to level up twice consecutively was because of the double EXP gain.

A normal hidden quest would not give that much EXP regardless of how generous the reward was.

At this moment, Mike had already reached level 8.

Many players around him were still around level 1 or?2.

The difference was like heaven and earth!

Having completed this quest, Mike was ready to leave this place to look for the blacksmith.

After all, there was a quest by the blacksmith that had to be completed. According to his memories from his previous life, the EXP from that quest was fairly decent.

However, just as he was about to leave, the village chief spoke,

“Dear God Slayer, may I ask you for another favor?”

Mike was slightly stunned as he turned his head.

‘There was actually a follow-up to this mission?’

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